28 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives [Updated 2019]

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Coke and popcorn was a website renowned for streaming TV shows and movies free of any cost. It had been a favourite of many and now it is unfortunate that this amazing website is no longer functional. It was a website which made available to you almost every TV show or movie for free streaming. Now with the discontinuity of coke and popcorn, your want for great TV shows and movies remains intact.

There are for sure other websites that you can use to stream your favorite TV shows and movies but you wouldn't want to do until and unless you are a fan of composting your security and crucial information. The other websites, the so-called alternatives of coke and popcorn have security issues and hence, they can not be used.

The question now arises that how you still going to able to watch all of your favourites. Worry not because we have for you the list of 28 best alternatives of coke and popcorn which you can use for hassle-free streaming of your favourite movies and TV series. Mind you, these are legit alternatives and not just some websites which you will end up compromising your information using.

Here is the list of 28 best alternatives of the famous coke and popcorn.

1). PopcornFlix

This free movie streaming website is not that great when talking about interface as compared to coke and popcorn, Netflix or any other alternative of coke and popcorn. But if you want a secure way of doing what you love, this can be your pick.

PopcornFlix enables you to stream movies and TV shows at high quality and also this might be the securest of all.

2). Tubi TV

Tubi TV has incorporated great technology in its interface and availability. This website has some great easy to use and classy interface which attracts a number of users. Moreover, this site has content base bigger than that of coke and popcorn.

Not only that but also it provides you with application availability for android as well as iOS. This might be seen as the clone of coke and popcorn hence, it has to be in this list.

30. SolarMovie

The website might be a very secure source of free movies and TV shows because, to check the security of users, the site address changes quite often and also it provides some mirror websites.

It has a cool user-friendly interface and has a wide range of content. What makes it even better is its search bar which allows you to search for your favourite movies from all time very quickly.

4). Vumoo

It is another crucial alternative of coke and popcorn. The most attractive feature of this website is that it makes available to you the TV shows and movies even before they are available on any other movie streaming platform.

It has an attractive user-friendly interface which allows you to easily surf through its wide collection. However, with continuous change in site address to maintain security, it is sometimes difficult to find Vumoo. It can be done by just searching Vumoo on Google.

5). Showbox

This is not a website, hence this fact makes it an app alternative of coke and popcorn. The library of content this app provides you with is huge, and the fact that you can use it on your mobile phones allows you to watch your favourites on the go.

However, the app can not be downloaded through the play store. You will need to download an APK file from Google and then install it on your device. This app is only available for Android devices. Moreover, it allows you to change the quality of the stream as per your needs.

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6). Netflix

This does not need any introduction, Netflix can be called the best and most secure alternatives of coke and popcorn. However, you need to pay a fee to stream your favourite movies and TV shows which is worth it because of the fact that each month Netflix introduces a new Netflix original movie or TV show that is not available on any other platform.

Netflix is available on websites and application which is functional on both Android and iOS devices.

7). Hulu


This is another alternative of coke and popcorn to use but you need to bear a fee while using Hulu. This makes you available sports streaming, movies and TV shows streaming altogether, thus making it somewhat different from the other alternatives.

It also has some channels which offer you some great shows, this is for sure that you can not get bored while using Hulu.

80. Kodi


Kodi is yet another open source entertainment software which offers you a huge list of content. This is a software which allows you to browse unlimited movies and TV shows.

Kodi can be called one of the best alternatives to coke and popcorn. Another thing that makes it amazing is the availability of different third-party add-ons. However, its security is still a matter of doubt.

9). Yidio.com

The makers of this website are very concerned about its users’ security so they focus upon uploading malware-free content. It has all the pretty to be called a good alternative of coke and popcorn.

On this website, you can find TV shows and movies grouped on the basis of ratings which is very useful when you are into watching only great stuff.

10). MovieZion

MoviesZion is another great alternative of coke and popcorn if you are not very choosy of what you watch because the probability of finding your favourite movies and TV shows here is significantly low.

What is good and unique about it is that it is the only alternative which allows you to request a show or movies to be uploaded if it is not available. It also offers you an android app which is excellent when talking about the interface.

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11). Crackle

This website for online streaming is quite impressive and also very secure because it comes from the family of the globally renowned brand, Sony. Mostly all the movies and TV show that you will find on this website are readily available on high quality.

Also, if you are a person who just loves watching movies and TV shows all day long. You can do that for a week or two and even then you won't be able to watch all that this site has to offer.

12). TV Series Net


This website is a very good alternative to coke and popcorn. It offers you great content and an easy to use interface, that too free of any cost. What else would someone even need! Although there is a form you will need to fill up to carry out the free streaming which is a bit complex. All other is buttery smooth.

This website also is focused on the user’s security, so be sure when you are using this website that your data is not going to be compromised.

13). SnagFilms


If you have been missing the coke and popcorn old and vintage list of movies and TV shows. Worry not, SnagFilms provide you with a huge list of vintage black and white movies which are worthy a watch and are absolutely love.

Also, when talking about security, this won't let your information out, so be sure of that. And also, its interface is similar to that of coke and popcorn so you won't take long enough to adjust with it.

14). Prime Wire

This website is cool and unique at the same time as if offers you not only a huge list of movies and TV shows but also makes available to you a big list of music at the same time. This feature of this website attracts large traffic.

However, the security offered to you by this site is a matter of worrying. Other than that, this site is a perfect alternative of coke and popcorn.

15). CrunchyRoll


This website focuses on the entertainment of the whole family. As per its catchy name, it has a long list of movies and TV shows for adults as well as for the kids.

It offers you content in high quality and also in a decently user-friendly interface thus, your time won't be wasted while searching for your desired movies or TV show.

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16). Big Star Movies

It exposes you to a huge lost of available TV shows and movies free of cost and without any registration stuff. What else could a big entertainment lover want? The security provided to you is top notch and also the interface.

Big Star Movies also makes available to you its application which can be used on both Android and IOS devices.

17). Viewster.com

This is one of the oldest alternatives to coke and popcorn. For that very reason, this is capable of providing you with a wide range of latest and vintage movies. Pertaining to its longer duration on the internet it has a lot of people hooked.

Talking about the security, it offers you security which is incomparable to any available in the present times which are the so-called alternatives of coke and popcorn.

18). Putlocker


This is one of the most used sites according to a study conducted in the UK, it made its way among the top 250 sites. It has pretty user friendly interface and is quite easy to use. It is an attractive website which has a huge list of TV shows and movies at your service.

The best thing about this website is the availability of multiple links, which means that you can continue with the movie watching even if the site is under maintenance. It offers you decent amount of security as well.

19). 123 Movies


With a huge and varied of list of top movies and TV shows, 123 movies have made its way to this list. Though there were some legal issues associated with this site about recording the user’s data, there was nothing to prove the same.

This website is known for not going through any breakdowns or shutdowns which makes it a continuous and ready source for all your bingeing needs.

20). Fmovies

This is a renowned name when it comes down to movie watching and streaming. It has received almost a million users per day. The sole reason for such kind of traffic the availability of a hue watch list.

There are a number of domains that are being used by this website due to security reasons but only a few of them actually work. This website is highly recommended if no above alternative of coke and popcorn works for you.

21). WatchFree

WatchFree is another great alternative of coke and popcorn. It has a significantly big lost of documentaries, movies, and TV shows. There are a number of features incorporated in the website with an interface which can do justice to your needs.

One of the best features is that it makes available to you the content on Putlocker as well. So, when you visit this website, you are not only facilitated to watch to the content on WatchFree but also the content on Putlocker.

22). Cmoviez

Cmoviez is a typical mainstream online platform to watch free movies and TV shows. It has nothing new when compared to coke and popcorn. However, this website is quite stable and also focuses on the user’s security.

It has a varied lost of newest TV shows and movies. You can keep this website as the last resort when all the other alternative have stopped working in your region or something like that.

23). YTS

This is a fairly good website and you can not only use it for the online stream but also to download content for offline watching. This website is quite handy to use and also you would not find any difficulties while using this website.

When talking about the user’s security, it is top notch. However, there are several domains that are used. This is a good option if nothing from the list suits your need.

24). VUDU

VUDU is yet another alternative of coke and popcorn. It has a wide variety of latest and old movies and TV shows which you can binge free of cost. There is also no registration needs demanded by this website.

It focuses on your security as well as the interface to make the experience worth a while for you.

25). Cartoon Crazy Net

This website is unique as it offers you a collection of cartoons and animes. Moreover, it has a big collection as compared to that of coke and popcorn. If you are a huge fan of anime, this is the site for you.

The best thing about this site is that it makes available to you cartoons and animes in other languages other than English with English subtitles added.

26). Classic Cinema Online

This website can cure all your bingeing needs for classical as well as black and white cinema. Its interface is quite user-friendly and this can be considered to be one of the most used alternatives of coke and popcorn.

Due to its handy features, it is very easy to use and search for what you actually want to watch.

27). Chillax

This is also another good alternative of coke and popcorn. It has a big list of TV shows and movies which you can watch all day long, and keep watching till you satisfy your carve for great movies and shows.

There is a 14 days free trial for which you need to register using your email address after which you need to pay a fee but we all find out ways to see the greater good. Use can use different email addresses to continue streaming your favourites free of cost.

28). Top Documentary Films

Last but not least, this website makes available to you over 3000 different documentaries. If you are a person who absolutely loves bingeing documentaries online, this is the one for you.

This is a great alternative of coke and popcorn, has a good interface and also focuses on user security.

These were 28 websites, which you can use to satisfy your crave for good movies and great TV shows. We hope this list was helpful to you.


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