40 Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes

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Every year we celebrate our special day– our Birthday to commemorate the miracle that took place years back. Just as we remember that miracle, our friends, family, and loved ones too remember our special day and send their wishes and love to us. Thus, it is our duty and responsibility to recognize their efforts of remembering our birthday and wishing us.

It is really important to say “Thank you” in a way that it touches a person's heart. Are you finding it difficult to show how grateful you are?

Mentioned below are the 40 thank you messages ideas for the birthday wishes that will let you express yourself in a far better manner.

I am glad to mention that I'm fortunate to have precious friends like you. Thanks for your wishes and support that you have given me to say and for all these years. Love you.

Thank you for sharing my day. Your presence made this day even more special and magical.

If there is anything I want to thank heavens for, it is this bond of friendship and love that you have given me today. Thank you so much for your lovely wishes.

I don't feel like that one year has passed. Instead, I feel so awesome that I have spent another year of my life enjoying with my amazing friends like you. Thank you for making my special day way more special with your presence.

I can never receive a better birthday gift than you. God had given me the group of best people to enjoy my life. Love you guys.

Hello friends, Thank you so much for your lovely wishes. I couldn't ask for more. I'm truly glad and blessed to have you all as my friends.

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Your good wishes can make me live even longer. I just can't thank you all enough for making my day truly memorable.

I could not imagine my life without friends like you all. Thanks for making each day of my life special and especially my birthday.

Thank you so much for your lovely acts that you did for me today. Your words made my day even more mesmerizing and special.

My birthday is made more special and meaningful because of you. Thank you so much for going out of your way to drop by on my special day. Also, for giving me your precious time and love on my special day.

Good old friends are rare to find because the best ones belong to me. Thank you guys for your presence and all your love. I love you all.

Time and distance cannot stop us from showing love and concern for each other. Thank you so much for your lovely wishes that I'll rejoice forever.

Just as you always remember my birthday dear friend, your gift will always make me remember you.

This day was memorable and it was all because of your presence. There's just not anything else that I could possibly ask for.

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Tightest Hugs to you. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift. I wish my every birthday gets to celebrate with this bash.

The gifts and wishes that you have given are priceless for me. I love you till the moon and back.

Thank you so much guys for the amazing surprise party, it was spectacular and so much fun. Thank you loads for many this day such a great one.

Thank you for being my great friend all these years. You made my birthday and my life a lot special.

The birthday party was a blast all because of your wonderful presence. Thank you for accompanying me in celebrating my special day.

There's nothing more dear to me than your birthday wishes and your participation on my special day. Thank you for making me feel heavenly.

Friends, it was a fun loaded party. Thank you for this level of fun. I hope to see you all next year.

You all made me feel younger. Thank you so much for making me feel youthful and vibrant on my birthday.

It was a wonderful day. It all reminded me of my blessings and how God has given me such a wonderful family and friends. Thank you so much for making me feel like the most special person in this world.

I would like to say a massive thank you to you guys for your love, gifts, greetings, chocolates and most importantly your love. Thank you and love you.

I want to tell you that how much I'm glad to have friends like you. Keep doing the best in your lives guys and thank you for making my birthday more amazing than ever.

My life is nothing without you and your presence. Thank you so much for making my birthday more memorable than I could ever ask for.

Thank you so much, my lovely friends, for making my day such a success. I love you loads.

Hey guys, I want to tell you that how much I love you and how much I appreciate your presence in my life. Thank you for making my birthday a lot special.

Thank you so much dear for being there for me whenever I needed you. Thank you so much for your lovely gifts and wishes.

I just want to take a moment as saying “Thank you” for everything that you have done for me till this date. Thank you so much for making such lovely memories together. Thank you for your amazing birthday presents and wishes.

It feels so special when a person like you comes along for all your life. It feels so special that people like you have made my life and my birthday so amazing.

There has never been a birthday this unforgettable and amazing. I just can't find words to thank you for being there with me on this happy day.

I'm really grateful for all the showers of blessings and love from your side. Thank you.

Thank you so much for heartfelt thought and wishes. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend of mine. I love you and Thank you, you made my birthday a memorable one.

I'd like to take a moment to thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart. These lovely wishes will come along for my entire life.

The best feeling is when you get a surprise from your close friend on the auspicious day of your birthday. This surprise is added to my tell-tale book as it was so special. Thank you so much for giving me such a memorable birthday.

This birthday was the best birthday of my life. Thank you so much for making it so.

I can't put in words how glad I actually am right now to have had this amazing birthday with you all. Thank you for adding to my bucket of happiness.

There is nothing on this earth that is worth achieving more than the love and concern from your loved ones. This is exactly why I want to thank you for making me feel special on my birthday.

I shall always keep your wishes within my heart only to recall them from time to time. Thank you for making my birthday the best day of this year.

Birthday is that time of the year when you come to know who actually matters and is willing to give you the best assistance and support in life. Giving them your best thank you message that makes them feel loved and recognised.

We hope that this list will come handy when you're confused regarding the choice of words. Come on! You ever got 40 lovely wishes to choose from. You couldn't ask for more!
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Top 10 Best Ironing Board Reviews

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Though, ironing is a tricky task but a necessary part of everyone's home. This task can be made less tricky with the best ironing boards. There is a huge variety of ironing boards in the market, which makes the task more daunting.
An ironing board is something padded, flat surface, which is covered with the heat-resistant fabric so that the clothes can be ironed easily. The padded surface is textured with holes so that the steam can penetrate the clothes and can be escaped out of the base.

Though, there is a huge variety of ironing boards but finding the ideal ironing board is the actual task. The ideal ironing board has all the important features or special features, which can make the ironing easier. For example, the ironing board with sleeves and ironing board without sleeves. The ironing boards with sleeves are the special or ideal board on which you can iron the sleeves. In addition to this, you can easily iron the small clothes on the sleeved ironing board.

Another an important feature, which is available in specialized ironing boards, is, iron rest. As the name suggests, the iron rest is something on which we can rest the iron while ironing. The iron rest is made up of heatproof material. Neither the iron rest should be too large, nor it should be too small, so always choose the iron rest of ideal size on which the iron can be rested safely.

Things to consider while choosing best ironing boards
The iron boards are available in wide variety i.e., wall mounted, tabletop and portable. All ironing boards have some plus points and some disadvantages. It is important to consider certain facts before selecting the best iron board for you. It includes, the price you can afford, the space available in your home, dimensions of the board, the height of the board, stability of the board, the composition of the board etc.
Depending on these factors, I have rounded up top 10 ironing boards for you. You can the best out of them for you. Let us start!

10. Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board


It is the board which can be directly mounted on the wall. You can wall on any wall in your home. It is the board which is easily accessible and you do not have to work hard for using it. After installing it on the wall, you can adjust it according to the height. Durability is the important factor which make it apt for using. You don't need any extra space for storing it in your home.


9. Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CR Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Board


This is the board which can be mounted inside a wearer and you can pull it out, whenever you feel like. If you looking for an ideal ironing board for laundry, it is perfect for laundry work.


8. Barli 51×19-Inch Multi-layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board

The people who do seriously the job of ironing, it is perfect for them. It has high durability because of the large room between the metal frame and the padded surface. The firm lock allows the table to stand efficiently on the floor. The cotton cover allows you to have the perfect ironed clothes.


7.HomzDurabilt DX1500 Premium Ironing Board

This table has the best stability among all the top ironing boards in the list. Though, it is not good in aesthetics unlike other ironing boards, but it is stable enough and gives the thebest experience of ironing clothes. This table also has the padded cotton surface.


6. Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest

According to customers, it is the best ironing board, which you can have. The ironing board has protective caps on the feet and also have an in-built resting head for iron. This ironing board does not wobble unlike other ironing boards, which makes it safe for the kids and the users. Being affordable in values, make it more popular among the users.


5.Minky Hot Spot Pro Ironing Board

This is considered a good quality ironing board and affordability is the reason for the high demand. You can give a rest to your iron on the safe headrest, which makes it easy to use by the users. Apart from this, it is available with the heat reflective padded cotton cover and one can expect the safety of the clothes as well.


4.Real Simple Ironing Board with Bonus Folding Board


Though, this ironing board is bit costly but the features truly compliment the price and it is worth to buy it for usage. The features involve affordability, stability, durability, non-wobbling nature etc. The perfect locking mechanism and pure cotton cover make it worth using.


3. Homz T-Leg Adjustable Height Foam Pad Ironing Board

This iron board is basically available in two main colours which involve, blue and green. The legs made up of aluminiumadd the life to the board. It is the best choice if you are short of money or if you have a limited budget. The board of the ironing board does not collapse due to the perfect locking mechanism.


2. Household Essentials Steel Table Top Small Ironing Board


The ironing board is larger in size as compared to other ironing boards, so it gives a room for effective ironing. Also, the ironing boards does not have lengthy legs which offer enough stability while ironing. The ironing board is perfect to be used in the dormitories and apartments.


1. Household Essentials 120001 Small Tabletop Sleeve Ironing Board

This board is very simple to use and one can use it during travel. You can place it on the tabletop. It is worth buying only if you do not iron much or on the regular basis. If you iron the clothes frequently then it is not for you.


In the nutshell, top 10 best ironing boards reviews are important to go through before buying any ironing board for you.

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How to play PUBG MOBILE on PC

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No one can deny that fact that the PUBG has emerged as a revolution in the world of the online multiplayer game. The fever of this game has been taken into consideration the love of the entire young generation. The unique idea of this online is the sole reason behind its spectacular popularity.

The value of pubg especially in the life of males is needless of any specification. Before people use to call their mates to come online on WhatsApp now the PUBG is the irreplaceable essence of their happiness. Nowadays the folks are following the mobile-based application of PUBG. But every PUBG lover out there do you know that the at the time of the launching of this release pubg targeted computer sets only.

After earning the reliable trust of the whole human race the makers of PUBG decided to come forward with the mobile-oriented application of PUBG. Yes, you are making the accurate guess today we are going to talk about the procedure of playing PUBG MOBILE on PC.So let us start with the perfect description.

Foremost if you are thinking that it is quite hard to play mobile PUBG on your pc than wait a while as you are wrong here. It sets on a go. Take a view on the following details to grab the exact end of your curiosity.

There are several options for this.

Tencent Buddy

  • Download Tencent buddy it is one of the best way to play PUBG MOBILE on PC login with your details.
  • Wait for the official interface.
  • But before downloading Tencent buddy make sure that your pc is having at least 3GB RAM otherwise, this application won't function at all.
  • This is one of the most preferable emulators for PUBG.
  • Make use of your keyboard and mouse afterwards
  • You need to worry about the pixel quality of your game as recent buddy believes in me, maintaining excellent video quality.
  • The best thing which relates directly to the Tencent buddy is that it also involves the on-screen control buttons with the aim of fabricating the feel of Android
  • Adjust all initial settings as per your storage or requirement.
  • That's it pull up your socks for winning your online battle of PUBG
Moving ahead let us mention another alternative for lying pubg mobile on your personal computer

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BlueStacks is also one of the most widely used frameworks for paying PUBG game on your pc.If you want to pick up this solution then here is the simple process
  • This emulator shifts your android screen on the computer
  • The first step is to download the PUBG apk file on your computer.
  • Visit apps section in the program brook and hit the option install apk. You will be able to find out on the right side of your pc
  • Launch PUBG in BlueStacks and then login your account.
  • Place all the essential details
  • Afterwards, go to the settings section and click on display, fix the aspect ratio to the system default
  • Now click on the engine and open it.
  • Place your fingers on your, mouse and keyboard to begin your battle
  • It's done here now you can enjoy the mobile-based interface of PUBG on your computer.
This is time to share with you the third tool which is available to resolve your problem of playing PUBG mobile on your computer.

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Nox App Player

This tool is incredibly suitable for playing pubg mobile on your computer. For choosing nox app player you are supposed to adopt these steps-
  • Download this app and install it
  • Download the PUBG apk file and start with nox app player
  • Afterwards, drag the apk file into nox and select it for installing the nox app player.
  • Fix all the pre-settings
  • Make use of your keyboard and mouse to play your game
  • You have completed your task now get ready to play the PUBG mobile on your computer.


The fourth astonishing tool for playing PUBG mobile on your pc is ApowerMirror.

ApowerMirror the name itself tells a lot about its miraculous use. Basically,it serves in the form of the error to show the mobile version of PUBG on your computer. This is a trustworthy emulator for playing PUBG mobile on your computer. We are writing down the process of getting ApowerMirror
  • The first step is this to download the app on your phone and of course on the computer
  • Initiate the connection between your mobile and computer.
  • If you are making use of iOS than its too easy for you just select the option of screen mirroring and it will start playing the same interface on your computer
  • If you are making use of android then you can establish the connection through wifi or USB cable. Both options are effortless.
  • As soon as you will attain the connection your interface will start appearing on your personal computer.
  • Set all the required details.
  • It also generates the visibility of the screen touch control buttons on your computer screen
  • Make use of mobile or keyboard for guarding a terrific start of your favourite battle.
  • That's all start making your new record of victory with this unmatchable tool.

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Memu App Player

The fifth option in the list of playing the PUBG mobile on your pc is making the smart choice of Memu App Player. Below mentioned is the procedure for getting started with Memu App Player
  • The first thing is the download and installs Memu App Player on your computer system.
  • Now install the apk file of the PUBG if you are not able to see if you have to download it on your pc.
  • Feed all your initial settings
  • Now enjoy your battle of PUBG.
More than that you can also play the PUBG mobile on your computer by installing remix os in the form of the secondary os on your pc.

We hope that now you are having complete idea for playing pubg mobile on your computer. Have fun and keep your PUBG game on. All the best.

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10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android

Posted by Tejas Maheta | October 29, 2018 Comments: 0
If you do not like playing games online on your Android smartphone then there will be possibilities that you have not tried your hands on Battle Royale Games. These days, people are in love with playing these games and they are hugely popular across the world. They are simple, fun and moreover, you will become addictive with time if you play regularly. This is basically based on blends the survival elements and exploration what makes it attractive. By hook or by crook you have to become the last man standing to win this game. Here are the lists of 10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android.


It is known as one of the completive games which offer a fair gaming environment to the player and without any doubt, you can become additive easily. In PUBG MOBILE where 100 players parachute landed on a remote island 8×8 km and for survival do whatever it takes to survive there and become the last man standing. Realistic weapons, high-quality graphics, HD audio, a huge variety of cool vehicles and multiplayer are the key features of PUBG MOBILE.


2.Garena Free Fire

This is inspired by PUBG and in this 50 players fight for survival on the island which is full of weapons and vehicles. Smooth graphics with easy control make this game a better option to play. In-game voice chat is available for better communication. Main features of Garena Free Fire are realistic and smooth graphics, voice chat and 4-man squad.



This game is one of the most popular games across the world and it is played by more than 100 million people with a wide variety of firearms. 8×8 km map which provides clear directions and allows the 300 peoples to battle for survival. The interesting fact is that it can be played individually or in a team. Different terrains, HD map, and a wide verity of accessories.


4.Knives Out

In this game, 100 players fight in the battlefield to survive with weapons. You need to take aim and do whatever it takes to be the last man standing. Unique location, fireteam mode, due squad, and voice chat make this game interesting and outstanding. You can enjoy this game by playing at your own rule.


5.Bullet Force

A 3D shooter game which is famous for customized weapons and arenas. It has more than 30 weapon camouflages, 20 weapons, laser sights, multiple-optics, and many more impressive features. Also, it can be played offline in campaign and skirmish mode. You and your friends can make strategy and can prepare weapons to win this ultimate battlefield. Custom matches, 4 polished game-modes, and offline FPS features are main highlights of Bullet Force.


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6.Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

One of the multiplayer game in which you have to survive in a long-dead island with other opponents. Its impressive and ultimate features are fun pixel graphics, intense PVP game play, blocky characters along with weapons as well interesting locations make this game in demand in battlefield players.


7.Survivor Royale

One player and 100 players who are spread in a big map and they need to search for the weapon and beat their opponents. It can be played individually or cooperative mode along with forcing survivor and realistic graphics. The last man standing becomes the winner in the end. Realistic weapons and vehicles, HD maps, and sophisticated geography are its amazing features with the interesting 2 or 4 player modes.


8.Black Survival

One of the real-time survival games in this android games where 10 players will fight in the deserted island. With the time the battlefield starts narrowing down and game becomes complicated. Different 35 kinds of charterers can be chosen with more than 600 types of weapons, food, 22 areas, and tools. Kill every one if you want to become the winner in Black survival.



More than 20 players play on the grand size map along with more than 30 types of weapons. Interesting features are 3D graphics, live chat and auto shootings which is quite different from other battle games.


10.Last Battleground: Mech

A online mesh shooter game which is a 5V5 multiplayer offers the ultimate experience. You need to make perfect and different strategies along with tactics for survival in the battlefield. Various weapons and new mechs which keep on updating every week make it an amazing battle royal game.


Feeling bored than do give a try to any of the mentioned Battle Royale Games For android. Most of the games are multiplayer hence you and your friends can play together by communicating with voice chat. The best part of these games is that the fittest survivor wins this game that makes the perfect strategy and be competitive with the opponents and put all the efforts for survival in the battlefield.

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Top 20 Android Apps for Rooted Devices

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Android world has changed with time and becomes a part of regular routine will more involvement of people. It has much better functions than earlier and you will be able to get the root access easily. Here is the list of top 20 Android Apps for Rooted Devices which really can help to make your Android phone in better and best one.


One of the best-rooted apps which help in keeping the battery life for a long duration and provide a good backup. A perfect solution for the lagging issue even if your phone has low RAM even then you can go for this app without hesitation.

Visit site


This app is suitable for those who flash most of the things like ROM and other formats such as ZIP or CWM. Also, gives a nice back up to the whole device and recovering the things by using SD card. The app is free till three flashes and for the better experience, you can go for the paid version.

Visit site

3.Lucky Patcher

This is a popular app and uses the term “Patching” and helps in removing the unnecessary ads from the games while playing. Also, you become able to get access to those apps which have in-app purchases in a few minutes.

Visit site

4.Titanium Backup

Known as an amazing app which is useful in order to backing up the data including freeze apps also, separates the bloatware. This app is must to avoid any data loss in your android phone.

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This app works as a recycle bin where all the accidentally deleted files can be restored easily without the bar to the number of the files.

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It works and controls the smartphone with the provided command. This app runs smoothly and while rooting the device.

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This app is best for controlling the audio. It controls the sounds of the output devices like Bluetooth or other devices which you connect to the phone. This app has a built-in sound recorder which improves the quality of the sound.

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8.Xposed Framework

This app is useful to customize the device and improves the speed and changes the overall appearance of the Android including remapping of the buttons and themes.

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9.BuildProp Editor

A total worth app which provides a complete solution while building a property file in including editing. It makes this complex task easy and improves the performance of the device.

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10.Smart Booster

This amazing app boosts the performance of the smartphone in an effective way and makes them faster with its outstanding features.

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11.DPI Changer

DPI is known as Pixels per inch. This is a measurement which tells the quality of the display of the phone. If you want to change or improve it then you need to download this wonderful app which will completely change the visual experience for your android smartphone.

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12.3C Toolbox

It is known as one of the best apps and its excellent features make it a perfect app. Various functions such as battery backup, CPU Control, automated back-ups including other functions can be performed without any inconvenience.

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13.Root Explorer

With the help of Root Explorer you can easily get access to the zip folders, text documents and many more. Because of its fantastic features, this app is popular and known as the best solution for the Android root users.

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14.Hosts Editor

This app makes sure for the android users to make them able to block the access to the particular confidential and private website direct from the smartphone. This app is in a big demand at present.

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15.Boot Animations

If you are tired of watching the old animation on your phone whole rebooting than this app is definitely for you. It provides new animation every single time whenever you reboot the device. It can be easily downloaded from the play store and it will give the best animations which you will enjoy and wait to see another when reboot.

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16.Disk Digger

This is a fantastic app for rooted and unrooted phones. It helps in locating and finding the deleted files. It provides the ultimate solution while finding out the deleted things from the Android phones.

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17.Full Screen

Few smartphones do not have full screen features. For them, Full-Screen app is a perfect solution and provides various options and makes everything in full screen. This is a really amazing app which provides the better experience of watching anything on your smartphone with full enhancement.

18.Kernel Adiutor

This app takes care of the excellent features of the CPU of the smartphone and keeps everything in place. Various tasks can be performed with Kernel Adiutor including GPU frequency, monitoring CPU voltage or frequency and low memory diminishing functions. This app is best for all the phone rooters.

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19.Device Control

This particular app is best if you want to improve the functioning of the smartphone in an efficient manner. This app is reliable and effective as well. It offers various features such as Device Control and handles the hardware issues. It strongly creates control on the phone and helps in configuring the CPU and the GPU frequencies in the best possible way.

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20.ROM Toolbox

This app is one of the best apps to figure out the finishing procedure of the ROM installation. Everyone is aware of the excellent customization options which are provided by the ROM of an OS but it is quite difficult to find out the installation of ROM. To avoid this situation, ROM Toolbox offers a complete solution and ensures about the proper installation of ROM.

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Rooted apps have changed a lot with the time and come as the best thing for the phones. Looking for the best rooted apps for Android phones then do try the mentioned apps which may offer a Great experience and complete solution to you. Most of the apps also work for un-rooted phones. They are completely useful also depends on the individuals preferences. These apps will help to make your Android phone more handy and perfect.
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