5 Best Kodi Alternatives That You Must Try

Posted by Tejas Maheta | March 12, 2018 Comments: 0
You may be using your laptop or computers strictly for work purposes. But there is a majority of people in this world who use their computers for streaming media for entertainment too. Kodi is an extremely popular software that is used by people to manage and store these media files on various devices. Along with managing and storage of media files, Kodi is also one of the most sought after media player software.

Kodi is rich with various user friendly features and is a free and open-source software. Starting from easy to use add-ons and customizable interfaces to a robust support system, there are reasons why Kodi has gained huge popularity today.

However, if you are still looking for other options to stream your media and manage them, you can also find some really amazing alternatives. Let us take a look at the popular Kodi alternatives that you can try.


Emby is another open source software application, just like Kodi. This software has been developed on the client and server model and is being widely used by many people to stream locally stored media files. With the help of Emby, you can easily play all media files stored on your computer, via devices that are connected to the same network. For advanced users, Emby also provides the features to play media by changing the code specific to the target devices. Emby is also great to be used along with devices compatible with DLNA functionality.

There are many interesting features loaded in this software. You can manage your DVR recordings easily and also enjoy live TV features with the help of Emby. Parental control features, subtitle management for movies, tools for editing metadata as well as a Kodi add-on feature, are few of the many features that you will find in Emby.

2. Plex

Plex is said to be the most popular Kodi alternative in the market today. Stored media files on your computer can be easily played on multiple network connected devices. Moreover, Plex offers an extensive user interface like a home theatre software, for managing and viewing your vast library of media files. Like Kodi, Plex also comes loaded with many features like a range of channels based on different topics and genres like news, sports or technology.
The best feature of Plex is perhaps its adaptability to run on a variety of target devices. This is possible owing to its media transcoding capabilities. As a result, you can use Plex to run on less powerful computers and optimize use of bandwidth. Plex is available for use on a variety of different software platforms. If you subscribe to its premium version, you can unlock more of its interesting and user friendly features.

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3. Stremio

Stremio is yet another software that is popularly used in place of Kodi. It allows you to stream videos in high quality. You can play videos in all possible formats from many different platforms on a single screen using Stremio. Create your own library of favourite TV channels and shows and view them with Stremio’s casting features. The Linvo Database of Stremio offers you the much required space to arrange and organise your files and media in the library. You can also make use of the subtitle supporting features of this software for your convenience.

You can set Stremio to notify you of new TV shows and choose from its recommendation of latest videos too. If you wish to use Stremio, you would simply need to create a user account. There are many user friendly features and functionalities loaded in Stermio which makes this a popular alternative to Kodi.

4. Terrarium TV

There are many users who like the Terrarium TV software application. In fact Terrarium TV is the most popular choice when it comes to the Android users. It provides a host of exciting features and user friendly interfaces, just like Kodi. Terrarium TV is basically an Android application that is extensively used by Android users who love to watch TV shows and movies on their mobile devices. You can download and view all your favourite TV shows as well as movies on your devices.

Terrarium TV supports high quality videos at 1080 pixel HD format and allows you to access these at absolutely no cost. You can be sure of enjoying total privacy while you watch your movies or TV shows. This application streams all of the files directly from either Google Drive or Google Video platforms. Before you begin to watch a show or movie, terrarium TV displays all related information about the content. This makes it easier for you to decide whether you really want to watch it or switch to some other show.

5. Media Portal

Media Portal is also quite popular among those who wish to use a different media player software than Kodi. What makes Media Portal so popular is the fact that it comes loaded with various features and functionalities. Using this media player software, you can schedule live TV shows to record them, so that you can view them later on when it is convenient for you. You can even play your media files from the hard drive of your computer or laptop, DVD and even BluRay. Media Portal also supports a variety of TV tuners and you can even listen to your favourite Internet radio stations. There are several plug-in features of Media Portal which allows you to view live match scores as well as stream YouTube videos freely.

The only thing about Media Portal is that it is available only for users of the Windows platform. However there are remote controlled applications for iOS and Android users to enjoy this application.

So here are some of the coolest apps that are definitely worth checking out, if you are looking for something other than just Kodi. These applications are also rich in features and you can enjoy your TV shows and cinemas on a wide range of platforms using any of these applications.


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