How To Setup Asus Wireless Router?

Posted by Tejas Maheta | February 21, 2019 Comments: 0
Setting up a wireless router is not a very technical task, and you can learn this process quickly. There are some steps involved in the process that can be easily done in less than ten minutes. The working of Asus console is a bit different than other routers, but the router setup is the same. A router serves a distinct purpose to the user, and you should also purchase a router with good reach. Every Asus router setup may not be the same, but the steps involved in the process are quite identical.

Here is how to set up your Asus wireless router:

1) Unbox your Asus router

If you have just got a new router, you need to unbox it and connect it properly. Make sure loose connections aren't present and everything is joined in the right place. If you are using a new router, then reset it by following the next steps.

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2) Connecting to the Asus router

  • Basic Startup
    Ensure you have a LAN link associated from the HKBN divider plate/ONT to the WAN port of your ASUS Router. Utilising a second LAN link, interface it from the Router LAN port to the PC LAN port. When completed, switch on the power supply for the switch and turn on the PC. Open your Internet program, and type into the location bar and then press enter. Now, enter admin as the default username and for the security key, click ok. The password and the username are usually written on the back of the router if this doesn't work. After the login process, proceed to begin the setup.
  • Setup
    Make a Router Login Name and password then press next to proceed to the association setup. After making the system name (SSID) and security key, it is prescribed that you should pick 2.4GHz to 5GHz settings, then click apply to wrap up. Affirm all settings showed are right in the Network Configuration Summary. Before the new settings are applied, the switch will again request a confirmation done by entering your new Login name and Password.
  • The last step
    In the wake of signing in to the switch through your program, select WAN under Advanced Settings of the router settings page. Pick Automatic IP under WAN Connection type, and at that point, refresh the setting. If that the gadget isn't available from the switch setting page, you can reset to the processing plant default setting by simply pressing the reset button.
  1. Firstly, make sure your ASUS router is switched on.
  2. Press and hold the reset button firmly for around 5 seconds, and then discharge this button and hold up the switch to reboot to its industrial facility default settings.
  3. Put the default setting and then proceed by clicking on the finish. If you have a problem locating the reset button, it is usually present next to the USB port.
There are tons of elements to keep in mind while setting up your Asus Router and every step should be carefully carried out to successfully set up the router. Make sure your Asus Router Firmware is updated to the most recent version available on the web. Upgrading your router would ensure maximum performance by the device. Restarting your wireless piece is very crucial after the setup to implement the changes that you have made. If you encounter any issue regarding the setup, you can contact Asus through their website or find the official manual regarding the installation.


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