How to say I love you to a girl (Indirectly)

Posted by Tejas Maheta | May 06, 2017 Comments: 0
The words “I Love You” are very strong,and one must say them when we truly feel this way,not just to say something nice to the person we’re dating or want to be in a relationship with.

These three words seem to be so hard to say,when someone is crushing on that special person,in a very Deep way.Most people get scared to say “I love you” to whom their dating or just have an interest in them. There is no doubt we all get butterflies on our stomachs when we hear the person we like coming,or just see them. We get anxious and cannot act properly,get sweaty and our voices start trembling and forget we are important to, that there is no reason to get into such way.

There are many times when we prefer to be shy and hide our feelings towards that person,because our inner self screams to us that that person might not be as interested in us as we are in them, and we get scared to make them run away from us,so we stay quiet.

OK,so we have spoken in general lines about how hard it is to say “I love you” to someone,but all this changes when we want to say those Little three but full of meaning words to a girl,the next question comes to our minds within seconds and that question is: “How to indirectly say I love you,to a girl?”.

Most of the times when we like someone very much, we use to wait for the very right moment,right place and even the right time to express our true feelings to that special someone. There is no way we can just walk by the person we like or love and say “hey,I love you”,this will come off as awkward and will make us look desperate or something like that. This is very difficult and confusing, but we do not need to be too scared for this. As a man,if you truly want to let your girl know you have Deep love feelings for her in a indirect way, then just keep on Reading and we’ll help you do it,without saying a Word,how cool is that?

We all know men are not the same as women,women usually have no problems when it comes to saying I love you,but guys have it more difficult. We are humans,not mind readers,we do not know how that person will react and we don’t have a clue on how that person feels about love. That’s what this article is for, to show some ways to demonstrate your love towards your girl, without putting it into words.

How to tell a girl you like them without saying it

  • By doing nice things for them: This is the first step, make sure you are always making time for them,and be there when they need you. There are many things you can do just to make her smile, trust me,your girl will remember you fondly for it.
  • Remembering all things she says to you when she talks to you: Every time you two are having a conversation,make sure you are actually listening and not just sitting there pretending to do so, listen to your girl and everything she has to say,so that you will actually keep things in mind,and remember them when bringing them up in a random conversation again,that way she will notice that you pay attention to her,and that what she has to say is important to you..
  • Make sure you have a special treatment for your girl: As a guy,do not miss the opportunity to make your girl feel special, do this by bringing nice and unexpected gifts,they don’t need to be as fancy as a new Mercedes but they can be,flowers,something she saw with you in a store while walking at the mall but didn’t get it at that time, congratulate her on her success, also you can plan surprise lunch or even dinners to the moon light for her. Those are wonderful gestures and a good way to make her feel special..
  • Laugh and show interest: When the two of you are talking on the couch or some other place, laugh between conversations out loud at every joke she makes. Doesn’t really matter if the jokes are insane or dumb, you need to laugh at them,period. Don’t just talk about yourself,this will make you look selfish and full of yourself,let her talk about her too, show interest,curiosity,this will show her you want to learn more things about her and her personal life. Things like,her favorite tv show,music,magazine,colors,food and so much more..
  • Staying in touch always being available: Never forget to Exchange text messages throughout the day and even phone calls,just to see how each one of you is doing, this is a nice way to keep connected and show each other you two care for each other..
  • Drop all subtle hints and just hug her: Forget about the prolonged eye contactor touch on her knee or arm by being playful,giving her hugs will make her happy and smile,this Little gesture will mean a lot to her,trust me. Giving hugs is the best way to make someone feel loved..
  • Talk about the future, show curiosity and make questions: When having a conversation,you can choose to talk about the future and randomly add her,without asking,no need to jump into wedding plans but she needs to know you have a special place in your heart for her..
  • Leave notes at unusual places: Since the two of you might be busy in your lives, in this case,you can leave her nice notes on her bag,the freezer,a book,the table,anywhere where she will be able to find it. It will be fun to leave love notes at unexpected places..

Yes,we know saying “I LOVE YOU” Is hard, but little things like these can have a strong meaning in that person’s heart. And we do not need to put our feelings into words.


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