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The is a default IP address for the Linksys routers, It can be used to log inside the router using the Username and password. There are so many routers in the market and each of it will use a different default IP address for the purpose of connecting to the internet and other important features like modifying the network settings. Sometimes if Your Router is not new, You might not have the same IP Address. You could able to make some changes to the router by resetting all of the settings to its factory version or default factory settings.

The and address is also called as a Host address which helps in setting up the whole router. You could just type in the address in any browser and just enter to navigate towards that page within the browser. You could able to log in from there by using the default assigned username and password for your router. You can able to extract these login details at the bottom of the box for the assigned default IP Address, Username of your router and also the password to modify the settings and also for resetting. You might also end up in getting all of those login details and Default IP in a sheet of paper.

The IP ADDRESS Login Page, User Name and Password

You could be able to secure the router by changing the default username and password. It is advised to not use the same default username and password which comes along with a router as it could be easily hacked by anyone with just default user credentials. So you are advised to change those login details of both username and password so nobody could able to fetch and ruin your personal and work details which could cause a great impact on you.

You could always able to reset the router if you forgot your user credentials by using the reset button. After securing your router, You would be thinking about browsing and be setting up an Internet connection and this comes easier than you think. Get the necessary information from your ISP provider in setting up the Internet connection for your router. You could also set up a dial-up connection where you use username and password for the router via dial-up. Use an Easy to setup built-in tools to quickly set up the internet connection for your router. If you are an Advanced Internet user, Then you could also be able to change the settings manually for fitting your needs. It is advice for newbies to stay away from advanced as that would be harder for you to set up. Wifi security is important to keep the intruders away from your network. You could able to change the default Network SSID name for protecting your wifi security as that would be easy to identify the network for an Intruder. But some of the small advice could also help you from preventing hacks from an Intruder, Like not using a Family name which helps them easy to identify the user. Some of the security measures of modern wifi routers also allow you to hide your SSID network name. Hiding your SSID Name

improves your security and you could follow that process by identifying if your router supports that and following the manual which comes along with your router.

The default user name and password for most of the routers would be

Default 1:

Username: admin
Password: Admin

Default 2:

Username: admin
Password: password

Using default ID and password is not advisable for your security. So using Encrypted security is a Good option. Encrypted security options include WPA2 and PSK like security options. Every modern router has these security features for the user to take benefit within protecting their router from hacks. Using the strong password for WPA2 and PSK helps in defending your security from every breach and from intruders. For more details about the new security features of your router, It is advisable for you to read the manual.

Setting a hard password is important for protecting you and your details on an unsafe network. Setting a Hard password looks like a combination of Numbers, Letters, Symbols, Uppercase and lowercase letters. Also setting a strong password comes from long passwords with at least 12 characters.

The Mac Filtering feature allows you to filter the Mac ID in a router. You could able to filter only the devices which are available at Home to connect with a Wifi Network and rest all other devices will not be having access to the Router until you allow it. You could able to make this change any time you wanted whether to allow a device or deny their permissions in accessing the router.

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Finding your router IP Address

Setting up a router for internet connection definitely needs the router IP address to configure the network. You could use some of the default IP address listed here to see if that works, or else

Changing the Router Password

You could be able to change the router password by entering the default IP address in the search Bar and You would reach the admin page of a router, From there Go to Advanced settings, Click Router Admin and Change it to the strong Password and then save it.

List of Router IP address with User Name and Passwords:

You can able to log inside to your router with the help of given default router IP Address below with default usernames and passwords as well.


Router Manufacturer IP address User Name Password
admin admin/password
Cisco admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Netgear admin admin
Netgear admin password
admin admin
Nil MiniAP
Billion admin admin

How to Connect with Any Router using IP address to change the Password

  • 1.Connect the Router to any PC using an Ethernet Cable
  • 2.Turn on the Computer and Open a Browser
  • 3.Check the above IP Addresses and Type the relevant IP address for your Brand Router and Hit Enter
  • 4.Enter the Default User Name and Password to open an Admin page
  • 5.From there You could be able to customize any Settings or even change the password

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Issues with connecting the Router and accessing the IP address

  • Check the IP Address Properly
  • Check if there is any external damages on the Router
  • Configure the Proxy on your Browser
  • IP address being used as website with Wrong or Incomplete URL

Always remember to troubleshoot the issues by reading your supplied manual to know about wifi router settings. You can also call the toll free number to get guidance from the Manufacturer in setting up the router. You could also head over to the website to get latest and up to date information about your router.


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