How to forget ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend and move on

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Breaking up a relationship is always somewhat painful to everyone. Even if you lost your interest in your girlfriend/boyfriend and not feel the love anymore, it is still hard to forget them and move on your life. This is because, in the past time, your ex is an integral part of your life. This adds more complication in replacing him or her from your mind and move on to the next step. Some persons find it too difficult to forget their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and to move on. To help such persons here we give some steps and this will help them to forget their ex and move on to the next step in their life.

Make yourself a promise

First of all, you have to make yourself a promise that you will definitely forget your ex. This is to control yourself from doing things like calling your ex, messaging him or her, seeing your ex or trying to get over to your ex. If you make this promise and follows it this will gives you self-confidence and help you stay strong in your decision. This can be a difficult step, but it's incredibly important if you want to forget ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and move on.

Delete your ex’s contact details

The next step you have to do is to delete all the contact details of your ex. It is better to delete his or her contact information from your cell phone. It is much more tempting to call her or him if you constantly see your girlfriend or boyfriend name in your contact list. It will remember you about the person and it is difficult to forget them. Delete everything related to your ex’s contact like address, email address, and some other accounts. Delete it from your address book and it is even better to block his or her number.

Remove all reminders

This is an important step to do in order to forget your ex. You have to remove all the reminders of your ex. This means that you have to throw out or destroy anything that even remotely makes you think of your ex, girlfriend or boyfriend. This includes should be all the photographs you have with your ex or the single photograph of him or her and the photographs that you take with him or her during outing etc. You have to delete all of these without left any photographs.

Also, you have to delete or throw away any gifts he or she may have given you and all greeting cards or love letters he or she wrote for you or you wrote for your ex. If you think that it is difficult for you to do this ask someone to do this for you but make sure that the person you choose for this purpose must be a trustworthy person. Tell your friend that you can't do it alone. Chances are that your friend will help you to throw away all these things. Most friends are more than happy to help. You have to get rid of everything that reminds your ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Don’t feel guilty on your self

Never think that your decision is wrong. Always hope that your decision about your breakup with your ex is correct and believe it strongly. Try to make a list of reasons you want to be happy. This will keep you from feeling guilty about yourself and help you stay strong in your decision. Think about what are the plus points you have in your life like family, friends, job etc. This will make you feel better.

Think to yourself

Think whether the person treats you well during your relationship. This will help you to remember all the bad things your ex did for you in the past. Take some time and think about and make a list of all the things that he or she did that make you bothered. Find the mistakes did by your ex and list it down. This will give you a confidence that your decision is right and you slowly recover from your breakup.

Have fun with your friends

This is the best remedy for forgetting your ex, girlfriend or boyfriend and to move on. Friends are the best medicine for breakups. Try to spend more time with your friends. Have fun with your friends and go for some trip with them. Spend your weekend with your friends, go out with your friends, go for a dinner, to a movie etc. If you spend more time with your friends you probably don’t think about your ex. Your previous girlfriend or boyfriend will definitely fade away from your memory. Even through this, there may be chances to get a new relationship.

Change your location

Some people think that living in the same place will often remind about the person who they want to forget. Therefore it is better to left your current location and move to a location that is somewhere else. Also, if you can, get completely away from your previous place. This is because staying in the same place may remember your past things. If you move to a new place you will get new friends, new experience and you feel better. Then, you definitely think about the next step of your life.

Talk to your family

This is also a good idea to forget your ex. Talk to your family about your problem and ask them to help you get out of it. They may help you in this worse situation and stand by yourself. This is because your family will understand how difficult it was and help you to move on to the next step. Seek advice from a senior person in your family and spend some extra time with your family members. You will get a good support from them which will be a consolation for you.

Doing all these above-said things will definitely help you forgot your ex, girlfriend or boyfriend and help you to move on in your life. You will find better results after doing all these steps. Try these steps and move to the next level in your life!


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