A Complete Guide to Make Payments Via WhatsApp Pay

Posted by Tejas Maheta | June 20, 2018 Comments: 0
We live in a digital world today and it was necessary also because of less time in everybody's lives. In earlier times, people have to go to the banks and make the payments. This method of payment was not bad but was much time consuming and along with that, money wasting too because people used to go to the banks by the cars and after reaching there, they have to line up in the long lines to make the payments possible. Digital world has introduced us with the various modes of making payment like Paytm, debit cards, credit cards etc. But the new mode of the online payment is WhatsApp pay. Most of the people are not aware of it, as it is new in India.

8 out of 10 people use WhatsApp to communicate, send images and share videos and important information then why not make payments with the WhatsApp pay.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp pay?

There are several benefits of WhatsApp pay i.e., saves time, reduces paper work, quick and easy method.

  • Saves time- Earlier people used to go to the banks and make the payment possible, which was much time consuming, and there is still a part of population that uses this offline method of payment. WhatsApp pay aids in saving the precious time and easily accessible also.
  • Reduces paper work- In the offline modes of payment, people have to go through paper work and along with that, they have to save some of the important papers but with the WhatsApp pay, there is absolutely no need of any paper work and the only requirement is internet or broadband connection.
  • Quick and easy method- Going to bank and make the payments is very time taking and tough process and if there is shortage of time and making the payment is necessary then it is such a pain. So using WhatsApp pay is a quick and easy approach to make the payments.

How to make payment with the WhatsApp pay?

People think that WhatsApp is a messaging app and the people are still not aware about the introduction of the payment app i.e., WhatsApp pay. India is the only country with the largest number of people who are using WhatsApp and according to a survey; it is believed that greater than 200 million people uses WhatsApp per day. But to make it possible, one of the most important requirement is to get the phone number connected with the bank account.

  • One should have the account in the bank that is supporting UPI and the phone number with the code of India but the phone number linked with WhatsApp should be same with the phone number linked with the bank.
  • First, download the app if you have not downloaded and if you have the app then it is good then look for the payments tab in the app. One can easily get the payments app in the settings.
  • Do not worry if you do not find the payment option in the settings. Look for someone who have the payments features and get them to try and share (send or receive) the funds.
  • Now, add the details of bank account then accept the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp pay app. Always ensure to do this otherwise one cannot get access to the WhatsApp pay.
  • After getting through all these steps, the phone verification will be done by sending an SMS to your phone. After verification of the account, there will be a list of bank details will open and select the one related to your account. Do the verification of debit card, which is hyperlinked with your bank account. Then ending with the last step, add a password, which you can use for every use and every payment.
  • One can easily change the password for the security reasons in future at any time. This is the similar method of sharing images and videos and one can easily make the payments within few minutes. Thus is only one time investment and after only downloading the app, one can make the payments at any place and any point of time with the only internet access.


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