4 Apps That Alert You of Traffic and Accidents

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Traffics and accidents are the last thing one wants to experience, but it has become a everyday dilemma. There are many times that too much traffic unexpectedly hampers your plan.It may happen that you are too late to office, school or workplace, or you miss a flight because of lack of information regarding the heavy traffic congestion on your usual route. With increasing number of accidents and increasing congestion and traffic on roads,some apps have been introduced in the market, to alert you of the traffic congestion and accidents on the roads in your city.

The following apps are rated among the most popular alert apps for traffics and accidents:


This is more than just a traffic app. The company’s app is used by millions of drivers of the vehicles on road, just like a navigation app. The goal of the app, is to get the real feedback from the drivers who are on the way, to know about the latest traffic and accidents. It aims to provide the best route to work to home and vice versa or wherever you are heading.

Alerts of the current traffic and accidents are sent in the following scenarios if you are about to:

  • Approach an accident
  • Drive into a traffic jam
  • Encounter the police
  • Reaching road hazards

Waze can be companion who can provide you the best route to take everywhere and alert you of the traffic congestion and accident sites.

2.Google Maps

This is a worldwide popular app every smartphone holder has and makes use of it. Every app cab driver too uses this as their navigation app. It has more than ten billion users and its directions are almost flawless. You may come across navigation issues in remote areas such as montaneous areas or small remote locations.

Google uses ita data to power the Google maps. You are well alerted by Google maps regarding the toll roads, traffic jams, accidents, and road constructions.

The Google Maps also give an estimation of the time needed to reach your destination. It’s time estimation is just spot on, based on the road traffic conditions. It also helps you find gas stations, super marts, banks and restaurants on the way. Police warning though are not part of Google Maps yet it is one of the best navigation and alert app in the industry today.

3.UDOT Traffic

UDOT Traffic is an amazing traffic app for Android but it is only available for residents of Utah. The traffic app provides mobile access information for Utah roadways directly from the Utah Department of Transportation. The map can be zoomed and scrolled around with easy and shows exactly what is happening on the road of the state. Current traffic condition on the freeways and main surface streets is also presented in style. This traffic app for Android is last because it is available only for one state.


This is yet another great app for navigation and be updated of the traffic congestions. This app is free to use and avail its features. This app is utilised by the Auto intelligent cloud platform, which has been in-built into many luxurious category vehicles like Porsche and BMW. This app has a very smart system which uses predictive algorithms to calculate the traffic conditions.

This app is quite advanced compared to other apps and a lot different too:

The special features of INRIX are:
  • The ability to select the user’s preferred routes based on the previous data
  • The ability to learn the driving habits of the driver.

It may not always choose the fastest route, based on previous data it may choose the user’s preferred route often.

These apps are very useful today in the modern era where it has become essential to be aware of the traffic conditions and accidents to lower your risk of entering into a potentially dangerous situation.
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How to Split Pictures on Instagram

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Don’t you wish to impress your instagram followers and gain more popularity? Splitting your photos using the simple apps is the most trendy thing now. More and more instagram users are using the split feature to crop images into grids and post it on their instagram walls. These featires are easily availed through various apps available online. Do not need to spend hours to create and split images manually, easy apps are introduced in the market to create effects within seconds in a matter of few seconds.

Simply divide your photos into smaller pieces and upload on the instagram wall. The apps lets you upload a picture, choose the size and background and the app does it for you in few minutes. You don’t need to be too tech savy to get the desired effects.
Whether you have a Google android phone or an Iphone, you can get the apps on any of them easily that to free of cost.

Searching to split pictures on Instagram? You desire to split a single image into grids to post it, then a thorough guideline provided in this article will help you achieve what you desire. Many people post nine images on instagram timeline and when you visit their post you can see nine images combined into one single image. So how to do that yourself for your images on instagram?

It is simple to make that giant square image on instagram:
  1. First visit Google Play Store on your android phones or I Pone App store on your Iphones.
  2. Search for 9Cut for Instagram and download it. Other similar apps you can download include Photo Split, or 9Square. 9Cut is the easiest and most widely popular
  3. Open the 9Cut for instagram app and select the photo you want to split
  4. There are five types of grids available for obtaining giant square images. These include 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5. The size 3x3 works the best for the giant square images.
  5. Then take the pointer of your mouse and drag it on the grid type to select the grid type
  6. After selecting the grid type, click on the ‘next’ tab button.
  7. The app then processes the picture and crops the selected picture into nine pieces which you can share one by one on your instagram wall Use the share button on your app to post your images in a descending order to get the exact image in the grid.

This simple way you can utilise to create beautiful instagram grids using the 9Cut app will enhance you insta wall.

GiantSquare is another app which lets you do some amazing things with your Instagram profile. It is the best app to split your pictures into 9 or 12 pieces as you desire.

The simple way to do this are:
  1. Download the GiantSquare app from the Google Play store on your android phone or from the Iphone App store from the Iphone.
  2. Split the images into 3x3, 3x4 or 3x5 grid sizes
  3. Then click on the squareready feature to fit the big picture
  4. The final images are ready within seconds to upload them on your instagram wall.

The 9Square app too is widely used among the youth to split large pictures into various grid sizes and upload them on the instagram wall.
  1. Download the 9Square app from the google play store or on your iphones you can get the app from the Apple Store
  2. Create a Giant Giant Square by cropping the picture into any of the given sizes 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, and 3x5.
  3. Share the images directly on your instagram wall and enhance the wall an get likes on your wall.
  4. You can split images horizontally and vertically.

These are the simple steps to follow to split pictures instagram and impress your followers. And do not forget hastags after posting the images on instagram. They give you a great way to communicare with the audience. And do not forget to add a catchy caption to those images too to attract the followers who are simply scrolling through the instagram feeds. Share your split images on instagrM and be impressive.
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List of top 10 Richest Cities in India

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Having a population of 1.2 billion, India has made a mark in the world for being a quickly growing nation. The diverse nature and wide beautiful landscapes have been known to bring incredible sources from a vast number of regions. It would not be wrong to suggest that integrity in unity is what you would experience in the great nation.

India has been deemed the third richest nation in the world. It has a GDP of approximately $5 trillion. The industrialization, globalization and urbanization in the nation have been known to encourage several cities in different states to grow rapidly in every aspect. Moreover, IT revolution has brought forth incredible growth. It has given numerous employment opportunities to graduates in the nation. It has improved per capita income along with GDP of the cities. It has also contributed largely to the overall GDP of the country.

Find below a list of the richest cities in India along with their GDP.

1. Mumbai

The city of Mumbai has been leading the chart of richest city in India. Having a GDP of $209 billion, the city boasts of having the top billionaires of the nation. The city is famous for Bollywood, scientific & nuclear research centers, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and TATA Group of National Stock Exchange. It has been the commercial capital of the nation along with being the leading trade centre of the world.


The nation’s capital has been popular for a number of reasons. More than other reasons, the city has been popular for contributing 4.94% of the entire GDP of the nation. The city has been ideally placed on the second spot on the list of richest cities in India. It has a total GDP of $167 billion. It has been the biggest commercial cities in the South Asian region. The city boasts of leading in retail growth industries, health services and telecommunication.


Offering a huge GDP of $150 billion, the city of Kolkata has been on the third spot of richest cities in Indian sub continent. The city has been popular for its contribution in the IT sector. It has been the major contributing aspect in the overall GDP of the nation. Other major contributions come from Calcutta Stock Exchange, Damodar Valley Corporation and Bata India.


Earlier known as Bangalore, now named Bangaluru has been the IT hub of the nation. The city has been popular for having per capita income of ten lakh per household. The city has been contributing $83 billion to the overall GDP of the nation. The city hosts headquarters of Wipro, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Indian Space Research Organization and Infosys. The city is popular with industrialists and entrepreneurs for setting up new industries or businesses.

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The city of Hyderabad has been contributing approximately $74 billion in the total GDP of the nation. The city of Hyderabad has been known for its contribution through IT companies and real estate sector. The city has made huge progress in the arena of manufacturing industries, research centers and financial institutions.


It would be surprising for you to know that Chennai has been rated amongst the top hundred most developed cities across the world. It would not be surprising that India would be counted amongst the quickly developed nation in coming future. The city has experienced quick developments in various sectors such as IT sector and BPO, industries and healthcare. The city contributes a whooping $66 billion to the overall GDP of the nation.


Yet another city in the list of top wealthiest cities of the Indian sub continent, Ahmedabad has been known for contributing approximately $64 billion to the overall GDP of the nation. The city hosts popular industries such as the Adani Group, Torrent Pharmaceuticals and Nima. These have been contributing largely to the GDP of the city.

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The city of Pune has an industry friendly environment. It has been contributing around $48 billion to the total GDP of the nation. Pune has been popular for being hub of IT companies, top-notch colleges and Sugar industries that contribute largely to the overall GDP of the city.


The city of Surat has been popular for being the textile and diamond capital of the Indian nation. The city contributes around $40 billion to the total GDP of the nation. The city of Surat boasts of being the quickly developing city in India. The city has been known for high job rates and low unemployment rates.


Last, but not the least, the city of Visakhapatnam has been contributing approximately $26 billion to the India’s total GDP. The city has been popular for its heavy metal industries and steel plants that contribute largely to the total GDP of the city.
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How to Recover Deleted Messages From Android Devices

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Knowingly or unknowingly sometimes, all the messages from the phone get deleted and that is something starts bothering you. But at present, you do not need to worry if you an Android phone user. Because the reality is the messages deleted from the phone has not vanished completely from its memory until they are not overwritten. Here we will discuss two most popular “Android data recovery” methods which work as a life savior. They are as following

1.Dr.Fone app

The first data recovery method is Dr. Fone app. This app is really doing well in order to recover the deleted messages instantly.
Steps To Recover Deleted Messages Using Dr.Fone On Android- The steps are simple and easy to follow and recover the deleted messages in a short period in time. Steps are as bellow-
  1. Download and Install the Dr. Fone App- Dr. Fone is not a mobile app. It is a desktop version, which is compatible with Windows and MacOS as well. It’s setting and functioning is the same for all the versions. Simple download it first, install and whenever needed just run to recover the messages.
  2. Connect the computer with the phone- It’s time to connect your phone with the computer with the help of USB cable. Make sure Dr. Fone app is responding to the connection if connected well.
  3. Enable USB mode- When Dr. Fone app is connected properly, you will get a pop up flashing on the comport screen with Superuser request. You need to allow the access to proceed the further else it would not be able to access to the phone memory.
  4. Scan the phone- Once you allowed the Dr. Fone to access to your phone’s memory it will start scanning and it takes hardly 5 minutes.
  5. Preview the messages- Once scanning is done, you will find the list of deleted messages including which are already exist in your mobile. If you finding difficulty to search the deleted messages that you may select the option “Only display deleted items" and start viewing deleted messages. Also, you can look for the specific messages by putting keywords or text itself.
    6.Save the messages- You can save the messages which you find important or all messages by tapping on recover option and save all the deleted messages.


second most popular tool is FonePaw, which is beneficial at the time of data loss such as messages. That is absolutely free of downloading the PonePaw.

Steps To Recover Deleted Messages Using FonePaw On Android- Steps involved in recovering the data by using FonePaw are mentioned below-
  1. Connect the phone with the computer- First of all, you need to connect the PC with the phone. USB cable is needed to connect them both.
  2. Turn on Android USB- If USB is connected well than the program will detect your phone easily. You need to enable the USB mode than need to click “OK” button so that your computer starts communicating with the Android phone.
  3. Restore deleted messages- Once PC and phone both are well connected you will get lists of data which you want to recover such as contacts, Deleted photos, WhatsApp messages, videos. You need to select the “Recover deleted messages” and click on “Next” tab.
  4. Scan the deleted messages- Before start scanning the messages a pop up will flash on your PC which is seeking for your permission to access to the deleted data. You need to click on “Allow/Grant/ Authorize" on the pop-up window. In case there is no such pop-p window on your screen, you need to click on “Retry” then try again.
  5. Preview and recover the messages- PonePaw will start scanning on your device and display the both deleted and existing messages. Deleted messages will be written on the Red font and existing messages will be written in black font. If you are interested only in deleted messages you need to click on “Only display the deleted items” tab and you will get a deleted message list in a while.

If you want to recover the deleted messages, you need to click on “Recover” button. You will be able to recover the messages on your computer.

Technology has made everything possible at present time and people are enjoying using it. In some cases, there may be no complete recovery of deleted data but at least some of data can be recovered fast. Be careful while using your mobile to avoid any data loss. These days a phone contains all the important information and if it is lost than might be not recovered easily but both the tools are quite good in recovering the deleted data and taking people out in the awkward situation. Once you will use it, you will automatically get to know the importance of both the tools Dr. Fone and FonePaw.
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The is a default IP address for the Linksys routers, It can be used to log inside the router using the Username and password. There are so many routers in the market and each of it will use a different default IP address for the purpose of connecting to the internet and other important features like modifying the network settings. Sometimes if Your Router is not new, You might not have the same IP Address. You could able to make some changes to the router by resetting all of the settings to its factory version or default factory settings.

The and address is also called as a Host address which helps in setting up the whole router. You could just type in the address in any browser and just enter to navigate towards that page within the browser. You could able to log in from there by using the default assigned username and password for your router. You can able to extract these login details at the bottom of the box for the assigned default IP Address, Username of your router and also the password to modify the settings and also for resetting. You might also end up in getting all of those login details and Default IP in a sheet of paper.

The IP ADDRESS Login Page, User Name and Password

You could be able to secure the router by changing the default username and password. It is advised to not use the same default username and password which comes along with a router as it could be easily hacked by anyone with just default user credentials. So you are advised to change those login details of both username and password so nobody could able to fetch and ruin your personal and work details which could cause a great impact on you.

You could always able to reset the router if you forgot your user credentials by using the reset button. After securing your router, You would be thinking about browsing and be setting up an Internet connection and this comes easier than you think. Get the necessary information from your ISP provider in setting up the Internet connection for your router. You could also set up a dial-up connection where you use username and password for the router via dial-up. Use an Easy to setup built-in tools to quickly set up the internet connection for your router. If you are an Advanced Internet user, Then you could also be able to change the settings manually for fitting your needs. It is advice for newbies to stay away from advanced as that would be harder for you to set up. Wifi security is important to keep the intruders away from your network. You could able to change the default Network SSID name for protecting your wifi security as that would be easy to identify the network for an Intruder. But some of the small advice could also help you from preventing hacks from an Intruder, Like not using a Family name which helps them easy to identify the user. Some of the security measures of modern wifi routers also allow you to hide your SSID network name. Hiding your SSID Name

improves your security and you could follow that process by identifying if your router supports that and following the manual which comes along with your router.

The default user name and password for most of the routers would be

Default 1:

Username: admin
Password: Admin

Default 2:

Username: admin
Password: password

Using default ID and password is not advisable for your security. So using Encrypted security is a Good option. Encrypted security options include WPA2 and PSK like security options. Every modern router has these security features for the user to take benefit within protecting their router from hacks. Using the strong password for WPA2 and PSK helps in defending your security from every breach and from intruders. For more details about the new security features of your router, It is advisable for you to read the manual.

Setting a hard password is important for protecting you and your details on an unsafe network. Setting a Hard password looks like a combination of Numbers, Letters, Symbols, Uppercase and lowercase letters. Also setting a strong password comes from long passwords with at least 12 characters.

The Mac Filtering feature allows you to filter the Mac ID in a router. You could able to filter only the devices which are available at Home to connect with a Wifi Network and rest all other devices will not be having access to the Router until you allow it. You could able to make this change any time you wanted whether to allow a device or deny their permissions in accessing the router.

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Finding your router IP Address

Setting up a router for internet connection definitely needs the router IP address to configure the network. You could use some of the default IP address listed here to see if that works, or else

Changing the Router Password

You could be able to change the router password by entering the default IP address in the search Bar and You would reach the admin page of a router, From there Go to Advanced settings, Click Router Admin and Change it to the strong Password and then save it.

List of Router IP address with User Name and Passwords:

You can able to log inside to your router with the help of given default router IP Address below with default usernames and passwords as well.


Router Manufacturer IP address User Name Password
admin admin/password
Cisco admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Netgear admin admin
Netgear admin password
admin admin
Nil MiniAP
Billion admin admin

How to Connect with Any Router using IP address to change the Password

  • 1.Connect the Router to any PC using an Ethernet Cable
  • 2.Turn on the Computer and Open a Browser
  • 3.Check the above IP Addresses and Type the relevant IP address for your Brand Router and Hit Enter
  • 4.Enter the Default User Name and Password to open an Admin page
  • 5.From there You could be able to customize any Settings or even change the password

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Issues with connecting the Router and accessing the IP address

  • Check the IP Address Properly
  • Check if there is any external damages on the Router
  • Configure the Proxy on your Browser
  • IP address being used as website with Wrong or Incomplete URL

Always remember to troubleshoot the issues by reading your supplied manual to know about wifi router settings. You can also call the toll free number to get guidance from the Manufacturer in setting up the router. You could also head over to the website to get latest and up to date information about your router.
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Top 5 Most Poor Cities of the World

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While we complain about not having luxurious cars or big houses, there are several cities where people are not getting enough food to eat. There are thousands and thousands of homeless people around the whole living in the street without a house to live in or food to eat. Believe it or not, there are several cities that are living in the darkness around the globe. Here we have listed down top 5 most poor cities in the world.

Top 5 Most Poor Cities of the World

1. Monrovia, Liberia

And to add to the list of top 5 most Poor Cities of the World is the city of Monrovia. It is basically the capital of Country Liberia. The economy of this city is purely based on the exportation of latex and iron ore but it also manufactures refined petroleum, bricks, and tiles, several food products as well as chemicals etc.

2. Conakry, Guinea

Conakry is the capital of Guinea and has a population of nearly 2.5 million approx. This city is reaching in its communication, economic and administrative center. However, the city is relatively poor with only $5.6 billion GDP. The primary highlight of low improvement of the city is the lesser public transport. However, after the division, the country started developing slowly and still it is haunted by the war-torn history.

3. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is the largest town in the country of Tanzania and is the largest city in East Africa according to population count. The rapid increase in the population of the country is making it poor with the lack of economic improvement. Water scarcity and proper sanitation facilities are some of the major issues here. Lack of health consciousness is also causing severe diseases here such as HIV or AIDS.

4. Dakar, Senegal

As per December 5th, the population of the primary administrative center of the Senegal National Assembly, Dakar is around 1,030,594. Clean water supply is one of the major concern here and so as the decreasing GDP value. All these problems are making the city of Dakar economically unstable and poor.

5.Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Founded in the year of 1886, Addis Ababa is one of the largest city in Ethiopia and has a population of about 3,384,589. This city is probably also known as the “political center of Africa” due to its diplomatic and political importance. However, the city is also referred as the “spa capital of Africa” as it has good public transport system. The main problem that makes the city poor is the water scarcity.

This is the list of top 5 Poor Cities of the World that are living the darkness around the corner. These cities are suffering from poverty and they are not getting enough food to eat and place to stay. Some of the cities are suffering from water scarcity and some are having a shortage of food or not good public transportation. However, there might be many more Poor Cities of the World.
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