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From the beginning of time, the contribution of Mathematics and mathematicians in the development of humankind can’t be denied. And among many other, a few of them had the most influence in molding the history of mankind. It is only because of the advancement in Mathematics, that we have been able to achieve an unprecedented growth in technology.

The following article will give you a look through a list of the ten greatest mathematicians of all times without whom we'd be far below who we are today.


Aryabhatta I was the first mathematicians of early India. He was also one of the most renowned mathematicians and astronomers of all times. This Indian mathematician is credited with the invention of Zero (0).

He has also written several books of mathematics and astronomy which hold true even today. The genres covered by this Indian mathematician include– arithmetic, plane trigonometry, fractions and much more. Aryabhatta is an example of true genius in the field of Mathematics and Astronomy.

Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler was a great mathematician and astronomer from Switzerland. This respectable mathematician of the 18th century has contributed a lot to the field of Mathematics by developing several branches of Mathematics such as calculus and graphs. He has also contributed his part in developing various theories of topology and number system. The notion of functions in mathematics has also been introduced by him.

This great mathematician lost his eyesight while working hard for the field of mathematics and still continued working with his sharp brains and guided people with Mathematics and scientific theories.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

He was a German philosopher who has contributed a lot in the field of algebra, geometry, and mensuration. Apart from developing his own theorems, he also developed explanations and derivations for the theories like Fermat's theorem etc. He shared his part in the binomial theorems and quadratic equations as well.

Due to his intellectual contributions, he is famous for being one of the greatest mathematicians in history.


Known as “The father of Geometry”, this Greek mathematician introduced geometry and its main theories to the world. His book published in the 19th century is still used for learning Mathematics especially geometry. He also introduced various theories of geometries, conic sections, spherical geometry, and number theory along with axioms.

His theories are famous as “Euclidian Geometry” and his contributions to Mathematics are immensely respectable and widely used.

René Descartes

Not only famous as a mathematician, this great philosopher, and scientist has contributed his best in different professions like serving the army etc. Though he has contributed a lot in various fields, his contribution to Mathematics is remarkable with him being the “Father of Analytical geometry”. He has introduced the coordinate system and developed theories of calculus and analysis to fill the gap between Geometry and Algebra.

He has given a lot of theories in the field of calculus and geometry.

Alan Turing

He was a British mathematician and a computer scientist from his profession. He worked and served a lot of departments during his career. He worked for the British army during wars and developed his theories on Mathematical Biology by combining the theories of mathematics with understanding the biological aspects. However, he faced a lot of injustice due to his homosexuality and had a sad demise due to cyanide poisoning.

Srinivasan Ramanujan

An Indian origin mathematician, this man lived during the British rule and contributed his analysis in number theory, series, and fractions. He never received proper Mathematics training but still was able to solve most of the unsolvable Mathematics problems of that time. He had his own research center where he would be working for solving the most novel identity and equations problems and derived partition formula. He wrote many journals and published them with his intellectual work of Mathematics.

Where his intelligence was not appreciated and acknowledged in India during that time, it was easily identified by the British officials and he was taken to Cambridge University for his analysis and spent his most of the life there. He died in 1920 at the age of 32 due to a chronic disease from which he couldn’t recover.

Isaac Newton

This English origin multi-talented legend was a physician, astronomer, mathematician, scientist, and a theologian at the same time. He dedicated his life to inventing and discovering theories and laws for the various fields. Apart from his very famous scientific “Laws of motion”, he discovered a lot in the fields of Mathematics. The major part of his work includes calculus, where he used this in geometry while working and developing limits. He is usually attributed for binomial theorems and discovering his own identities and methods along with polynomial theories. He has also contributed to coordinate geometry and the theory of finite differences along with harmonic series and logarithms.

Not only in mathematics, he has contributed a lot to science and astronomy also by introducing many laws and theories like spectrum etc.

Andrew Wiles

He was a research professor at the renowned University of Oxford. He did his specialization in number theory and became famous with his successful effort of proving the “Fermat's Theorem” for which he was awarded so many prizes by Royal Society from where he belonged. This British origin mathematician received more than 15 prizes for his immense contribution to Mathematics.

Pythagoras of Samos

Famous as a Greek philosopher, this legendary man along with his political and religious teachings introduced the Pythagoras theorem to the world. Apart from it, he also developed the 5 regular solids and the theories related to it. Apart from Mathematics, his contribution to science also includes discovering the sphericity of the earth. He also developed the proportion theories. He had a vast career where he has worked as a philosopher and a discoverer of various scientific and mathematician theories along with his teachings.

This being said, we hope that this list of famous mathematicians of all time will be helpful for you so as to know some of the best names and their works in this field.
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