How To Access And Login To Asus Router Setup Page?

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For someone who is technologically challenged, this might sound a very big task at first. However, the face is that accessing and logging into the router page is very easy and all you need to do is follow some of the simple steps involved in the process. The Asus setup page is similar to the other router pages so you can follow these steps in other routers too.

Getting to the ASUS web interface is really easy and all you'll require is:

  • Access to the system, either through LAN-link or through a Wi-Fi. This is the most basic requirement that all users must fulfil.
  • An internet browser, which you have. Try to make sure the browser that you are using is up to date so that the process can be easily done. Many a time, old browsers do not accept the new settings of the site and that creates a problem.

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Following is the way to connect your ASUS router's interface for arrangements and configurations:

  • Ensure that you are properly connected with your ASUS router, either by ethernet link of over WiFi. If you're not connected with the system, you won't certainly achieve access to the interface.
  • Open your program and type the switch's IP address into the location field. The most widely recognised IP for ASUS switches is So, it is highly recommended for you to try this first.
  • If that IP address doesn't work, you can look through the default ASUS IP address list for your particular model, and how to make sense of your ASUS switch entryway IP address. You can find the particular IP address for the particular model easily on the web just by making a Google search.
  • The ASUS web-interface should open and request your username and secret key. In case you don't know about the username/secret key, you can take a look at the default ASUS qualifications in order to know what the defaults are.
  • If by any chance you have forgotten your password, then you can recover it through the process of hard reset. After the process of hard reset, all you need to do is set up a new password and your password will be restored to default settings.

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How to configure your Asus router:

Once you are in the panel, you have the liberty to make any change you see fit. If you are changing something, make sure to note all your old settings in order to restore them whenever necessary. Settings take up a lot of time to be managed sometimes and a better way to change settings is to keep the old ones saved first.

The ASUS switch web interface is the control board for your router. It's the place where every one of the settings is put away and changed. To make changes to your system, you'll have to log in to your ASUS router. Whenever you need to change network name, Username, DHCP client addresses and firewall setting, you would have to access the web interface.

In case you have any trouble accessing the router page, you can directly contact the customer service of Asus through various channels. Every user’s problem is valuable to Asus and they deal with every issue with utmost care and try to help you find a solution to your problem. There are tons of videos available on the web that can help you learn this easy task. By logging to the router page, you can make amendments in the functioning that may be very crucial for you.
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How to Set Up and Optimize Your Wireless Router?

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You got a new Wireless router to connect to the Internet for the first time, but you see it is not like taking it out of the box and directly plugging in the cable to get the wireless internet connection. You need to manually set up the wireless network and make sure you keep it secure enough so nobody could able to hack into it. It is not even hard to set up a wireless internet connection through the router if you follow this guide.

Also nowadays wifi manufacturers are taking every small step to make it easy with just a one-click installation and setup of the wifi router. Some manufacturers take even small steps to make it simple for customers like what Google Wifi is doing and working on providing a faster internet connection.

But always remember that, just because a manufacturer makes it simple for a consumer to just plug in the Internet cable to get faster wireless internet. It does not mean that it is secure and does not mean you cannot improve the performance or the range of wireless router to improve further.

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Selecting the Best Router

The main thing which connects your home to an Internet is the router. So it is always important for you to choose only the best Router that is available in the market. If you buy a router which is not capable enough to meet the current standards, you might end up in a less secure wireless router which could be easily hacked by random internet strangers and neighbors, who are smarter than you. Also, there are some routers available in the market which still supports WEP for security, WEP is known to be no longer secure and there are so many WIFI encryption protocols available in the market with routers.

Connecting to Internet
Now that you have selected the best router available in the market after comparing both the price and performance of the router, you can now follow some of the steps below.
  • Now You need to turn off your router
  • Then remove and disconnect the Ethernet cable from your PC
  • Now you should be able to connect the Ethernet cable to your Router
  • Now turn on the Router or Modem
  • Until all the lights stop blinking, Wait till that
  • Use your Ethernet cable to connect both the PC and router as a Bridge
  • Now Turn on Your PC!
If you are using any modern router, they could use DHCP to automatically assign an IP address so you will be able to connect yourself to the Internet.

But things cannot be said true if you are using an ISP supplied router, you need to configure the router which is being supplied by the ISP. You can able to set up to work as bridge mode which helps your router to do things on its own for handling everything.

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Accessing Management console

When you connect Router and PC with one another, you will be able to customize the router configuration based on that. Modern Routers allow you to manage the configuration panel just with a web browser or mobile applications, which also comes with Default IP address settings, administrator account ID and password management very easily. The default IP address also differs from other routers, so you please check up the Website to know more about it.
  • Open an Internet browser
  • Enter the Router IP address which you could find on your router or listed in the website of your router manufacturer
  • Enter in the browser and Enter it
  • From there it will ask you to enter your administrator username and password for you router, After Entering your Administrator username and password to authenticate yourself, now you will be able to access the Router’s management console.
If you could not able to find your Router IP Address, It is better for you to check out this page for a list of Router IP address from various Manufacturers like TP-Link, Cisco, D-Link, LinkSys, NetGear, Asus, Belkin and Billion
Keeping Yourself Secure!

One of the most important things to remember is changing the router’s default password, because the Neighbours are aware of the default Router ID and Password just by searching the Internet. It allows them to easily access and use your network, They could able to use scripts to attack you and track your internet activities using Open source Software widely available on the internet for Testing purposes. So to keep yourself secure and one step ahead than them, It is Important to make sure that you change your Default ID and password which came along with your router.

Also keep your modem firmware updated always which has been released by the manufacturer for your model. Keeping your modem firmware updated will help you prevent yourself from latest security threats and bugs. Also sometimes Modem Firmware brings performance Improvements too. Updates help you with Longevity of your product.

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Static IP Address Allocation

Some of the devices like Servers and printers needs to have a same IP address and you cannot let these devices changing their address continuously. You need to allocate and assign a static IP address for these kind of devices. You can able to do these by logging in to router management console and Head over to Lan Setup from there you will be able to make changes and assign IP address.

How to disconnect other user from a wifi Network

Enabling Static IP address

Now after following the above steps, you will have some IP address available. You should manually assign addresses to specific devices that need the static address. Allocate a Unique IP address, Network Subnet mask, Gateway address and DNS server address for the Network of your device. You will be able to use any address between and as an IP address. For the subnet mask it should be and also the Gateway and DNS address is the same as the router IP address. Also, make sure you never repeat the usage of static IP address which is being assigned already.

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Enabling your Wifi

You can now focus on setting up the Wireless network and please make sure that the computer is connected with network using a Ethernet cable. Never configure your wifi using wireless options as you will lose your connection after the setup is completed.
  • Navigate to router management console and select wireless setup
  • Enable the wireless network and also setup the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network based on your preferences in a Modern dual band routers.
  • Give a SSID name of your wireless network based on your choice.
  • Use the WPA2, WPA2-PSK or other modern encryption for your wifi network to keep yourself secured.
  • Do not use the Default encryption like WEP which is easy to be hacked!
  • Give a difficult password or key which is harder for anyone to guess or relate with

Now that you have done the above steps, you are already ready to be connected to internet.

Sharing data across home using Servers

One of the important things about setting up a home network and a strong key is the advantage of sharing data across Home. A server helps you to achieve this and many users do not make use of these features. Network Attached Storage helps you to achieve this by sharing data across the home. Many modern routers also allow to plug in USB storage devices like hard drives and printers to take advantage of Network for the variety of purposes. Just make sure, you have a strong password to keep yourself secure!
Additional Features of Your Router!

So many of the other features your router can do which helps you to make your network more secure and also improve its performance or range.Using the help of QoS you will be able to control network traffic, also connect media servers with the help of Plug and Play. You can do port forwarding, Dynamic DNS and Remote management with the help of your router.
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How To Reset Asus Wireless Router?

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If you are stuck in a situation where you don’t remember your password and you need to get it changed, then the best way to get out of this jam is to reset your wireless router. This process will just take a couple of minutes and then you are all set to make a new password. Every router has almost the same procedure for resetting a wireless router.

Many individuals are confused about the distinction between resetting a wireless device and rebooting it. Rebooting is the method of reusing the power by killing the gadget and back on again after a period. Resetting is deleting each arrangement and returning the whole switch to how it was from the manufacturing plant.

Here are the steps involved in the process of resetting a wireless router:

Stage 1:

  • Press and hold the reset button while the switch on.
  • Utilise a stick or sharp-directed pen towards the reset button and hold it for around 10-15 seconds.
  • The power pointer should begin to streak when reset is successful.
  • During the hard reset, the main power light will be on and after 1-2mins alternate lights will be back on. Ideally, there should be four lights on which are the ones for Power, Internet (Globe icon), 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
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Stage 2:

  • Connect your device to the remote name "ASUS" and set up the system.
  • When connected securely, you will be directed to switch setup page. If you don't see the page, you can physically go to by using your regular web browser.
  • The default username is "admin" and the default password is also "admin" whenever you try to log in.
  • Click "Go" at the base of the page to start the setup.

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Stage 3: New Password

  • You will be now redirected to set another password by entering admin as the secret key as the default password.
  • If you wish to set wish to set a password of your choice, you can go on and do that. If you in case forget the password, then you can go through the process of a hard reset of your Asus router again.
  • Snap on the "Next" catch to keep on setting up.
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Stage 4: New Wireless Setting

  • Go to "Wireless Setting" page, key in the system name (SSID) and network key (secret word) that you need for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. For example MyWireless_5G, MyWireless
  • Note: Please avoid setting exactly the same system name(SSID) for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In any case, arrange key can be the equivalent for both.
  • When you are set- a message will show up on the screen regarding the confirmation that you have changed the SSID.

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Stage 5: Connect to new system settings.

  • You need to click on the remote symbol on your gadget to interface with the new remote name (SSID) and key in the system key (password) which you set earlier.
  • Once connected with the new remote name, you should try opening a webpage so as to make sure that the connection is established.

If you experience any kind of difficulty resetting your gadget, kindly don't hesitate to contact the Customer Care Support. The whole purpose of customer care is to help people with their problems and they are open 24x7. If you don’t want to use this method, you can also check out the forums on the official website which can be of great help. You can also drop a mail to the Asus customer care service and they would surely get back to you. The last resort is to see various demonstrations shown in the videos that are available on the web.
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How To Setup Asus Wireless Router?

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Setting up a wireless router is not a very technical task, and you can learn this process quickly. There are some steps involved in the process that can be easily done in less than ten minutes. The working of Asus console is a bit different than other routers, but the router setup is the same. A router serves a distinct purpose to the user, and you should also purchase a router with good reach. Every Asus router setup may not be the same, but the steps involved in the process are quite identical.

Here is how to set up your Asus wireless router:

1) Unbox your Asus router

If you have just got a new router, you need to unbox it and connect it properly. Make sure loose connections aren't present and everything is joined in the right place. If you are using a new router, then reset it by following the next steps.

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2) Connecting to the Asus router

  • Basic Startup
    Ensure you have a LAN link associated from the HKBN divider plate/ONT to the WAN port of your ASUS Router. Utilising a second LAN link, interface it from the Router LAN port to the PC LAN port. When completed, switch on the power supply for the switch and turn on the PC. Open your Internet program, and type into the location bar and then press enter. Now, enter admin as the default username and for the security key, click ok. The password and the username are usually written on the back of the router if this doesn't work. After the login process, proceed to begin the setup.
  • Setup
    Make a Router Login Name and password then press next to proceed to the association setup. After making the system name (SSID) and security key, it is prescribed that you should pick 2.4GHz to 5GHz settings, then click apply to wrap up. Affirm all settings showed are right in the Network Configuration Summary. Before the new settings are applied, the switch will again request a confirmation done by entering your new Login name and Password.
  • The last step
    In the wake of signing in to the switch through your program, select WAN under Advanced Settings of the router settings page. Pick Automatic IP under WAN Connection type, and at that point, refresh the setting. If that the gadget isn't available from the switch setting page, you can reset to the processing plant default setting by simply pressing the reset button.
  1. Firstly, make sure your ASUS router is switched on.
  2. Press and hold the reset button firmly for around 5 seconds, and then discharge this button and hold up the switch to reboot to its industrial facility default settings.
  3. Put the default setting and then proceed by clicking on the finish. If you have a problem locating the reset button, it is usually present next to the USB port.
There are tons of elements to keep in mind while setting up your Asus Router and every step should be carefully carried out to successfully set up the router. Make sure your Asus Router Firmware is updated to the most recent version available on the web. Upgrading your router would ensure maximum performance by the device. Restarting your wireless piece is very crucial after the setup to implement the changes that you have made. If you encounter any issue regarding the setup, you can contact Asus through their website or find the official manual regarding the installation.

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Top 10 Free and Best Android Apps For 2019 | Get The Most Out Of Your Phone

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There are millions of applications available for mobile users. Every application performs different functions. There are various categories of applications such as games, music, weather, editing, social networking and many more. There are many applications with same functionalities. So instead of trying each and every application you can just try the following top applications:

1. Nova Launcher

It is one of the best android launchers available in play store from so many years. It is very rare that a launcher comes in the list of top 10 apps but Nova Launcher has done exceptionally well. It is updated regularly and comes with great options like ability of getting backup, restoring home screen setups, icon theming and many other customizations as well. There is a premium option as well which unlocks many new options. The launcher is fast and works smoothly. This application is free to download but you need to pay for the premium option.


2. Google Assistant

Google assistant is an amazing application launched by Google itself. This application acts as a personal assistant. It is basically present on most of the androids and ios as well, you just need to download the app and enable it. It supports various commands such as you can tell it to navigate, communicate, set alarms, and send messages, schedule meetings, play and control music, play games, make phone calls and many other commands as well. It also helps in unlocking screens in some devices. It is just like a friend to you. It answers all your questions through a computerized voice. Google has launched another option as well called Alexa but it does not support Google android.


3. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best video streaming apps. It is one of the biggest video streaming applications after Amazon prime. Netflix can be downloaded for free for androids and even for IOS. Even though it is free to download but to start watching different videos, you need to subscribe it. It gives one month free subscription and after that there are different packages available for different time periods. It is a massive library of TV shows and movies. It also has a feature of offline viewing. It also streams some original series that are not telecasted on any other application.


4. Google Duo

Google Duo is a video calling application for androids. It guarantees the most clear video call. It is very easy to use as you just need to login using your number and after that you can easily make video calls. It is as easy as making normal phone calls. It has another unique feature that is called ‘knock knock’, which helps you in having preview of caller even before receiving the call.


5. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is another social application that has made its way into this top 10 list. Whatsapp provides many options like chatting, videos and normal calls over internet. You can download Whatsapp for free and then register yourself by adding your number. If you want to message someone on Whatsapp, you need that person’s number. Whatsapp is free to use and easy to use. It allows you to send photos, videos, documents and voice notes.


6. WPS office

WPS office is a free application which has different features and is compatible with Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, presentations, Google docs, and spreadsheets and integrates PDF. This application also has free pdf converter, editor, reader and also supports multi window mode. It also supports file sharing and data encryption. WPS office can be used very easily and is intuitive which can be connected to the cloud drive for saving the documents automatically. It is a very good and easy to use android app.


7. Xender

Xender is one of the most important apps which you must have downloaded in your phone. It saves your time as you need not carry USB data cable with you for exchanging the files with the computer as no side software is required with this to receive or transmit the files. Xender is very fast in the working and also faster than the Bluetooth. The files can be transferred easily between any devices.


8. MX player

If you love watching different entertainment videos, then MX player is one of the best apps. It supports the entire audio file and primary video formats. There are also other different features available like fast forwarding, editing the subtitle subframes, zooming in and out, volume control gestures kid lock on screen and much more. This application can be downloaded in the android mobile phones and they can enjoy the various entertainment videos.


9. Picsart

One of the most used photos editing application, Picsart which has more than 100 million downloads. It is the favorite app of the users which provides a large number of options for editing the pictures. It has various unique features for editing the pictures so it is mostly downloaded. Even the pictures can be shared from the application directly as it has the social network. There are different features like frames, collage, stickers, drawing on the pics, clone tool, free cropping, perspective changer tool, tilt-shift and much more. This application is free and has some display adds.


10. Walli

Walli is a wallpaper app which provides space for the designers and artists all over the world. The Walli team curates the wallpaper every day. Even some of the artists also get some earnings of the app. Walli is very easy to use where you have to choice to select your favourite wallpaper and they are properly structured in each category. When you sign up on the application will sync the wallpapers on the different devices. This is one of the best apps for the wallpapers for the android. The users can easily select the wallpapers from Walli app and save them in your device.


Therefore, these are the top 10 free and best android apps for 2019.

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100+ Free High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019

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Social bookmarking is an easy, effective and efficient offline SEO technique which can increase traffic on your website and also your visibility on the world wide web. This SEO technique includes a number of websites where you can post your content, posts, images, etc. Moreover, this method gives you a good backlink for your website.You need to understand that various methods of creating backlinks offpage might backfire if not done suitably.

This is why you need to make sure when you making use of this technique that your content should be of high quality and relevant from the view of the audience. Backlinks are links which serve as the incoming link for the host website. When a website is linked to to other, it is called a backlink. The backlinks are generally added to the websites which have subsequently higher traffic levels. These links are generally added in the keywords of posts on the website with higher traffic, which are relevant to the content on your website.

Social bookmarking technique of search engine optimisation is a quick, easy and effective. This is a good method of boosting your site’s traffic, especially for the websites which are significantly new on the world wide web. This is straightforward, classy and environment-friendly SEO technique. Search engine optimisation is the leading constituent in getting your website ranked. You can get your website be seen at the first page of the Google results by employing proper SEO techniques. People who deal with providing SEO services, study the market trends and trending keywords and then incorporate them in your website while optimising it. These are onpage methods, whereas, social bookmarking is an off page method which creates a backlink of your website with the view of creating a larger number of audience for your website.

100+ Free High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019

Here we provide to you with websites which can help you with social bookmarking technique for an effective search engine optimisation.

99bookmarking sites23

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Make use of these websites and create backlinks for your website. This can attract a larger traffic on your website which, in turn, will make you and your business grow in monetary terms. This method is easy and also increases your website’s credibility on the world wide web. Afterall, SEO is something which is flourishing the market these days, there are number of agents and websites offering their services.

It is evident that in today’s time, to get success with your website, a good search optimisation is the key. You wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunities and profits this marketing technique can give you and your business. SEO technique of social bookmarking also may lead to the conversion of viewers into customers. And that, is the main motive of a website.
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28 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives [Updated 2019]

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Coke and popcorn was a website renowned for streaming TV shows and movies free of any cost. It had been a favourite of many and now it is unfortunate that this amazing website is no longer functional. It was a website which made available to you almost every TV show or movie for free streaming. Now with the discontinuity of coke and popcorn, your want for great TV shows and movies remains intact.

There are for sure other websites that you can use to stream your favorite TV shows and movies but you wouldn't want to do until and unless you are a fan of composting your security and crucial information. The other websites, the so-called alternatives of coke and popcorn have security issues and hence, they can not be used.

The question now arises that how you still going to able to watch all of your favourites. Worry not because we have for you the list of 28 best alternatives of coke and popcorn which you can use for hassle-free streaming of your favourite movies and TV series. Mind you, these are legit alternatives and not just some websites which you will end up compromising your information using.

Here is the list of 28 best alternatives of the famous coke and popcorn.

1). PopcornFlix
This free movie streaming website is not that great when talking about interface as compared to coke and popcorn, Netflix or any other alternative of coke and popcorn. But if you want a secure way of doing what you love, this can be your pick.

PopcornFlix enables you to stream movies and TV shows at high quality and also this might be the securest of all.

2). Tubi TV

Tubi TV has incorporated great technology in its interface and availability. This website has some great easy to use and classy interface which attracts a number of users. Moreover, this site has content base bigger than that of coke and popcorn.

Not only that but also it provides you with application availability for android as well as iOS. This might be seen as the clone of coke and popcorn hence, it has to be in this list.

30. SolarMovie
The website might be a very secure source of free movies and TV shows because, to check the security of users, the site address changes quite often and also it provides some mirror websites.

It has a cool user-friendly interface and has a wide range of content. What makes it even better is its search bar which allows you to search for your favourite movies from all time very quickly.

4). Vumoo

It is another crucial alternative of coke and popcorn. The most attractive feature of this website is that it makes available to you the TV shows and movies even before they are available on any other movie streaming platform.

It has an attractive user-friendly interface which allows you to easily surf through its wide collection. However, with continuous change in site address to maintain security, it is sometimes difficult to find Vumoo. It can be done by just searching Vumoo on Google.

5). Showbox

This is not a website, hence this fact makes it an app alternative of coke and popcorn. The library of content this app provides you with is huge, and the fact that you can use it on your mobile phones allows you to watch your favourites on the go.

However, the app can not be downloaded through the play store. You will need to download an APK file from Google and then install it on your device. This app is only available for Android devices. Moreover, it allows you to change the quality of the stream as per your needs.

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6). Netflix
This does not need any introduction, Netflix can be called the best and most secure alternatives of coke and popcorn. However, you need to pay a fee to stream your favourite movies and TV shows which is worth it because of the fact that each month Netflix introduces a new Netflix original movie or TV show that is not available on any other platform.

Netflix is available on websites and application which is functional on both Android and iOS devices.

7). Hulu

This is another alternative of coke and popcorn to use but you need to bear a fee while using Hulu. This makes you available sports streaming, movies and TV shows streaming altogether, thus making it somewhat different from the other alternatives.

It also has some channels which offer you some great shows, this is for sure that you can not get bored while using Hulu.

80. Kodi

Kodi is yet another open source entertainment software which offers you a huge list of content. This is a software which allows you to browse unlimited movies and TV shows.

Kodi can be called one of the best alternatives to coke and popcorn. Another thing that makes it amazing is the availability of different third-party add-ons. However, its security is still a matter of doubt.

The makers of this website are very concerned about its users’ security so they focus upon uploading malware-free content. It has all the pretty to be called a good alternative of coke and popcorn.

On this website, you can find TV shows and movies grouped on the basis of ratings which is very useful when you are into watching only great stuff.

10). MovieZion

MoviesZion is another great alternative of coke and popcorn if you are not very choosy of what you watch because the probability of finding your favourite movies and TV shows here is significantly low.

What is good and unique about it is that it is the only alternative which allows you to request a show or movies to be uploaded if it is not available. It also offers you an android app which is excellent when talking about the interface.

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11). Crackle

This website for online streaming is quite impressive and also very secure because it comes from the family of the globally renowned brand, Sony. Mostly all the movies and TV show that you will find on this website are readily available on high quality.

Also, if you are a person who just loves watching movies and TV shows all day long. You can do that for a week or two and even then you won't be able to watch all that this site has to offer.

12). TV Series Net

This website is a very good alternative to coke and popcorn. It offers you great content and an easy to use interface, that too free of any cost. What else would someone even need! Although there is a form you will need to fill up to carry out the free streaming which is a bit complex. All other is buttery smooth.

This website also is focused on the user’s security, so be sure when you are using this website that your data is not going to be compromised.

13). SnagFilms

If you have been missing the coke and popcorn old and vintage list of movies and TV shows. Worry not, SnagFilms provide you with a huge list of vintage black and white movies which are worthy a watch and are absolutely love.

Also, when talking about security, this won't let your information out, so be sure of that. And also, its interface is similar to that of coke and popcorn so you won't take long enough to adjust with it.

14). Prime Wire

This website is cool and unique at the same time as if offers you not only a huge list of movies and TV shows but also makes available to you a big list of music at the same time. This feature of this website attracts large traffic.

However, the security offered to you by this site is a matter of worrying. Other than that, this site is a perfect alternative of coke and popcorn.

15). CrunchyRoll

This website focuses on the entertainment of the whole family. As per its catchy name, it has a long list of movies and TV shows for adults as well as for the kids.

It offers you content in high quality and also in a decently user-friendly interface thus, your time won't be wasted while searching for your desired movies or TV show.

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16). Big Star Movies
It exposes you to a huge lost of available TV shows and movies free of cost and without any registration stuff. What else could a big entertainment lover want? The security provided to you is top notch and also the interface.

Big Star Movies also makes available to you its application which can be used on both Android and IOS devices.


This is one of the oldest alternatives to coke and popcorn. For that very reason, this is capable of providing you with a wide range of latest and vintage movies. Pertaining to its longer duration on the internet it has a lot of people hooked.

Talking about the security, it offers you security which is incomparable to any available in the present times which are the so-called alternatives of coke and popcorn.

18). Putlocker

This is one of the most used sites according to a study conducted in the UK, it made its way among the top 250 sites. It has pretty user friendly interface and is quite easy to use. It is an attractive website which has a huge list of TV shows and movies at your service.

The best thing about this website is the availability of multiple links, which means that you can continue with the movie watching even if the site is under maintenance. It offers you decent amount of security as well.

19). 123 Movies

With a huge and varied of list of top movies and TV shows, 123 movies have made its way to this list. Though there were some legal issues associated with this site about recording the user’s data, there was nothing to prove the same.

This website is known for not going through any breakdowns or shutdowns which makes it a continuous and ready source for all your bingeing needs.

20). Fmovies

This is a renowned name when it comes down to movie watching and streaming. It has received almost a million users per day. The sole reason for such kind of traffic the availability of a hue watch list.

There are a number of domains that are being used by this website due to security reasons but only a few of them actually work. This website is highly recommended if no above alternative of coke and popcorn works for you.

21). WatchFree

WatchFree is another great alternative of coke and popcorn. It has a significantly big lost of documentaries, movies, and TV shows. There are a number of features incorporated in the website with an interface which can do justice to your needs.

One of the best features is that it makes available to you the content on Putlocker as well. So, when you visit this website, you are not only facilitated to watch to the content on WatchFree but also the content on Putlocker.

22). Cmoviez

Cmoviez is a typical mainstream online platform to watch free movies and TV shows. It has nothing new when compared to coke and popcorn. However, this website is quite stable and also focuses on the user’s security.

It has a varied lost of newest TV shows and movies. You can keep this website as the last resort when all the other alternative have stopped working in your region or something like that.

23). YTS

This is a fairly good website and you can not only use it for the online stream but also to download content for offline watching. This website is quite handy to use and also you would not find any difficulties while using this website.

When talking about the user’s security, it is top notch. However, there are several domains that are used. This is a good option if nothing from the list suits your need.

24). VUDU

VUDU is yet another alternative of coke and popcorn. It has a wide variety of latest and old movies and TV shows which you can binge free of cost. There is also no registration needs demanded by this website.

It focuses on your security as well as the interface to make the experience worth a while for you.

25). Cartoon Crazy Net

This website is unique as it offers you a collection of cartoons and animes. Moreover, it has a big collection as compared to that of coke and popcorn. If you are a huge fan of anime, this is the site for you.

The best thing about this site is that it makes available to you cartoons and animes in other languages other than English with English subtitles added.

26). Classic Cinema Online

This website can cure all your bingeing needs for classical as well as black and white cinema. Its interface is quite user-friendly and this can be considered to be one of the most used alternatives of coke and popcorn.

Due to its handy features, it is very easy to use and search for what you actually want to watch.

27). Chillax

This is also another good alternative of coke and popcorn. It has a big list of TV shows and movies which you can watch all day long, and keep watching till you satisfy your carve for great movies and shows.

There is a 14 days free trial for which you need to register using your email address after which you need to pay a fee but we all find out ways to see the greater good. Use can use different email addresses to continue streaming your favourites free of cost.

28). Top Documentary Films

Last but not least, this website makes available to you over 3000 different documentaries. If you are a person who absolutely loves bingeing documentaries online, this is the one for you.

This is a great alternative of coke and popcorn, has a good interface and also focuses on user security.

These were 28 websites, which you can use to satisfy your crave for good movies and great TV shows. We hope this list was helpful to you.
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