8 Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives 2019

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Wayback machine is something which gives you the power to see the history of a website of content. Wayback machine is a term generally known to only those who manage a website or own a website. In simpler words, it is something that provides you with the access to a digital archive of the internet or the world wide web.

Not only this but also Wayback machine lets you see the entire history of a website. You can actually look at how a website looked or what content it had from 1996 to today. You can judge the differences and also see what success websites did in the past to become what they are today and apply the same principles and actions on your websites to make it as successful as you want it to be.

Moreover, Wayback machine lets you access the archived digital content of the websites even if the content is no longer present on the website itself. This machine stores the history of over 10 billion websites and can help you look at how your a website looked back in time through various snapshots from the past.

If you are an individual who is a businessman and would like to see deleted content of a website which you look upon, what you need to do is, take help of the Wayback machine and look into the modified contents of the website and decide your business strategies accordingly. Now, there are very few chances of the archives.org going down but if anyhow it does go down, here is the list of top 8 alternatives to wayback machine.


This is one of the oldest and the best alternatives you can find to the wayback machine. Regardless being considerably old, it is still used the most by people because of its user-friendly interface and the ability to justice to what its purpose is.

Archive.is is considered to be a time capsule of web pages, it can even let you access the snapshots of web pages from the websites which do not even exist anymore on the world wide web. But when it comes to archived web pages, this is something you might not want to turn up to.

When you visit the Archive.is, you find two search bars. The first one is for searching for websites, codes, and snapshots whereas the second one lets you share and download them for future use.


This is another best alternative of Wayback machine. Screenshots.com is called the time machine in the world of archive content from different websites as it lets you access the screenshots of over 250 million websites.

If you are in to see how exactly a website looked like in the past, screenshots.com can let help you do. The only thing which you can't do while being on this website is that it does not allow you to see codes and code related stuff. This site offers you something which is not allowed to you by any other wayback machine alternative as it allows you to zoom the screenshots of your websites and have a clearer look for your research.

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This is something which lets you find out every information about a website whether it is currently existing or not. As a result of its WHOIS service, you find information about hosting and IP address used by a website in a particular span of time. If you feel the need to get your hands on the insides of a website or more, DomainTools is the thing of use.

It also makes available to you a number of screenshots from websites which have changed with time. Furthermore, it makes you aware of how these websites looked in the past. If you want information from a site which does not exist in the present, DomainTools is even to capable of providing you with screenshots of that website as well.


This is yet another highly effective alternative of wayback machine, but it offers you slightly different information about a website than that of the wayback machine. Just as the wayback machine provides you with archived web pages and snapshots of different websites, iTools provides you with information about the popularity and traffic witnessed by the desired website.

Even the database of another alternative of the wayback machine, Alexa is accessed through iTools. Not only information about popularity and traffic but also it gives you information about the competitors of the desired website.

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Alexa doesn't need any introductions. It is owned and governed by Amazon.com and is very famous for obvious reasons. It is fully capable of giving you the exact information about a website required by you. Alexa can give information so detailed that it even includes the browsing data of the desired website.

What is special about Alexa is that it can give you information about the website’s ranking and keyword research. This information can turn out to be very useful for someone who is new in the website business and want the research to be done beforehand and not after developing the website. If you are someone who would want to have exact information needed to take a website to the very top, Alexa is your way to go.

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Just like Google, PageFreezer uses crawling technology. It has an automated feature for capturing screenshots of the different website to make their information available to you. There are a number of services that it provides you which can help you to expand your business.
PageFreezer helps you with a digital signature, live browsing, legal evidence, data export, and web page comparison. These features of PageFreezer come on so handy that you can build your website around these and reach the rank you want for your website.

Stillio Automatic Screenshots

As its very name suggests, it is another automated screenshot service. What you can do using Stillio is that you can take regular screenshots of your desired websites to keep a track of the activities. Stillio is very easy to use and that becomes the reason for its wide acceptance among website owners or managers.

Stillio can help you with activity tracking, trend tracking, SEO tracking, website compliance, etc. if you are in for an alternative of wayback machine which you gives you an insight of the desired website, Stillio is the best place to be at.


Yubnub gives you the relevant business information about the desired website which can come in handy if you are a website owner or a person who wants to develop a website. It provides you with several commands which you can use to get different information off of different selected websites.

If you are in for something really cool and helpful, Yubnub is your way to go.

These were a few alternatives to wayback machine, we found apt to include in this list and we hope that this list helped you. With this list, now you can choose any of these alternatives and get your work done with great ease and efficiency. There are other alternatives as well, but we wanted to bring to you the best of the best, hence we formulated this list. We hope that this list was of use to you!
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How to say I love you on Valentine's Day?

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Valentine's day is around the corner and it's obvious that all of you are excited. Making your loved one happy is one of the most exciting but confusing tasks to do. Even if it's your first Valentine or you have spent a couple of Valentine's day together, celebrating this special day will make your love blossom. It is evident that you really have to put a little effort to bring a smile on your partner's face. So, we are here with many ideas that you can try to make your lover feel special and make this day a memorable one. Here are twenty-five ways to say “I Love You” to your partner through sweet gestures that will wonders.

A photo collage in a photo frame

There are so many moments that you have spent with your partner that you must have stored in pictures. You can compile each one of those into a beautiful photo frame and gift it to your lover as a symbol of love. The photos will keep your memories fresh and it will look like a lively gift.

Also, gift them a personalised pillow

A personalised gift is a wonderful way of expression your love and feelings to your partner. You can gift personalised cushion with the photo of yours in the cover that will also appear as a decorative accessory in your room.

Heart shaped chocolate or muffins

If your partner is very fond of chocolates or has a craving for sweet stuff, you should consider making them happy by offering them heart-shaped chocolates or muffins. It will also look adorable and keeping each other's choices in mind will look like that you care for them.

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Write them as many possible reasons why you love being around them

We often forget to tell our loved ones their importance in our lives and why we actually adore them. It is true that you definitely need words to express your love to someone. You can think of numerous ways in which you can tell your partner why they are special or what's their importance in your life so that you can relive old memories and definitely strike a chord in their heart. In a world full of WhatsApp and emails, you should go the old school way and write them a special Valentine's Letter.

Cook their favourite food and give it a short message

Here's how to impress your partner if you have got some cooking skills. You can cook a sweet dish or any of their favourite dishes to make your Valentine's day sweeter. Everyone loves when someone puts up some effort to keep them happy and words are never enough sometimes to express all the love and affection. Cooking a favourite dish is an excellent way of clearly telling someone that you love them. Also, you can add a small note by jotting a few romantic lines.

Make a Valentine day card on your own and gift them

This Valentine's Day, you can test some of your creative skills by trying to make a card for your partner. You can add some of your ideas and prepare a beautiful card for them. Although it sounds old school and people usually buy some trendy and large cards on this day, but handmade cards always hold a special place in everyone's heart.

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Offer your favourite playlist to them

Music is an excellent way of connecting with another person and creating a sound bond. If you know that your partner is a music lover, you can make a playlist of your own and gift them. It might help you establish a good bond with your partner over a playlist.

Give them a bouquet

A bouquet to your partner on Valentine's day is possibly one of the most romantic gifts. Although many call it overrated but being gifted flowers in today's era is a privilege and is one of the most beautiful ways of portraying your love to someone. If your partner is not fond of roses, you can gift them orchids or daisies that will appear pretty as well.

Give them a bouquet of chips and chocolates

If you feel a bouquet of flowers is very common, you can try something unusual. You can wrap chips and chocolates together and make it a beautiful bouquet. Your partner will surely be surprised and love your hard work.

Plan a romantic candlelight dinner

Surprises! Who doesn't like getting surprises, that too on Valentine's day? You can arrange a fine candle night dinner beforehand and give them a surprise. You can look for a nice restaurant which offers some good food so that you can enjoy some quality time with one another. You can also go that cliché, yet romantic way by pouring your heart out to them. Or you could just go to a beach or a serene place to enjoy a few peaceful moments with one another.

Simply plan a romantic movie date

If you both are a movie buff, you can plan a movie date instead. For this, you two could go to the movie hall or simply arrange a movie date in any one of your places. On your movie date, you two can watch any romantic movies or any other genre that you both have in common. This will indeed make your bond stronger and you will really be happy by the end of the day.

Gift them a romantic novel

An ideal gift for a bookworm is that you gift them a book and is a nice way of saying that you love them by thinking about their likes and dislikes. You can also add a bookmark with a heart shape that will look even more romantic. While gifting a book, make sure to select the ones that are going to add a value to the life of your partner.

Or Read out a romantic poem to them

Reading out a poem is one of the most romantic ways of portraying that you actually love someone. You can undoubtedly create the ambience of love through poetry. You could write one if you are fond of writing poetry or you can read out any one of the famous poems by a well-known poet. This will enhance your bond and your partner will like it if they are fond of poetry.

Make a gift basket

Purchase some of your partner's favourite stuff and pack it accordingly and make a gift basket. It's obvious that everyone likes getting gifts and these can turn out to be a wonderful way to show your love to someone. A gift basket can look really cute if wrapped in a proper way.

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Plan a trip to a favourite spot

Imagine going to a place amidst nature with your loved one and spending some time alone! Wouldn't that be great? You can say “I Love You” to someone and make it memorable by going to a favourite spot while watching the sunset or searching for a cosy spot in a park. This will do wonders and make your day a special one.

Gift them a portrait sketch of yours

If you think photographs are too cliché, you can ask someone to sketch a portrait of yours and gift it to them. If you are an avid artist, you can give a try at this and make the moment of a picture even more beautiful. A sketch will always prove to be more special as it involves more efforts and love. Try going in an old era this Valentine's!

Go stargazing with them

Isn't going stargazing with your partner one of the most romantic stuffs you two could possibly do together? The wide sky filled with stars will be the evidence of your love. There are many spots that provide stargazing to couples. Or you can just plan nearby in a terrace or in any convenient ground and enjoy such time. These kinds of gestures are sufficient to showcase your love and these little adventures are sure to keep any relationship healthy and intact.

Try saying it in a different language

Saying “I Love You” in English or in any language that you two use commonly is rather too boring. One interesting thing you can do is learn a bit of a new language such as French, German or Arabic or any of your choices and impress your partner. You can convey your love in a completely different language and it will sound so cool! Or you can even choose to write in a binary language for fun.

Try giving an award

The best thing to do this Valentine's Day is to gift your spouse an award and also express why you think they are eligible for the award. This will be a bit humorous and an enchanting moment for you both. You can also print out a certificate for them to make it look more authentic. It's an interesting way to showcase your love for them.

Write with the help of coffee art

Coffee art is so incredibly beautiful. Ever wondered that you can create it at home? You can easily learn to make a coffee art from any YouTube tutorial and easily surprise your spouse. It will be a loving gesture early in the morning and you can make a coffee art with your latte with cinnamon and Cocoa powder to serve it with breakfast.

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Make a scrapbook

Do you want to trace the important events of your life that you spent with your partner from the first day that you met till today? If yes, then considering making a scrapbook in a creative way as this will be the most valuable gift for your partner to show that you love them. You can record every special moment in a detailed manner and paste pictures of yours and write sweet messages along with it to convey how much they mean to you. You can also add silly dialogues to it to make it look more special.

Write it on Facebook or any social media

Social media has become an important part of our lives and posting special lines about your love story is an exciting gesture to show that you love your partner. You can write a long post about them and add pictures to it and surprise them with the same. Posting on social media has become quite essential and it's more like shouting from a rooftop to the entire world.

Blog about it

If you want to portray your love in a grand way on social media, you can create a blog about it. Write a narrative or a love letter to your spouse which will be a great idea to make them feel special. Or prepare a list of things that make him/ her so special to you and what you like the most about your relationship.

Bake a cake

You can bake a cake instead of buying it which will make it a more special way of conveying your love to your partner. You can bake a cake of their favourite flavour and leave a note behind giving a love message. This will be an incredible way to celebrate your Valentine's day.

This Valentine's Day, try out new ideas and make it one of your most memorable days with these ideas and try to make your relationship a more special one. These ideas will not fail to surprise your partner and they will appreciate the efforts you've made. These are few easy steps to showcase your love for your loved one, so hurry and prepare for your Valentine.

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Top 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Daughter

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A mother is someone who can take place of all others but whose place no one can take. No matter how much one gets old but the need of mother always remain same. Mother’s love is eternal and no one can love you the way she does. Daughters are always close to their mothers. They share a lifetime bond of laughter, smiles, worry and tears. Rather than mother and daughter they share a relation of friendship. Mother’s day is a very special day and every mother deserves a token of love. So here are few ideas that can be followed up to make your mother’s Mother Day special:

10. Handmade Items

Handmade gifts are always special. No costly gift can be compared to a handmade gift. A daughter can prepare a card or any other handmade item and decorating it to make it more beautiful. Your mother will surely love a handmade gift as she can see through the effort you put in preparing that gift. There are many online ideas as well for handmade gifts. You can make popup boxes or a card or something according to your mother’s choice.


9. Wallet or A handbag


Women are very fond of handbags and wallets. You can gift one to your mother as well. This gift will be very useful for your mother as she can carry it with herself whenever she will go out. Handbags are basically big in size and more spacious. Wallets are small and handier. Wallets and handbags come in varied colors, sizes and designs. You can buy any out of these according to your mother’s preferences and choices.


8. Jewellery


Another favorite item of a woman is jewellery. No women can resist buying jewellery though everyone have different choices in that. You can choose out of different jewellery items like a neck piece, earrings, choker, bracelet, ring or anklet. You can select any item as per your mother’s preferences. Also you have to look that whatever you buy should be in your budget. Also if you have a high budget then you can go for gold or silver jewellery as well.


7. Cosmetics

You can gift your mother her favorite cosmetic item of her favorite brand. There are various cosmetic options like lipsticks, eyeliner, highlighter, eye shadow palette, concealer or any other item whichever she likes the most. She must be having a favorite brand as well. So you should see that you gift her favorite cosmetic item of her favorite brand. This gift will help in making her even more beautiful.


6. Flowers


Women love flowers and some of them also believe that there is no better gift than flowers. Flowers give a refreshing feel and can be used to decorate her room as well. So if your mother has a craze about flowers then you should surely get her flowers. Your mother may love flowers more than any other gift. Flowers are always the best way to express your emotions. They are always a perfect gift for any occasion.


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5. Watch


Another amazing gift can be a watch. If your mother is very fond of watches or she needs a new one then you should surely gift her new watch. The brand of the watch depends upon your budget. Make sure that you choose the watch according to your mother’s choice. She might like a strap watch or maybe a chain watch. So you should firstly make sure that which one do she like more and then go for that. Also you should see that what kind of dial does she likes. There are options of varied sizes of dials.


4. Personalized Gifts

You can get a personalized gift for her as well. A personalized gift can be a cushion with your mother’s pictures or pictures of both of you together. Also it can be a mug with pictures all around it or it can be a photo frame. It depends upon your choice and availability of such gifts that what you get.


3. Perfume


You can gift your mother her favourite fragrance or any perfume of your choice. This will make her smell good. Also there are some women who love perfumes and do not even leave without applying perfume. So if your mother is one of them then you should surely go for a perfume.


2. Antique Piece

Some women are very fond of antique pieces as well. If your mother is fond of or have good knowledge of antiques then you can surely gift her one. Also it depends that whether you can get a good one or not. You should go for this option if you have the source to procure a required antique piece. The showpiece would also help in decorating your home.



You can gift a beautiful dress to her if you know her size. The dress can be of her favourite colour or brand. Even if it is not of her favourite brand or colour, there are no issues. The only thing that matters is that it should be liked by her. A daughter always knows her mother choice so there would be no problem in getting a dress of her choice. You can have many choices in dress, as there are different styles, colours, length or design. You should make sure that you should buy a dress that your mother will be comfortable in wearing.


These are the top 10 Mother’s day gifts for mothers from daughters. Mother’s day is a very special day for mothers. You should make sure that you surely do something to make it more special. Your little effort can put a big smile on your mother’s face and nothing is more beautiful than seeing your loved one happy. Mothers contribute whole their lives just to make sure that you come out to be a good person so if you get a chance to make her happy on mother’s day, never lose that chance. Mother’s are very special and make sure that you make her day special.

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3 Ways that Can Boost The Performance Of Your Google Chrome Browser

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Google Chrome is a crucial tool for a lot of us, but it’s not perfect. A downfall in performance is one of the criticisms often levelled in opposition to the browser. If you want to instantly improve the velocity of Chrome and the sites you’re travelling without delving too dark into its inner workings, you should locate this guide to be extraordinarily beneficial.

You should always keep in mind to update your Chrome to the most advanced version and also checking up for viruses, this will surely help boost your chrome's performance.

Here are three settings that can make your Google Chrome run faster than ever.

1 Get rid of useless extensions

This might be an apparent tip, but it’s really worth emphasizing– particularly due to the fact quite a few add-ons may not be visible on the toolbar. You may have forgotten many extensions that you may have installed. Extensions can prove quite useful but if you pile up your browser with the extensions you don't use then your chrome will surely become slow. Getting rid of ones you now not want is right for browser safety in addition to increasing overall performance.

Disabling extensions might help you a little bit but if you really want to make a big difference try uninstalling them. To view a list of the extensions available you can go to More Tools and then Extensions from the menu. This will give you a list of extensions available.

2 Run plug-ins most effective when you want them

Chrome plug-ins run content from the net, inclusive of Adobe Flash among others. The trouble is the plugins usually operate in the background while you are working on other things, taking over CPU cycles and RAM and lagging down Chrome.

It is best to modify the setting so that you can tell Chrome when to run these plugins. In order to do that, click on the Chrome Menu button present at the top right of the browser and choose Settings then to Show advanced settings and then Content settings, lastly scroll further to the Plug-Ins section. Pick out "Let me choose when to run plugin content" and click on Done, finally you are good to go.

From then on, the plug-ins might not run mechanically within the background. When you see content that desires a plugin it's going to appear like a puzzle piece sort of shape. Right-click on it, then select "Run this plug-in" in order to see the content properly, this will enable the plugin.

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3 Choose to start fresh

Lots of human beings choose to begin Google Chrome with the identical tabs that were open in the previous session. In case your web browser is already slowing down and ingesting up all your RAM on a previous consultation, what makes you believe that restarting the browser with the equal memory hogging session will resolve the trouble?

That’s why you need to begin Chrome with a clean slate. Check your task manager when you open Chrome with all the preceding session’s tabs. It can without difficulty absorb up to 3GB of RAM. Don't make this mistake and end all operations at once.

When you are not using a tab, just close it. It’s taking on precious space that you can use for other purposes. This may have a terrible effect on the performance of your PC. If your Chrome tabs are overloaded then it can slow down the working of chrome. It's understandable if you open up 30 tabs while you are working. But in case you’re not using them for work and there is no use. By closing a single tab, you free up some space that can help the active tabs work faster and in a smooth manner

The above-compiled list is the top 3 setting that you can make to run your Google Chrome faster. There are a lot of other methods too but these are the most useful ones. Do not bear the pain of working on a slow browser, do something about it. If your browser is slow it will take a lot of time to get things done, your browser may get lagged repeatedly and this might lead to irritation.

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Top 10 Franchise business in India

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Not everyone gets satisfied with their traditional job roles and the work culture of working under someone else. Some people just have that zeal to do something on their own and be the one’s own boss. At some point in everybody’s career, they just feel like having their own business and while thinking about business, franchise automatically comes to their mind if they have huge funds to invest and are optimistic. The franchise business has higher chances of success than the new start-ups because of their already established market reputation.

The top 10 franchise business form where you can start with, in India are:


This chain of restaurants tops the list with almost 39,600 outlets in the world. Due to its high popularity and demanded they are common amongst people who want to take the franchise and do their own business. Before taking the franchise, the training is provided in Hamburger University. For taking up the franchise of McDonald’s, your investments will generally range from $1 million to $2.3 million. The initial agreement is for 20 years and the outlets are authorized to sell only McD’s products.


Abbreviated for Kentucky's Fried Chicken, this entity is famous all over the world for its amazing variety of food offered. It strengthens for around 20605 branches worldwide. This famous entity is currently focusing upon increasing the variety of food offered and hence, is attracting lots of media attention and hence the collaborations by entrepreneurs. It also offers the initial contract of 20 years and requires an investment of around $1.3-$2 million

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Baskin Robbins

This ice cream selling outlet is famous for its lip-smacking ice creams and other frozen food items. It has around 7730 outlets and is famous for having close bonds with all the franchise owners along with the hardcore training on its operations to increase its profitability. The investment requirements for the franchise of this outlet is around $1.03-$3.88 million. The franchise is strictly allowed to sell only authorized products by the brand and seek permission for any other activity to be organized.


This training and development center for children is the leading entity offering quality education 15-and training amongst them. It requires the investment of 15-16 lakhs INR and a floor of around 3000 sq. feet. This organization has imparted knowledge amongst to more than 4,50,000 kids and has around 1700 franchises. The theme of their curriculum is grooming the innate skills of the child and it is required to take proper training of the curriculum for its effective operations.

Pizza Hut

This Italian based pizza and pasta provider entity is offering the franchises from 1959 and is very famous among investors. It is very famous due to the taste and quality of food provided and currently has the largest market share of pizza restaurants. There are 16,140 units of these restaurants all around the world and it requires a considerable investment of around $2.1 million. It has a positive image in the minds of the people due to the smooth working and successful operations in the shop. The outlets are monitored by a manager who has completed the training program. The contract of this outlet will require you to abide by lots of rules and regulations and the non-disclosure agreement of the company’s information.

Domino’s Pizza

This food chain of famous pizzas and kinds of pasta in unique Italian flavors has gained the popularity over a period of time because of its effective operations and great taste. The contract for its outlet is of 10 years which can be renewed. The training period required is only 3 days training on the actual work setup. The franchises are only required to sell the authorized products of the brand which can be updated by the franchiser anytime they want to.


This is the best franchise to be taken in the world of people who want to eat healthier food with less calorie outside their homes. This sandwich restaurant is famous with its 44780 outlets around the world and you will also be provided with finance by the franchisor as a loan if a certain amount from the investment required around $4.6 lakhs is more for you. The training required is a tough one with minimum attendance requirements and percentage requirements of around 80% marks in the quiz and exams taken.

7 Eleven

This multi-product store has around 63000 outlets operating worldwide. The products offered by them are candies, dairy item, coffee, packed food etc. The major perk of this franchise is the simple model of sales and efficient functioning with the successful payment of royalty along with the pre-defined profit share. It also allows you to sell any other product of your choice with pre-written addition in the contract. The contract is of 10 years requiring the operation working costs of around $1.6 million. It is also required to complete 300 training hours before taking its franchise.


The 22 years old franchise business offering sales of footwear is extremely popular in the country with 600 franchise. Due to its quality products this brand has gained lots of popularity and amongst Indian consumers. The investment required for using the logo and brand of Khadim is around 20-30 lakhs with the training support provided to get good ROI. You will not face difficulties in selling and operating in this brand due to the continuous support provided by the franchiser.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This bakery cum food outlet selling baked cakes, donuts, pizzas and other food like croissants will definitely provide you with high profits because of its brand value amongst the coffee lovers. The investment required is around $1 million and it has 11940 franchise around the world. The brand provides 20 days initial training and a contract lasting 20 years. It also put restrictions on online sales and requires the franchise to sell only through the retail outlet.

These reputed franchise businesses have nearly taken over the world and have spread their wings to the land of opportunities– India. You can find the outlets of these franchises in a number of major cities across the country, thus having their respective positions in the economy of India. If you're someone who has always been into opening a franchise business, these options might come handy. However, do not forget to do a proper market research before you go for any of these businesses as the location is a crucial factor in determining the success of any business.

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