Top 10 Business Ideas with low investment

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Almost every individual dreams of setting up their own business at some point in their lives. However, the only obstacle they face in life is not enough funds because of no sponsors being willing to invest. This is exactly why we have listed the top ten business ideas with the low investment so that you let your dream to start a business die.

Online bookstore services

This business requires a very low rate investment and you can even tie up with various bookstores so as to maintain a stock of around 300 to 400 books. You can showcase your books online and take orders. The tie-up with various stores will help to keep your stock loaded. At the same time, you can also maintain your contacts with the local editors and writers which will further help you to carry out your business easily.

This business requires a very low investment and simply requires your skills to maintain contacts and how to retain them.

Handmade gift shop and services

Handmade gifts never go out of fashion as these gifts always have a strong and subtle impact whenever presented to someone. Commencing this business is also quite smooth and gentle. Apart from this, the investment required is way too less and you can produce a number of products out of a limited stock of raw materials.

Therefore, this is one of the most affordable and convenient business ideas for the ones who are excellent in art and craft and can easily work from home too. They can also make their account on various social media platforms and can promote their products.

Wedding planner and corporate event management

You can be endowed with the skills of managing the events and functions, so why not showcase your talent and make it your profession? These days people find it really convenient to hire an event manager to handle the chaos of the functions as a marriage. A wedding planner or an event manager doesn't have to invest a huge sum of money, however, the only investment required is that for advertising. Again, you have to simply make contacts with all the resourceful organizations and people who would help you provide you with the required materials.

Interior designing

It is not always necessary to have a proper qualification or experience to enter this business, you can simply join hands with existing business persons and organizations to learn the tricks and tactics of this stream. The most important thing is to find a good supplier who is capable enough to supply you with the best quality products. However, you need to make sure that these products are trendy and new so as to attract potential customers.

Insurance, investment, and mutual funds investment.

This is a kind of an old option that you can choose. In this type of business organization, you can simply search for more and more customers so as to make good contacts. This will lead to a successful business without even investing a huge chunk of money. This is a great platform to start if you are planning to become a financial advisor of any big organization or company.

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Weight loss and beauty services

People and especially ladies are always in search of finding people who can help them to shed some pounds or they're in search of people who can help them in becoming the person they want to be by grooming them with suitable cosmetics. So if you are having a good knowledge about beauty techniques or weight loss, you can go for this profession. This is wholly based upon your knowledge about the job and only requires investment in terms of advertising. This way it can also be another best option for a low investing business.

Personality development services

People are usually in search of institutes and individuals who are fantastic in giving tuitions regarding the personality development and adequates. So, if you are capable enough of rendering these services, you can surely go for this business idea. You can hire a place where you can start this business and a considerably less amount needs to be invested in advertising. This can be taught online too therefore, you can really go for that option.

Fitness and yoga instructor services

Make your passion your career. Some people are die-hard fans of gymming and yoga. Their life cycle revolves around yoga so as to be fit and healthy. They can convert this into their business and can end up earning quite a handsome amount by the end of each month because of the increasing awareness of people in keeping proper care of their health.

You can also go for the option of providing online tuitions of your yoga positions or your tips regarding the workout and fitness. This will be even handier with a negligible investment being required.

Blogging agency

Blogging is the best option for the college-going students or for the people who are interested in work from home type of services. Blog writing requires your firm command over the language and your skills to write text in the descriptive and creative form. The basic investment that is required is that of a laptop and a proper internet connection, which is nowadays available to almost every person. You can make various contacts with the existing content writing agencies that will provide you with enough work. However, the contacts and the network that you form do matter here.

Food trucks

Are you a foodie or are you dreaming to cook for the masses? Going for food truck business is perhaps the best option that you can possibly opt for. The investment will include an old truck which you have to modify, which will not be too expensive. Then, the raw material and stuff is the necessity of your food business. This job is going to be really fun for you and will give you a constant inflow of income without any hassles.

So, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned business ideas or can give rise to your own ideas as business is all innovations and coming up with great new ideas. Your dream of starting a new business must not die but flourish. Start with what you have and reach where you want to go.


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