10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android

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If you do not like playing games online on your Android smartphone then there will be possibilities that you have not tried your hands on Battle Royale Games. These days, people are in love with playing these games and they are hugely popular across the world. They are simple, fun and moreover, you will become addictive with time if you play regularly. This is basically based on blends the survival elements and exploration what makes it attractive. By hook or by crook you have to become the last man standing to win this game. Here are the lists of 10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android.


It is known as one of the completive games which offer a fair gaming environment to the player and without any doubt, you can become additive easily. In PUBG MOBILE where 100 players parachute landed on a remote island 8×8 km and for survival do whatever it takes to survive there and become the last man standing. Realistic weapons, high-quality graphics, HD audio, a huge variety of cool vehicles and multiplayer are the key features of PUBG MOBILE.


2.Garena Free Fire

This is inspired by PUBG and in this 50 players fight for survival on the island which is full of weapons and vehicles. Smooth graphics with easy control make this game a better option to play. In-game voice chat is available for better communication. Main features of Garena Free Fire are realistic and smooth graphics, voice chat and 4-man squad.



This game is one of the most popular games across the world and it is played by more than 100 million people with a wide variety of firearms. 8×8 km map which provides clear directions and allows the 300 peoples to battle for survival. The interesting fact is that it can be played individually or in a team. Different terrains, HD map, and a wide verity of accessories.


4.Knives Out

In this game, 100 players fight in the battlefield to survive with weapons. You need to take aim and do whatever it takes to be the last man standing. Unique location, fireteam mode, due squad, and voice chat make this game interesting and outstanding. You can enjoy this game by playing at your own rule.


5.Bullet Force

A 3D shooter game which is famous for customized weapons and arenas. It has more than 30 weapon camouflages, 20 weapons, laser sights, multiple-optics, and many more impressive features. Also, it can be played offline in campaign and skirmish mode. You and your friends can make strategy and can prepare weapons to win this ultimate battlefield. Custom matches, 4 polished game-modes, and offline FPS features are main highlights of Bullet Force.


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6.Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

One of the multiplayer game in which you have to survive in a long-dead island with other opponents. Its impressive and ultimate features are fun pixel graphics, intense PVP game play, blocky characters along with weapons as well interesting locations make this game in demand in battlefield players.


7.Survivor Royale

One player and 100 players who are spread in a big map and they need to search for the weapon and beat their opponents. It can be played individually or cooperative mode along with forcing survivor and realistic graphics. The last man standing becomes the winner in the end. Realistic weapons and vehicles, HD maps, and sophisticated geography are its amazing features with the interesting 2 or 4 player modes.


8.Black Survival

One of the real-time survival games in this android games where 10 players will fight in the deserted island. With the time the battlefield starts narrowing down and game becomes complicated. Different 35 kinds of charterers can be chosen with more than 600 types of weapons, food, 22 areas, and tools. Kill every one if you want to become the winner in Black survival.



More than 20 players play on the grand size map along with more than 30 types of weapons. Interesting features are 3D graphics, live chat and auto shootings which is quite different from other battle games.


10.Last Battleground: Mech

A online mesh shooter game which is a 5V5 multiplayer offers the ultimate experience. You need to make perfect and different strategies along with tactics for survival in the battlefield. Various weapons and new mechs which keep on updating every week make it an amazing battle royal game.


Feeling bored than do give a try to any of the mentioned Battle Royale Games For android. Most of the games are multiplayer hence you and your friends can play together by communicating with voice chat. The best part of these games is that the fittest survivor wins this game that makes the perfect strategy and be competitive with the opponents and put all the efforts for survival in the battlefield.

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Top 20 Android Apps for Rooted Devices

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Android world has changed with time and becomes a part of regular routine will more involvement of people. It has much better functions than earlier and you will be able to get the root access easily. Here is the list of top 20 Android Apps for Rooted Devices which really can help to make your Android phone in better and best one.


One of the best-rooted apps which help in keeping the battery life for a long duration and provide a good backup. A perfect solution for the lagging issue even if your phone has low RAM even then you can go for this app without hesitation.

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This app is suitable for those who flash most of the things like ROM and other formats such as ZIP or CWM. Also, gives a nice back up to the whole device and recovering the things by using SD card. The app is free till three flashes and for the better experience, you can go for the paid version.

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3.Lucky Patcher

This is a popular app and uses the term “Patching” and helps in removing the unnecessary ads from the games while playing. Also, you become able to get access to those apps which have in-app purchases in a few minutes.

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4.Titanium Backup

Known as an amazing app which is useful in order to backing up the data including freeze apps also, separates the bloatware. This app is must to avoid any data loss in your android phone.

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This app works as a recycle bin where all the accidentally deleted files can be restored easily without the bar to the number of the files.

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It works and controls the smartphone with the provided command. This app runs smoothly and while rooting the device.

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This app is best for controlling the audio. It controls the sounds of the output devices like Bluetooth or other devices which you connect to the phone. This app has a built-in sound recorder which improves the quality of the sound.

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8.Xposed Framework

This app is useful to customize the device and improves the speed and changes the overall appearance of the Android including remapping of the buttons and themes.

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9.BuildProp Editor

A total worth app which provides a complete solution while building a property file in including editing. It makes this complex task easy and improves the performance of the device.

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10.Smart Booster

This amazing app boosts the performance of the smartphone in an effective way and makes them faster with its outstanding features.

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11.DPI Changer

DPI is known as Pixels per inch. This is a measurement which tells the quality of the display of the phone. If you want to change or improve it then you need to download this wonderful app which will completely change the visual experience for your android smartphone.

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12.3C Toolbox

It is known as one of the best apps and its excellent features make it a perfect app. Various functions such as battery backup, CPU Control, automated back-ups including other functions can be performed without any inconvenience.

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13.Root Explorer

With the help of Root Explorer you can easily get access to the zip folders, text documents and many more. Because of its fantastic features, this app is popular and known as the best solution for the Android root users.

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14.Hosts Editor

This app makes sure for the android users to make them able to block the access to the particular confidential and private website direct from the smartphone. This app is in a big demand at present.

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15.Boot Animations

If you are tired of watching the old animation on your phone whole rebooting than this app is definitely for you. It provides new animation every single time whenever you reboot the device. It can be easily downloaded from the play store and it will give the best animations which you will enjoy and wait to see another when reboot.

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16.Disk Digger

This is a fantastic app for rooted and unrooted phones. It helps in locating and finding the deleted files. It provides the ultimate solution while finding out the deleted things from the Android phones.

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17.Full Screen

Few smartphones do not have full screen features. For them, Full-Screen app is a perfect solution and provides various options and makes everything in full screen. This is a really amazing app which provides the better experience of watching anything on your smartphone with full enhancement.

18.Kernel Adiutor

This app takes care of the excellent features of the CPU of the smartphone and keeps everything in place. Various tasks can be performed with Kernel Adiutor including GPU frequency, monitoring CPU voltage or frequency and low memory diminishing functions. This app is best for all the phone rooters.

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19.Device Control

This particular app is best if you want to improve the functioning of the smartphone in an efficient manner. This app is reliable and effective as well. It offers various features such as Device Control and handles the hardware issues. It strongly creates control on the phone and helps in configuring the CPU and the GPU frequencies in the best possible way.

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20.ROM Toolbox

This app is one of the best apps to figure out the finishing procedure of the ROM installation. Everyone is aware of the excellent customization options which are provided by the ROM of an OS but it is quite difficult to find out the installation of ROM. To avoid this situation, ROM Toolbox offers a complete solution and ensures about the proper installation of ROM.

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Rooted apps have changed a lot with the time and come as the best thing for the phones. Looking for the best rooted apps for Android phones then do try the mentioned apps which may offer a Great experience and complete solution to you. Most of the apps also work for un-rooted phones. They are completely useful also depends on the individuals preferences. These apps will help to make your Android phone more handy and perfect.
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5 Best Offline Dictionary Apps for Android Users (2018 Edition)

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A dictionary is very helpful to learn a new language or to understand the meaning of difficult words. In the modern era, print dictionary has gone non-existent. There is no need to carry a small or large heavy dictionary anywhere. Everyone, a child to adult have access to their android phones at all times. A dictionary is now available in all android phones apps. You can use the app to find the meaning for any word using your smartphone. With the help of a smartphone app a dictionary is at your disposal at all times.
A dictionary is a must-have for all smart phone users. Whether you are a student, a job seeker, a job holder, a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a parent or any other profession, an offline dictionary app is there for all. No need to stay connected on internet to access the dictionary, we have great offline dictionary apps to help you learn a new language or meaning of difficult words.

These are some of the best offline dictionary apps available for all the android users:


With a database of more than 2000,000 definitions and synonym, it is rated 4.6 out of 5 ratings from more than 800K users. The apps comes with a number of special features and is the leading offline dictionary app for Android users. When you install the app, you can access the database without the need to have the connection to the internet. You can use the app offline. It has amazing features in-built like word of the day, articles, blogs, and new grammar rules. There is also a feature to use voice search and pronunciation options when you are connected on the internet.

2.Dictionary Merriam Webstar

This dictionary is a reliable offline dictionary app for android users. It is also used by IOS users. This app comes with a wide range of features such as synonyms, antonyms, definitions, word of the day, words puzzles, and much more. All the features can be availed on an offline mode after you have successfully installed the app on your smart phone it is very helpful for the children and youth to take the vocabulary wizzes and puzzles to increase their knowledge proficiency. Moreover with every word meaning sentences are presented to show its usage. It is at the top trending list on the dictionary apps list.

3.Dictionary WordWeb.

This is yet another top rated dictionary app. It has features like synonyms, sentence examples, text productions, and antonyms. It is the best app to learn British, Americans and International English. The built-in built intelligent search option helps you to avoid mistakes while searching for the words. The app has a special feature to bookmark your favourite words, and access your recent search history.

4.Offline dictionary by NGHS

This is a very useful dictionary app that can be used on an offline mode. It has a massive database with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence analysis. It is the best option for a dictionary because it is lightweight and consumes less battery. You can even install it on an external SD card. The built in text to speech feature is also available on this app. Another attractive feature of this offline dictionary app is that you can also learn other languages like German, French and Spanish from the app.

5.U dictionary- the best English Learning Dictionary.

This dictionary app is usable when you do not have any internet connection also. The special feature of the app is that you can copy a sentence or word within the app and get an instant translation in your language. The search option helps you to find the words meanings easily and it can be filtered alphabetically. The app also has a voice search and pronunciation help feature.
A dictionary in the best way to learn a language. To surpass the days of carrying a dictionary at all times, the new modern era of app dictionary has taken over the world. You can learn new words, antonyms, synonyms and even the sentence usage in few simple clicks on these dictionary apps. Once they are downloaded successfully on your android phones you need not even have internet connection to use them. They can be used effectively offline.
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50 Wedding Shoe Game Questions You Need to Ask

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Wedding involves a series of ceremonial activities and asks for a careful planning of various events. Varied cultures have their own customs and rituals; however, they have one thing common among them, which is celebrations and fun quotient. Wedding occasions are enjoyed to the same level as much as they are loved by the wedding couples. And to up the fun quotient, various wedding games are added to the wedding occasion.

Wedding games make the gatherings much more fun for newlyweds and for the guests. It is quite evident by observing various cultures around the globe that majority of the cultures imbibes certain wedding games into the wedding occasion. These wedding games are usually played by newlyweds once all the wedding rituals and ceremonies are over and provide an opportunity for them and the guests to have some fun and frolic. As wedding ceremonies can get really hectic and tiring at times, these wedding games offer a great way to unwind and relax, and are a great fun fillers. And wedding shoe game is one such entertaining fun game.

Wedding Shoe Game

  • Wedding shoe game is played by newlyweds. They are made to sit on chairs back-to-back at the center of the venue in such a way that they cannot see each other. Bride and the groom are supposed to exchange one of their shoes with each other and hold it in their hands along with one of their own shoes. Questions which have been prepared in advance and written on a piece of paper are asked to the newlyweds by the caller.These questions start with “Who” and the newlyweds raise the shoe depending on the tendencies of which one the question pertains to. For instance, if the question says who is calmer, each one of them will raise the shoe as an answer to who they think is calmer according to them. The newlyweds cannot see each other’s response as they are sitting back to back. The main idea of this game apart from being played for fun is to see how well they understand each other. The caller should keep a record of the answers that get answered same to be shared with bride and the groom for fun sake.
  • You can time wedding shoe game post-dinner when everyone is satiated and look forward to head for the dance floor. The game should be fun filled session of around 10 minutes with 20 to 25 questions in all. As most exciting part of the wedding shoe game is the questions, it is really important to frame general and not too much personal questions. You can add a little more fun to the game by inviting guests to participate in framing questions. However, you should plan ahead and allow sufficient time to filter out the inappropriate ones to maintain the decorum of the event. You may refer to the following list of question to consider including in your wedding shoe game.

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Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Round of questioning is the most exciting part of wedding shoe game. Involvement of the guests makes the game more exciting. Guests should be invited and encouraged to make suggestions and the person in charge should coordinate the activity by compiling and screening the questions to filter out the inappropriate ones.
  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who is more romantic?
  3. Who loves to cook the most?
  4. Who plans the dine-outs?
  5. Who was first to say “I Love You”
  6. Who calls up first in the mornings?
  7. Who likes to party the most?
  8. Who is good listener?
  9. Who talks more?
  10. Who gives presents often?
  11. Who is more punctual?
  12. Who is the better cook?
  13. Who loves gaming?
  14. Who spends more time on phone?
  15. Who remembers the event dates?
  16. Who is more knowledgeable?
  17. Who spends good amount time to dress smart?
  18. Who is more likely to be the early riser?
  19. Who is more likely to take more time to get ready?
  20. Who has got more friends?
  21. Who drives better?
  22. Who dances better?
  23. Who sings better?
  24. Who buys flowers often?
  25. Who is the better organizer?
  26. Who is more intelligent?
  27. Who is more fashion freak?
  28. Who is more likely to cook?
  29. Who is more tech freak?
  30. Who is more likely to take good amount of time while getting ready in the morning?
  31. Who cares the most?
  32. Who is more humorous?
  33. Who is fussier?
  34. Who often give excuses?
  35. Who likes to organize surprises?
  36. Who looks smarter?
  37. Who speaks a lot?
  38. Who has a rich sense of music?
  39. Who is better lover?
  40. Who is better planner?
  41. Who is better at reasoning?
  42. Who is more likely to love kids more?
  43. Who is more likely to go grocery shopping?
  44. Who is better at the wheels?
  45. Who is closer to the nature?
  46. Who has got bigger collection of shoes?
  47. Who is more sober during parties?
  48. Who loves to go on long drives?
  49. Who has got beautiful smile?
  50. Who is more likely to fall asleep first in the night?

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As mentioned earlier, you can involve guests to put up questions just to make the event a more entertaining. Wedding shoe game makes the wedding atmosphere filled with fun and frolic. To ensure that the game stays entertaining as planned, the caller or MC should be a person who loves to speak in public and is jovial in nature as the game should not look like a question hour session. The caller or MC should be capable of acting as an entertainer to keep the gathering amused and entertained.

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In that way, your wedding reception will stay as a wonderful memory in everyone’s mind. So, while doing a wedding planning, it is a good suggestion to add wedding shoe game as a fun filled event.
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How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game

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Wedding is one of the exciting moments in a couple’s lives.It is a special moment that becomes life time memory and bride and groom, both do their best to make it a real memorable one.

Wedding is a family and friends affair where all come together and celebrate the occasion. Apart from ceremonial activities, wedding involves a lot of fun activities. To make wedding function an entertaining event, different wedding games are organized with bride and groom being at the center of the stage.

Wedding Games

  • Wedding means fun and frolic; not only for getting-married couple, but also for the guests at the wedding. It is a festive moment that not only becomes memorable to the bride and the groom; it also registers itself on the timelines of the guests. So much as it is an important event for the wedding couple; guests also look forward to attending wedding function to bless the newlyweds and to have an entertaining event.
  • Wedding games are often included in a wedding event to add some fun element to the otherwise ceremonial atmosphere. Such games are usually played once all the ceremonies are over and it is a fun and relaxing time for newlyweds as well as for the guests. Therefore, generally the occasion of playing wedding games is on wedding reception when all attendees are in for an entertaining gathering. And wedding games offer great opportunity to keep everyone entertained. One of such fun wedding games is Wedding Shoe Game.

Wedding Shoe Game

A real entertainer, wedding shoe game is played by bride and the groom and offers hilarious moments that makes the wedding reception a great event. The basic idea of this game is how much the couple understands each other, in a fun way.
Setting the Stage

The fun game is played by newlyweds. Two chairs are placed back to back on the dance floor or middle of the venue for you and your partner to sit on. Both of you should sit in such a way that neither of you can see other. And let the fun begin, take off your shoes and exchange one with your partner so that each one of you is having one shoe of your partner. That way you should be having one shoe of yours and one shoe of your partner in your hands.

The Caller

The caller, an emcee or MC will do the honors of asking questions to you and your partner. You may ask any of your guests to act as MC or you can request any of your relatives to do the call up questions. However, you need to ensure that whosoever is acting as a caller should be confident and comfortable enough of speaking out in public and be a little humorous in nature.


Preface to the fun time; questions are framed and written down to be asked by the caller or MC to the newlyweds. These questions are and should be of closed-ended ones that start with “Who” such as who made the first move? Framing questions in such a way cuts short the time taken for explaining answers.You preplan the question or can even invite guests to write questions to make it a more fun thing. The calling session should start with general questions that may get little personal afterwards.


This is the real fun part with one shoe of yours and another one of partner’s in your hands. Upon asking a question by the caller, you have to raise your shoe if the question relates to you or your partner’s shoe if it is otherwise. You would not get to know the answers as you would be sitting faces opposite. However, you will be able to gauge them from reactions of the guests. To make it and keep it an entertaining session, you and your partner should not know what questioned are supposed to be asked beforehand.

Gaming Tips

  • You should keep the questions general and simple towards start of the game and may ask little personal questions down the line. However, questions should be clean and in good taste considering a family gathering.
  • Keep it a fun activity of 10-15 minutes with around 25 to 30 questions.
  • Ensure that the caller or MC is an outgoing personality who is comfortable in public speaking and can add fun element while doing the calling. You should prepare a real volunteer to the role of the caller or MC who is willing to act it out rather than just reading out questions.
  • If you are planning to seek questions from the guests, then you are supposed to ensure that questions are appropriate and clean by filtering out the questions. And you need to provide note cards on the guest tables for guests to write down wedding game questions.
  • You should keep a track of how many questioned are answered the same for newlyweds to know as a fun thing.

Wedding games like wedding shoe game add another dimension to the fun during the wedding. And are planned for the day of wedding reception as newlyweds are done with a series of ceremonies and are relaxed; the same goes for the family and relatives of the bride and groom.

Wedding reception is a wedding event where everyone looks forward to relax and enjoy and timing wedding games such as wedding shoe game is a right thing to plan on this day.

The ideal timing to start wedding shoe game can be just after the dinner and before the dancing session. You can play wedding shoe game right after the dinner while dance floor is getting ready for you to groove to the music.

So, you can make your wedding reception a great entertaining affair by playing wedding shoe game that will surely go down the memory lane as fun memories, for you as well as for the guests. A thoughtful planning can make it a real fun filled event.
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How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone

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A popular messaging along with video calling applications, WhatsApp has been widely popular in usage by numerous people across the world. Most people would be requiring the application for business and personal usage. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that several official discussions on WhatsApp may be required to be recorded.

People would look forward to recording the WhatsApp video call for a number of reasons. It could be related to:
  • Sharing the first glimpse of your child with your parents living far away
  • Sharing special moments with your loved ones at a distant land, and more
Regardless the reason for you to record your WhatsApp call, it would be pertinent to mention here that you should be able to save that special moment, thought or discussion. The WhatsApp video call recorder would be your best bet for capturing special moments.

Let us delve on the question how to record whatsapp calls on iphone. You would be requiring the best application for your WhatsApp call recording needs. However, you would need to follow detailed steps on how to record WhatsApp video calls in a hassle free manner.

Recording WhatsApp video calls on iPhone

The IOS 11 has been known to entail a WhatsApp video call iPhone recorder. As a result, you would be required to learn about recording the iPhone screen.

Find below few imperative steps for recording the iPhone screen.
  • In order to add the screen to your include list, you would need to click on the + symbol, which is place adjacent to Screen Recording.
  • When setting up the application has been complete, in order to record the WhatsApp call in iPhone, you would be required to click on the Control Centre. It could be done by swiping the home screen of your iPhone.
  • You need to click on the Screen Recording button and wait for three seconds for the recording to begin. After that, you would be able to launch your WhatsApp application on the iPhone. You need to locate the contact who you intend to make a video call and call him or her directly.
  • In order to record audio when recording WhatsApp video call on iPhone, it is imperative that you press the screen recording button deeply along with clicking on the Microphone Audio as well.
  • The red colored bar on the top of the screen needs to be tapped and pressed for stopping the recording process.

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Usually, users would have their own preferences when it comes to recording WhatsApp video calls. It would primarily be based on their situation, kind of device and more. However, in event of you looking forward to making the most of high resolution video that could be customized according to your needs and offering plethora of editing options, you should search for the right application suitable to your specific needs and requirements.

Application to be user-friendly

The call recorder application should be second to none. It should provide you with the best features that are user-friendly for all kinds of customers, tech savvy or not. The high-end screen recording software should be specifically designed to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone. It should be able to offer you with several user-friendly features enabling the users to record WhatsApp conversations in the best manner possible. The application should be designed keeping in mind the convenience of the user.

The application should be designed for iOS users. However, it could also be used for other available devices as well that are powered by iOS. It would be inclusive of iPads, iPods and iPhones. In event of you being interested in recording WhatsApp calls with the best in business application, you should look forward to downloading the application from the official website and follow the recommended steps for its installation.

A wide majority of call recorder applications would be available for Android phones. Therefore, you should be prudent to search for the ones that offer call recording feature to both iPhones and Android phones.

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