50 Wedding Shoe Game Questions You Need to Ask

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Wedding involves a series of ceremonial activities and asks for a careful planning of various events. Varied cultures have their own customs and rituals; however, they have one thing common among them, which is celebrations and fun quotient. Wedding occasions are enjoyed to the same level as much as they are loved by the wedding couples. And to up the fun quotient, various wedding games are added to the wedding occasion.

Wedding games make the gatherings much more fun for newlyweds and for the guests. It is quite evident by observing various cultures around the globe that majority of the cultures imbibes certain wedding games into the wedding occasion. These wedding games are usually played by newlyweds once all the wedding rituals and ceremonies are over and provide an opportunity for them and the guests to have some fun and frolic. As wedding ceremonies can get really hectic and tiring at times, these wedding games offer a great way to unwind and relax, and are a great fun fillers. And wedding shoe game is one such entertaining fun game.

Wedding Shoe Game

  • Wedding shoe game is played by newlyweds. They are made to sit on chairs back-to-back at the center of the venue in such a way that they cannot see each other. Bride and the groom are supposed to exchange one of their shoes with each other and hold it in their hands along with one of their own shoes. Questions which have been prepared in advance and written on a piece of paper are asked to the newlyweds by the caller.These questions start with “Who” and the newlyweds raise the shoe depending on the tendencies of which one the question pertains to. For instance, if the question says who is calmer, each one of them will raise the shoe as an answer to who they think is calmer according to them. The newlyweds cannot see each other’s response as they are sitting back to back. The main idea of this game apart from being played for fun is to see how well they understand each other. The caller should keep a record of the answers that get answered same to be shared with bride and the groom for fun sake.
  • You can time wedding shoe game post-dinner when everyone is satiated and look forward to head for the dance floor. The game should be fun filled session of around 10 minutes with 20 to 25 questions in all. As most exciting part of the wedding shoe game is the questions, it is really important to frame general and not too much personal questions. You can add a little more fun to the game by inviting guests to participate in framing questions. However, you should plan ahead and allow sufficient time to filter out the inappropriate ones to maintain the decorum of the event. You may refer to the following list of question to consider including in your wedding shoe game.

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Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Round of questioning is the most exciting part of wedding shoe game. Involvement of the guests makes the game more exciting. Guests should be invited and encouraged to make suggestions and the person in charge should coordinate the activity by compiling and screening the questions to filter out the inappropriate ones.
  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who is more romantic?
  3. Who loves to cook the most?
  4. Who plans the dine-outs?
  5. Who was first to say “I Love You”
  6. Who calls up first in the mornings?
  7. Who likes to party the most?
  8. Who is good listener?
  9. Who talks more?
  10. Who gives presents often?
  11. Who is more punctual?
  12. Who is the better cook?
  13. Who loves gaming?
  14. Who spends more time on phone?
  15. Who remembers the event dates?
  16. Who is more knowledgeable?
  17. Who spends good amount time to dress smart?
  18. Who is more likely to be the early riser?
  19. Who is more likely to take more time to get ready?
  20. Who has got more friends?
  21. Who drives better?
  22. Who dances better?
  23. Who sings better?
  24. Who buys flowers often?
  25. Who is the better organizer?
  26. Who is more intelligent?
  27. Who is more fashion freak?
  28. Who is more likely to cook?
  29. Who is more tech freak?
  30. Who is more likely to take good amount of time while getting ready in the morning?
  31. Who cares the most?
  32. Who is more humorous?
  33. Who is fussier?
  34. Who often give excuses?
  35. Who likes to organize surprises?
  36. Who looks smarter?
  37. Who speaks a lot?
  38. Who has a rich sense of music?
  39. Who is better lover?
  40. Who is better planner?
  41. Who is better at reasoning?
  42. Who is more likely to love kids more?
  43. Who is more likely to go grocery shopping?
  44. Who is better at the wheels?
  45. Who is closer to the nature?
  46. Who has got bigger collection of shoes?
  47. Who is more sober during parties?
  48. Who loves to go on long drives?
  49. Who has got beautiful smile?
  50. Who is more likely to fall asleep first in the night?

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As mentioned earlier, you can involve guests to put up questions just to make the event a more entertaining. Wedding shoe game makes the wedding atmosphere filled with fun and frolic. To ensure that the game stays entertaining as planned, the caller or MC should be a person who loves to speak in public and is jovial in nature as the game should not look like a question hour session. The caller or MC should be capable of acting as an entertainer to keep the gathering amused and entertained.

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In that way, your wedding reception will stay as a wonderful memory in everyone’s mind. So, while doing a wedding planning, it is a good suggestion to add wedding shoe game as a fun filled event.


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