How to Stop Fighting in a Relationship

Posted by Tejas Maheta | February 20, 2018 Comments: 0
We all fight sometimes, don’t we? Fighting in a relationship is very common. Be it your partner or your friend or your sibling; it is very normal to argue and fight among each other. Experts say that the reason why people fight is that there are differences of opinion. The main problem is the imperfections that lie within us.

But do you think that anyone is perfect in this world?

No one. And our relationships are also not perfect. But that doesn’t mean that we fight and aggravate our problems instead of solving them. If we try, we can make things perfect in our relationships.

How can we make our relationships perfect?

We can do this by talking about our problems with our partner, with the intent of coming up with a solution. But we need to make sure that we do not hurt them in the process.

You might wonder if that is even achievable. Well, it is totally possible. Read on to know how.

Stay in the present

If you never feel interested to read a newspaper from 5 yrs ago, then why would you dig up the past while talking to your partner?

Talk to them about the concerns of the present day and not bring up previous issues. If both of you keep fighting about past issues, then you will never be able to come to your present day and find solutions to the actual problems.

It will only aggravate your present and the more you will hurt each other.

Don’t pass judgment

Don’t we all tend to get judgmental sometimes?

But, if you really want to avoid fights and reduce stress, never judge your partner. Often it happens that while talking we casually pass judgments about the other person. We start to pick on their personality and highlight their faults while discussing. These must be avoided since being judgmental only causes them to feel hurt and disappointed. It is wiser to be gentle and suggest possibilities instead of finding faults.

One issue at a time

When discussing, stick to a single issue which bothers you presently. Don’t bring up hundreds of issues just because you feel like. Talking about multiple problems will deviate you from the main problem. You will not be able to find a solution as well.

Avoid some fighting words

There are some typical words which we commonly use when we are very angry. These words can typically cause much distress and hurt the other person. If you really want to avoid fights, stop using those words.

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Don’t assume

Never assume that you are always right. This only leads to understanding the other person less. Try to understand what the other person is saying and also let them know your thoughts. If you discuss, without assuming, you can easily solve half of all your problems in this way.

If you keep these few simple yet pertinent tips in mind, you can easily live in harmony with each other and save many of your relationships from turning sour.

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