10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android

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If you do not like playing games online on your Android smartphone then there will be possibilities that you have not tried your hands on Battle Royale Games. These days, people are in love with playing these games and they are hugely popular across the world. They are simple, fun and moreover, you will become addictive with time if you play regularly. This is basically based on blends the survival elements and exploration what makes it attractive. By hook or by crook you have to become the last man standing to win this game. Here are the lists of 10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android.


It is known as one of the completive games which offer a fair gaming environment to the player and without any doubt, you can become additive easily. In PUBG MOBILE where 100 players parachute landed on a remote island 8×8 km and for survival do whatever it takes to survive there and become the last man standing. Realistic weapons, high-quality graphics, HD audio, a huge variety of cool vehicles and multiplayer are the key features of PUBG MOBILE.


2.Garena Free Fire

This is inspired by PUBG and in this 50 players fight for survival on the island which is full of weapons and vehicles. Smooth graphics with easy control make this game a better option to play. In-game voice chat is available for better communication. Main features of Garena Free Fire are realistic and smooth graphics, voice chat and 4-man squad.



This game is one of the most popular games across the world and it is played by more than 100 million people with a wide variety of firearms. 8×8 km map which provides clear directions and allows the 300 peoples to battle for survival. The interesting fact is that it can be played individually or in a team. Different terrains, HD map, and a wide verity of accessories.


4.Knives Out

In this game, 100 players fight in the battlefield to survive with weapons. You need to take aim and do whatever it takes to be the last man standing. Unique location, fireteam mode, due squad, and voice chat make this game interesting and outstanding. You can enjoy this game by playing at your own rule.


5.Bullet Force

A 3D shooter game which is famous for customized weapons and arenas. It has more than 30 weapon camouflages, 20 weapons, laser sights, multiple-optics, and many more impressive features. Also, it can be played offline in campaign and skirmish mode. You and your friends can make strategy and can prepare weapons to win this ultimate battlefield. Custom matches, 4 polished game-modes, and offline FPS features are main highlights of Bullet Force.


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6.Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

One of the multiplayer game in which you have to survive in a long-dead island with other opponents. Its impressive and ultimate features are fun pixel graphics, intense PVP game play, blocky characters along with weapons as well interesting locations make this game in demand in battlefield players.


7.Survivor Royale

One player and 100 players who are spread in a big map and they need to search for the weapon and beat their opponents. It can be played individually or cooperative mode along with forcing survivor and realistic graphics. The last man standing becomes the winner in the end. Realistic weapons and vehicles, HD maps, and sophisticated geography are its amazing features with the interesting 2 or 4 player modes.


8.Black Survival

One of the real-time survival games in this android games where 10 players will fight in the deserted island. With the time the battlefield starts narrowing down and game becomes complicated. Different 35 kinds of charterers can be chosen with more than 600 types of weapons, food, 22 areas, and tools. Kill every one if you want to become the winner in Black survival.



More than 20 players play on the grand size map along with more than 30 types of weapons. Interesting features are 3D graphics, live chat and auto shootings which is quite different from other battle games.


10.Last Battleground: Mech

A online mesh shooter game which is a 5V5 multiplayer offers the ultimate experience. You need to make perfect and different strategies along with tactics for survival in the battlefield. Various weapons and new mechs which keep on updating every week make it an amazing battle royal game.


Feeling bored than do give a try to any of the mentioned Battle Royale Games For android. Most of the games are multiplayer hence you and your friends can play together by communicating with voice chat. The best part of these games is that the fittest survivor wins this game that makes the perfect strategy and be competitive with the opponents and put all the efforts for survival in the battlefield.


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