How to Propose a Boy?

Posted by Tejas Maheta | January 31, 2018 Comments: 0
Are you wondering how to propose the boy you love from the core of your heart? It's a hard task indeed when you have to propose to someone and when it comes to falling in love that is easier indeed.Irrespective of your gender/sex/sexuality, if you want to propose a boy of your dreams, you might want to be patient. The consequences of a proposal can go either way but even if that ends up in negatively, don't be disheartened because there are other fishes in the sea. Before venturing further, you need to understand certain things, first of all, everything must be consensual, and you must always prioritise your self-respect.

Be aware of people who turn out to be toxic to you. Try respecting the person even if you end up on a negative note. Other than these, you are good to go.

Going out for dates

Dates are a great way to woo someone you like, but getting them to like you is a different ball game. Asking him out, and see if he agrees. If he does, then trust your instincts and don't freak out. Be confident, because confidence is very important since it talks a lot about your personality. Going out on dates doesn't necessarily need to be formal, casual dating is fun too but always remember that anything is possible. The possibilities are endless indeed, but it all depends on the circumstances and how you improvise and act.

Conversation is the key

Try conversing more, the more you do that, the easier it gets. The conversation must hold up and reciprocate. Otherwise, the fall is imminent. Try to talk about things that both of you are interested so that you or he don't zone out. Be casual but don't be over familiar. Try not to be uptight at the same time.

A nice meal in his heart

Nothing can win a boy's heart other than a nicely cooked meal. Be sure to know what he likes and cook something delicious. It is a huge turn on for most guys but then again grossly generalizing it is not helpful.

Show him that you care

Caring is something that a boy craves from. The further you comfort and empathize him, the more comfortable he will get with you but don't be a way to comfortable that he ends up making you his friend. But if you give him a shoulder to cry on, then he will find you compelling enough as your partner.

The end game

Proposing can never be done conventionally because the game always ends up or rather is dependent on the circumstances. Always look for the right time to propose and look deep into your heart and say what ever is there. Honesty is always appreciated especially when it comes to proposals, unles your boy is very superficial.

So good luck, always do what seems right to you. Be true to your feelings, and the proposal just happens somewhere in between the roads.


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