How to activate WhatsApp call on PC

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There's no denying the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms for texting, calling, and sharing media files. It's functionality saw a considerable hike when it rolled out the feature of video calling. You would be familiar with WhatsApp Web that allows you to use your WhatsApp account from a PC so that you can text effortlessly along with sharing media without any hassle.

However, the reason you're reading this article is that WhatsApp Web doesn't allow its users to make a video call from this platform.Before you start looking for an alternative to make a video call on your PC, let me make it clear to you that WhatsApp video calls can be easily enabled.

There's always a workaround when it comes to the world of technology and the inability to make WhatsApp video calls can also be fixed without any major revamping to be done. This guide will let you know how you can use your PC to make a WhatsApp video call. So, let's get straight to the discussion part and let you know what all you need to do in order to enable WhatsApp calling feature on your PC.

Get your webcam on

First things first, you need to ensure that you have all the prerequisites taken care of before you step any further. Talking about prerequisites, you will need a webcam if you're using a desktop. However, in the case of laptops, you would already be having a webcam installed in your device. You should configure your webcam first before you head towards the rest of the article. Having a good quality webcam is always a plus if you want to experience your video calls without any blurred faces in them.

Install an android emulator in your PC

An Android emulator is quite commonly used software for the purpose of using and testing a number of Android applications on PCs. You can easily find various android emulators in the market including the likes of Bluestack, Android Studio, Andy, Remix OS Player, and Archon. You can pick any of these emulators so as use your PC to run the applications installed in your smartphone. Most of these android emulators are free to download and can be easily installed in your PC within a couple of minutes. However, make sure to check the reviews so as to know the user-friendliness of the Android emulator you're choosing for your PC.

We're choosing Bluestack as it can be easily downloaded in your personal computer and set up to use all the Android applications. This Android emulator is free to download and has a fairly simple user interface so that you don't have a tough time using it. Once you download Bluestack, open it so as to find the list of all the installed applications.

Install WhatsApp application on your Android emulator

You need to install WhatsApp on your Android emulator by using the application store or an APK file. For this, you can go to the official website of WhatsApp in order to download its latest version that you would be installing on Bluestack. Do not forget to check the version before you download the file because an old one might not allow you to make a WhatsApp video call.

Once the WhatsApp application is installed, you need to open it and set it up as discussed in the next point.

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Configure your WhatsApp account

You need to set up your WhatsApp account using your mobile number in order to be able to make WhatsApp call from your PC. For this, you need to enter the registered mobile number of your WhatsApp account and wait for the OTP to show up. Verify the OTP and your account configuration is done.
Now is the time to carry out the process of making a WhatsApp video call from your PC. Good news is that you're just one tiny step away from getting connected to your loved ones over a high-quality video call using WhatsApp.

Tap on the video call icon present in WhatsApp application

For the final step towards making the first WhatsApp video call from your PC, all you need to do is to tap on the video calling icon that you would find within the WhatsApp application. Choose whoever you want to connect with and make a video call whenever you want, wherever you want.

The steps are similar whether you're using Bluestack or any other Android emulator in your PC. Quite simple, isn't it? Now that you've known how to make a WhatsApp call from your PC, follow these steps so as to get the job done.

The need for WhatsApp is simply unarguable and this is the reason why you can find this application installed in almost every mobile device that you come across. It allows you to get connected with your friends and family without any hassle. The ability to make a WhatsApp call from your PC is quite handy as you would presumably not want to look around for other options. You might be sitting in your office and feel the need for making a video call.

Now you don't have to find some other software for this purpose as WhatsApp has got it covered for you.
When WhatsApp has made video calling feature available for free, so why not make use of it?

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