How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game

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Wedding is one of the exciting moments in a couple’s lives.It is a special moment that becomes life time memory and bride and groom, both do their best to make it a real memorable one.

Wedding is a family and friends affair where all come together and celebrate the occasion. Apart from ceremonial activities, wedding involves a lot of fun activities. To make wedding function an entertaining event, different wedding games are organized with bride and groom being at the center of the stage.

Wedding Games

  • Wedding means fun and frolic; not only for getting-married couple, but also for the guests at the wedding. It is a festive moment that not only becomes memorable to the bride and the groom; it also registers itself on the timelines of the guests. So much as it is an important event for the wedding couple; guests also look forward to attending wedding function to bless the newlyweds and to have an entertaining event.
  • Wedding games are often included in a wedding event to add some fun element to the otherwise ceremonial atmosphere. Such games are usually played once all the ceremonies are over and it is a fun and relaxing time for newlyweds as well as for the guests. Therefore, generally the occasion of playing wedding games is on wedding reception when all attendees are in for an entertaining gathering. And wedding games offer great opportunity to keep everyone entertained. One of such fun wedding games is Wedding Shoe Game.

Wedding Shoe Game

A real entertainer, wedding shoe game is played by bride and the groom and offers hilarious moments that makes the wedding reception a great event. The basic idea of this game is how much the couple understands each other, in a fun way.
Setting the Stage

The fun game is played by newlyweds. Two chairs are placed back to back on the dance floor or middle of the venue for you and your partner to sit on. Both of you should sit in such a way that neither of you can see other. And let the fun begin, take off your shoes and exchange one with your partner so that each one of you is having one shoe of your partner. That way you should be having one shoe of yours and one shoe of your partner in your hands.

The Caller

The caller, an emcee or MC will do the honors of asking questions to you and your partner. You may ask any of your guests to act as MC or you can request any of your relatives to do the call up questions. However, you need to ensure that whosoever is acting as a caller should be confident and comfortable enough of speaking out in public and be a little humorous in nature.


Preface to the fun time; questions are framed and written down to be asked by the caller or MC to the newlyweds. These questions are and should be of closed-ended ones that start with “Who” such as who made the first move? Framing questions in such a way cuts short the time taken for explaining answers.You preplan the question or can even invite guests to write questions to make it a more fun thing. The calling session should start with general questions that may get little personal afterwards.


This is the real fun part with one shoe of yours and another one of partner’s in your hands. Upon asking a question by the caller, you have to raise your shoe if the question relates to you or your partner’s shoe if it is otherwise. You would not get to know the answers as you would be sitting faces opposite. However, you will be able to gauge them from reactions of the guests. To make it and keep it an entertaining session, you and your partner should not know what questioned are supposed to be asked beforehand.

Gaming Tips

  • You should keep the questions general and simple towards start of the game and may ask little personal questions down the line. However, questions should be clean and in good taste considering a family gathering.
  • Keep it a fun activity of 10-15 minutes with around 25 to 30 questions.
  • Ensure that the caller or MC is an outgoing personality who is comfortable in public speaking and can add fun element while doing the calling. You should prepare a real volunteer to the role of the caller or MC who is willing to act it out rather than just reading out questions.
  • If you are planning to seek questions from the guests, then you are supposed to ensure that questions are appropriate and clean by filtering out the questions. And you need to provide note cards on the guest tables for guests to write down wedding game questions.
  • You should keep a track of how many questioned are answered the same for newlyweds to know as a fun thing.

Wedding games like wedding shoe game add another dimension to the fun during the wedding. And are planned for the day of wedding reception as newlyweds are done with a series of ceremonies and are relaxed; the same goes for the family and relatives of the bride and groom.

Wedding reception is a wedding event where everyone looks forward to relax and enjoy and timing wedding games such as wedding shoe game is a right thing to plan on this day.

The ideal timing to start wedding shoe game can be just after the dinner and before the dancing session. You can play wedding shoe game right after the dinner while dance floor is getting ready for you to groove to the music.

So, you can make your wedding reception a great entertaining affair by playing wedding shoe game that will surely go down the memory lane as fun memories, for you as well as for the guests. A thoughtful planning can make it a real fun filled event.


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