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There are millions of applications available for mobile users. Every application performs different functions. There are various categories of applications such as games, music, weather, editing, social networking and many more. There are many applications with same functionalities. So instead of trying each and every application you can just try the following top applications:

1. Nova Launcher

It is one of the best android launchers available in play store from so many years. It is very rare that a launcher comes in the list of top 10 apps but Nova Launcher has done exceptionally well. It is updated regularly and comes with great options like ability of getting backup, restoring home screen setups, icon theming and many other customizations as well. There is a premium option as well which unlocks many new options. The launcher is fast and works smoothly. This application is free to download but you need to pay for the premium option.


2. Google Assistant

Google assistant is an amazing application launched by Google itself. This application acts as a personal assistant. It is basically present on most of the androids and ios as well, you just need to download the app and enable it. It supports various commands such as you can tell it to navigate, communicate, set alarms, and send messages, schedule meetings, play and control music, play games, make phone calls and many other commands as well. It also helps in unlocking screens in some devices. It is just like a friend to you. It answers all your questions through a computerized voice. Google has launched another option as well called Alexa but it does not support Google android.


3. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best video streaming apps. It is one of the biggest video streaming applications after Amazon prime. Netflix can be downloaded for free for androids and even for IOS. Even though it is free to download but to start watching different videos, you need to subscribe it. It gives one month free subscription and after that there are different packages available for different time periods. It is a massive library of TV shows and movies. It also has a feature of offline viewing. It also streams some original series that are not telecasted on any other application.


4. Google Duo

Google Duo is a video calling application for androids. It guarantees the most clear video call. It is very easy to use as you just need to login using your number and after that you can easily make video calls. It is as easy as making normal phone calls. It has another unique feature that is called ‘knock knock’, which helps you in having preview of caller even before receiving the call.


5. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is another social application that has made its way into this top 10 list. Whatsapp provides many options like chatting, videos and normal calls over internet. You can download Whatsapp for free and then register yourself by adding your number. If you want to message someone on Whatsapp, you need that person’s number. Whatsapp is free to use and easy to use. It allows you to send photos, videos, documents and voice notes.


6. WPS office

WPS office is a free application which has different features and is compatible with Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, presentations, Google docs, and spreadsheets and integrates PDF. This application also has free pdf converter, editor, reader and also supports multi window mode. It also supports file sharing and data encryption. WPS office can be used very easily and is intuitive which can be connected to the cloud drive for saving the documents automatically. It is a very good and easy to use android app.


7. Xender

Xender is one of the most important apps which you must have downloaded in your phone. It saves your time as you need not carry USB data cable with you for exchanging the files with the computer as no side software is required with this to receive or transmit the files. Xender is very fast in the working and also faster than the Bluetooth. The files can be transferred easily between any devices.


8. MX player

If you love watching different entertainment videos, then MX player is one of the best apps. It supports the entire audio file and primary video formats. There are also other different features available like fast forwarding, editing the subtitle subframes, zooming in and out, volume control gestures kid lock on screen and much more. This application can be downloaded in the android mobile phones and they can enjoy the various entertainment videos.


9. Picsart

One of the most used photos editing application, Picsart which has more than 100 million downloads. It is the favorite app of the users which provides a large number of options for editing the pictures. It has various unique features for editing the pictures so it is mostly downloaded. Even the pictures can be shared from the application directly as it has the social network. There are different features like frames, collage, stickers, drawing on the pics, clone tool, free cropping, perspective changer tool, tilt-shift and much more. This application is free and has some display adds.


10. Walli

Walli is a wallpaper app which provides space for the designers and artists all over the world. The Walli team curates the wallpaper every day. Even some of the artists also get some earnings of the app. Walli is very easy to use where you have to choice to select your favourite wallpaper and they are properly structured in each category. When you sign up on the application will sync the wallpapers on the different devices. This is one of the best apps for the wallpapers for the android. The users can easily select the wallpapers from Walli app and save them in your device.


Therefore, these are the top 10 free and best android apps for 2019.

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