How to Say Thank You for a Compliment

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Everybody loves compliments; if you’re shaking your head after reading this, you are probably lying. Compliments aren’t just great to appreciate something likable; they also help in breaking the ice between people and are great conversation starters. Compliments are the kindest and nicest gestures which surely does make our tummies grow a little weak. Compliments are asign of adoration which can come in any form of appreciation. If this compliment comes from someone very dear to you, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach is natural. If this compliment comes in the form of appreciation at work for doing some marvelous work, it motivates us to work better. Just like complimenting someone is an art, there is another art which involves in how you reply to that compliments.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that compliments are the biggest motivators. They push you to try harder to live up to the expectation and gaining more recognition and compliments. With compliments comes the responsibility of having the best possible way of replying to a compliment. It is very important to accept a compliment with a warm gesture. Thanking someone for a compliment is a compliment itself, it makes them understand that you’ve accepted their appreciation and are overwhelmed by it. There are times when a simple ‘thank you’ is enough to float the boat; however more often after you reply with just a thank you, the situation becomes a little bit uneasy because you know the response wasn’t complete. Smiling blankly when someone pays you a compliment is also disrespecting the person as their effort is completely undermined. If you consistently fail to reply to compliments gracefully, people tend to ignore your efforts at something good,and the train of compliments seizes. To save you from this situation, here is how you can say thank you to people for complimenting you, gracefully.

How to say thank you for a compliment

Before learning what to say as thank you for the compliments, you should know how to thank someone for that. Firstly you can keep it simple and express your appreciation with a thank you and awarm smile; apart from this humble response you can be a little more receptive and add how kind it is of them for bestowing a compliment on you. Secondly, if the compliment you received is teamwork, instead of just accepting the compliment, share the compliment with the rest of the team and appreciate them for them for their effort. A compliment when shared feels more special and valued. Thirdly, you can share a fascinating detail about the thing you’ve been complimented for; you can share how special the thing is for you or how you came up with the work you did. Never downgrade a compliment by dismissing the gesture of the person. Fourthly, you can always show some curiosity to know what the person likes most about it. Say someone complimented your article; you can thank them and ask what their favorite thing about it was. Lastly, you can shower some love by complimenting them back. Make sure it is not flattery, just be humble and appreciate them back for their thoughtfulness.

To ease things a little more for you, here is a list of quick replies which can help you to gracefully accept a compliment and feel good about it. All of these are based on what has been discussed about how you can show your thankfulness.

I am too happy to have received this appreciation and attention from your end. The gesture and words have inspired me and motivated me to do better in my future endeavors.

Your kind words have thrilled me,and I’m overwhelmed with happiness. This encouragement is what keeps me going. Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you very much for recognizing my achievement. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support and guidance. I’m immensely indebted to you for the kind words.

Thank you; I appreciate everyone who has been a part of this. None of this could’ve been possible without your contribution. All of you are valuable to me.

Thank you for loving my work; it is because of great readers like this I’m motivated to do more. So what was your favorite part of it?

Thank you being so thoughtful and for sharing your views on the subject. I am forever grateful for the kind words from you.

Thank you so much for your compliment. I’m thrilled to know that you loved it. Would love to share more with you soon.

I’m honestly grateful for your good wishes; theyare always appreciated. God bless you!

These lovely words are extremely delightful. This just reminds me how much you motivate me for everything.

Good wishes from you have brought me a long way,and keeps are going to improve myself. Thank you so much!

Being surrounded by these encouraging words and beautiful compliments boosts with confidence. I shall continue trying to make you proud. Thank you for the words.

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The list goes on for what to say when you need to thank someone for complimenting you. All of us know what to reply to compliment,but the trick is of timing. Most of the time when people are complimented, they are overwhelmed to receive an appreciation which they weren’t expecting or didn’t see coming. In the circumstances like this, people tend to reject the compliment or straight up downplay it. These actions not only make the person feel bad but also insult him because the effort was ignored. It feels more like not acknowledging the appreciation that came your way. When thanking someone for the compliments, it not just what you say, how you behave also conveys what you feel about that compliment, body language is very vital here. Never show disinterest when receiving a compliment. This is pretty much everything you need to know how to say thank you for a compliment. In the end, I would like to thank every reader for taking out time to read this; you are the reason I keep writing. Appreciate it!


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