Top 20 Websites to Make Cartoon of Yourself

Posted by Tejas Maheta | April 07, 2017 Comments: 0
A lot of people out there including myself are fans of anime cartoon and also have our own favorite characters in anime as well. Today we are here with some awesome gift for all those anime lovers among us, as we are here with a list of about 20 different websites online that will help you create your own custom favorite anime characters for absolutely free.

If not for your social media profiles, then you can create a custom cartoon character image for your LAN gaming profile or even for online gaming tournaments as well. So, if you are really into creating a custom cartoon image for yourself, then below are over 10 best websites that can help you create some really awesome cartoon characters for yourself for free of cost.

  1. Instructables:
    If all you need is a cartoon copy of an image of yourself, then the Instructables is the best and probably the only online tool that you will need. Even though this website does not allow you to create an anime character, you will surely get the best cartoon-like copy of any image.
  2. Manga Avatar Face Maker:
    One of the most popular online tools to create an cartoon character of yourself. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. The Manga Avatar Face Maker provides you with a lot of options like choosing the skin tone, and the styles for the eyes, mouth and hair of your avatar.
    You can use the website to make a cartoon copy of any image, as the one above. All you need is to upload picture and then will create a cartoon copy of the image you have uploaded within a matter of minutes. Instead of directly uploading the image to the you can also pick any image using the image URL or directly from Facebook as well.
  4. Messdudes:
    Yet another awesome animation tool in this list. This website allows you to create funny looking avatars of yourself that can be used in any social media or networking websites. You can also do several different kinds of modifications to the avatar that you are creating like changing the background, adding cigarette in mouth or even a pet beside you.
  5. WeeWorld:
    WeeWorld is one among the very popular free avatar generators out there. While creating your custom avatar you can choose from options like face color, eye color, hairstyle, clothes and shoes as well. A very easy-to-use and simple website.
  6. Portrait Illustration Maker:
    All you need to create a custom avatar using this tool is to click the “Randomizer” button and the website will auto-create a new avatar for you. You also have the option to manually edit the avatars created by the website as well.
  7. Joystick Mii Characters:
    The Joystick Mii Characters website allows you create simple, funny and interesting avatars for yourself for free anytime you want to. The modification and editing options provided in the website makes this a really cool avatar creating tool.
  8. Pick A Face:
    An interesting website out there that allows you to create a custom cartoon copy of yourself, no matter male or female. This website also allows you to customize your entire appearance anyway you want to. You can also edit the size, color and direction of each of the feature of the avatar that you are creating.
  9. Build Your Wild Self:
    Build Your Wild Self allows you to create a wild version of yourself. This website allows you to combine the avatar of a human along with different body parts of either animals, birds or any insects from the list provided.
  10. South Park Studios:
    The South Park Studios avatar creator features a lot of options in their Avatar gallery in order to allow you create the custom cartoon based avatar that you always wanted to use on your social media profiles.
  11. Yahoo Avatars:
    Yahoo Avatars was very popular between the people very much into creating custom avatars, back in the golden days of Yahoo. The Yahoo Avatars website tool still allows you to create some really cool custom avatars.
  12. Voki:
    One of the few sites out there that lets you create cartoon characters of yourself that actually does look like you. All the features in the Voki website is free for use and thus allows you to create a very good looking anime avatar of yourself.
  13. Dress Up 24/7:
    For all the ladies out there who wish to have a female-tailored custom avatar generator tool online, this is it. It allows you to choose from a very huge list of hairstyles, apparels and even facial expressions. Go treat yourself a custom avatar using the Dress Up 24/7 tool.
  14. iPiccy Photo Editor:
    Another very popular editing tool that made it our this of the best avatar tools online. This online tool allows you to edit your photos and even retouch them for free. Apart from that they also have a very much functional cartoon maker to create an anime-looking avatar of yourself for free.
  15. Meez:
    This is a social networking website that also gives you the option to create custom cartoon avatars for yourself. This website gives you options to create 3-dimensional avatars of yourself, works as a social networking site and also allows you to play games as well.
  16. Pixton:
    Another great website with a combination of some very functional tools that will surely help you create the custom cartoon avatar of your dreams. This custom avatar creator does feel like MS-Paint while using.
  17. Custom Anime:
    If you are in search of a tool that will allow you to customize the entire body of your cartoon self apart from just providing editing options for your cartoon face, then this is the tool that we will recommend.
  18. BeFunky:
    This online free tool allows you to convert any of your photos into some really awesome digital piece of artwork. With over 147 features to choose from, using this online tool will surely be a delight.
  19. Cartoonize:
    This online tool can convert any of the photos that you upload to this website for free. All you need to do after uploading the photo that you wish to cartoonize is to choose the options you want to feature on your custom cartoon avatar.
  20. Create your Mangatar:
    Last but certainly not the least, this simple and very functional website allows you to choose from any of the pre-designed custom avatars or even lets you create one of your own taste. After you finish editing the avatar as per your needs, simply download the cartoon avatar and upload it wherever you want to.
Final Words:
Have any of your personal favorite cartoon avatar creator to add to this list? Mention them as comments below.


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