Top 10 Franchise business in India

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Not everyone gets satisfied with their traditional job roles and the work culture of working under someone else. Some people just have that zeal to do something on their own and be the one’s own boss. At some point in everybody’s career, they just feel like having their own business and while thinking about business, franchise automatically comes to their mind if they have huge funds to invest and are optimistic. The franchise business has higher chances of success than the new start-ups because of their already established market reputation.

The top 10 franchise business form where you can start with, in India are:


This chain of restaurants tops the list with almost 39,600 outlets in the world. Due to its high popularity and demanded they are common amongst people who want to take the franchise and do their own business. Before taking the franchise, the training is provided in Hamburger University. For taking up the franchise of McDonald’s, your investments will generally range from $1 million to $2.3 million. The initial agreement is for 20 years and the outlets are authorized to sell only McD’s products.


Abbreviated for Kentucky's Fried Chicken, this entity is famous all over the world for its amazing variety of food offered. It strengthens for around 20605 branches worldwide. This famous entity is currently focusing upon increasing the variety of food offered and hence, is attracting lots of media attention and hence the collaborations by entrepreneurs. It also offers the initial contract of 20 years and requires an investment of around $1.3-$2 million

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Baskin Robbins

This ice cream selling outlet is famous for its lip-smacking ice creams and other frozen food items. It has around 7730 outlets and is famous for having close bonds with all the franchise owners along with the hardcore training on its operations to increase its profitability. The investment requirements for the franchise of this outlet is around $1.03-$3.88 million. The franchise is strictly allowed to sell only authorized products by the brand and seek permission for any other activity to be organized.


This training and development center for children is the leading entity offering quality education 15-and training amongst them. It requires the investment of 15-16 lakhs INR and a floor of around 3000 sq. feet. This organization has imparted knowledge amongst to more than 4,50,000 kids and has around 1700 franchises. The theme of their curriculum is grooming the innate skills of the child and it is required to take proper training of the curriculum for its effective operations.

Pizza Hut

This Italian based pizza and pasta provider entity is offering the franchises from 1959 and is very famous among investors. It is very famous due to the taste and quality of food provided and currently has the largest market share of pizza restaurants. There are 16,140 units of these restaurants all around the world and it requires a considerable investment of around $2.1 million. It has a positive image in the minds of the people due to the smooth working and successful operations in the shop. The outlets are monitored by a manager who has completed the training program. The contract of this outlet will require you to abide by lots of rules and regulations and the non-disclosure agreement of the company’s information.

Domino’s Pizza

This food chain of famous pizzas and kinds of pasta in unique Italian flavors has gained the popularity over a period of time because of its effective operations and great taste. The contract for its outlet is of 10 years which can be renewed. The training period required is only 3 days training on the actual work setup. The franchises are only required to sell the authorized products of the brand which can be updated by the franchiser anytime they want to.


This is the best franchise to be taken in the world of people who want to eat healthier food with less calorie outside their homes. This sandwich restaurant is famous with its 44780 outlets around the world and you will also be provided with finance by the franchisor as a loan if a certain amount from the investment required around $4.6 lakhs is more for you. The training required is a tough one with minimum attendance requirements and percentage requirements of around 80% marks in the quiz and exams taken.

7 Eleven

This multi-product store has around 63000 outlets operating worldwide. The products offered by them are candies, dairy item, coffee, packed food etc. The major perk of this franchise is the simple model of sales and efficient functioning with the successful payment of royalty along with the pre-defined profit share. It also allows you to sell any other product of your choice with pre-written addition in the contract. The contract is of 10 years requiring the operation working costs of around $1.6 million. It is also required to complete 300 training hours before taking its franchise.


The 22 years old franchise business offering sales of footwear is extremely popular in the country with 600 franchise. Due to its quality products this brand has gained lots of popularity and amongst Indian consumers. The investment required for using the logo and brand of Khadim is around 20-30 lakhs with the training support provided to get good ROI. You will not face difficulties in selling and operating in this brand due to the continuous support provided by the franchiser.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This bakery cum food outlet selling baked cakes, donuts, pizzas and other food like croissants will definitely provide you with high profits because of its brand value amongst the coffee lovers. The investment required is around $1 million and it has 11940 franchise around the world. The brand provides 20 days initial training and a contract lasting 20 years. It also put restrictions on online sales and requires the franchise to sell only through the retail outlet.

These reputed franchise businesses have nearly taken over the world and have spread their wings to the land of opportunities– India. You can find the outlets of these franchises in a number of major cities across the country, thus having their respective positions in the economy of India. If you're someone who has always been into opening a franchise business, these options might come handy. However, do not forget to do a proper market research before you go for any of these businesses as the location is a crucial factor in determining the success of any business.


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