3 Ways that Can Boost The Performance Of Your Google Chrome Browser

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Google Chrome is a crucial tool for a lot of us, but it’s not perfect. A downfall in performance is one of the criticisms often levelled in opposition to the browser. If you want to instantly improve the velocity of Chrome and the sites you’re travelling without delving too dark into its inner workings, you should locate this guide to be extraordinarily beneficial.

You should always keep in mind to update your Chrome to the most advanced version and also checking up for viruses, this will surely help boost your chrome's performance.

Here are three settings that can make your Google Chrome run faster than ever.

1 Get rid of useless extensions

This might be an apparent tip, but it’s really worth emphasizing– particularly due to the fact quite a few add-ons may not be visible on the toolbar. You may have forgotten many extensions that you may have installed. Extensions can prove quite useful but if you pile up your browser with the extensions you don't use then your chrome will surely become slow. Getting rid of ones you now not want is right for browser safety in addition to increasing overall performance.

Disabling extensions might help you a little bit but if you really want to make a big difference try uninstalling them. To view a list of the extensions available you can go to More Tools and then Extensions from the menu. This will give you a list of extensions available.

2 Run plug-ins most effective when you want them

Chrome plug-ins run content from the net, inclusive of Adobe Flash among others. The trouble is the plugins usually operate in the background while you are working on other things, taking over CPU cycles and RAM and lagging down Chrome.

It is best to modify the setting so that you can tell Chrome when to run these plugins. In order to do that, click on the Chrome Menu button present at the top right of the browser and choose Settings then to Show advanced settings and then Content settings, lastly scroll further to the Plug-Ins section. Pick out "Let me choose when to run plugin content" and click on Done, finally you are good to go.

From then on, the plug-ins might not run mechanically within the background. When you see content that desires a plugin it's going to appear like a puzzle piece sort of shape. Right-click on it, then select "Run this plug-in" in order to see the content properly, this will enable the plugin.

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3 Choose to start fresh

Lots of human beings choose to begin Google Chrome with the identical tabs that were open in the previous session. In case your web browser is already slowing down and ingesting up all your RAM on a previous consultation, what makes you believe that restarting the browser with the equal memory hogging session will resolve the trouble?

That’s why you need to begin Chrome with a clean slate. Check your task manager when you open Chrome with all the preceding session’s tabs. It can without difficulty absorb up to 3GB of RAM. Don't make this mistake and end all operations at once.

When you are not using a tab, just close it. It’s taking on precious space that you can use for other purposes. This may have a terrible effect on the performance of your PC. If your Chrome tabs are overloaded then it can slow down the working of chrome. It's understandable if you open up 30 tabs while you are working. But in case you’re not using them for work and there is no use. By closing a single tab, you free up some space that can help the active tabs work faster and in a smooth manner

The above-compiled list is the top 3 setting that you can make to run your Google Chrome faster. There are a lot of other methods too but these are the most useful ones. Do not bear the pain of working on a slow browser, do something about it. If your browser is slow it will take a lot of time to get things done, your browser may get lagged repeatedly and this might lead to irritation.

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Top 10 Franchise business in India

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Not everyone gets satisfied with their traditional job roles and the work culture of working under someone else. Some people just have that zeal to do something on their own and be the one’s own boss. At some point in everybody’s career, they just feel like having their own business and while thinking about business, franchise automatically comes to their mind if they have huge funds to invest and are optimistic. The franchise business has higher chances of success than the new start-ups because of their already established market reputation.

The top 10 franchise business form where you can start with, in India are:


This chain of restaurants tops the list with almost 39,600 outlets in the world. Due to its high popularity and demanded they are common amongst people who want to take the franchise and do their own business. Before taking the franchise, the training is provided in Hamburger University. For taking up the franchise of McDonald’s, your investments will generally range from $1 million to $2.3 million. The initial agreement is for 20 years and the outlets are authorized to sell only McD’s products.


Abbreviated for Kentucky's Fried Chicken, this entity is famous all over the world for its amazing variety of food offered. It strengthens for around 20605 branches worldwide. This famous entity is currently focusing upon increasing the variety of food offered and hence, is attracting lots of media attention and hence the collaborations by entrepreneurs. It also offers the initial contract of 20 years and requires an investment of around $1.3-$2 million

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Baskin Robbins

This ice cream selling outlet is famous for its lip-smacking ice creams and other frozen food items. It has around 7730 outlets and is famous for having close bonds with all the franchise owners along with the hardcore training on its operations to increase its profitability. The investment requirements for the franchise of this outlet is around $1.03-$3.88 million. The franchise is strictly allowed to sell only authorized products by the brand and seek permission for any other activity to be organized.


This training and development center for children is the leading entity offering quality education 15-and training amongst them. It requires the investment of 15-16 lakhs INR and a floor of around 3000 sq. feet. This organization has imparted knowledge amongst to more than 4,50,000 kids and has around 1700 franchises. The theme of their curriculum is grooming the innate skills of the child and it is required to take proper training of the curriculum for its effective operations.

Pizza Hut

This Italian based pizza and pasta provider entity is offering the franchises from 1959 and is very famous among investors. It is very famous due to the taste and quality of food provided and currently has the largest market share of pizza restaurants. There are 16,140 units of these restaurants all around the world and it requires a considerable investment of around $2.1 million. It has a positive image in the minds of the people due to the smooth working and successful operations in the shop. The outlets are monitored by a manager who has completed the training program. The contract of this outlet will require you to abide by lots of rules and regulations and the non-disclosure agreement of the company’s information.

Domino’s Pizza

This food chain of famous pizzas and kinds of pasta in unique Italian flavors has gained the popularity over a period of time because of its effective operations and great taste. The contract for its outlet is of 10 years which can be renewed. The training period required is only 3 days training on the actual work setup. The franchises are only required to sell the authorized products of the brand which can be updated by the franchiser anytime they want to.


This is the best franchise to be taken in the world of people who want to eat healthier food with less calorie outside their homes. This sandwich restaurant is famous with its 44780 outlets around the world and you will also be provided with finance by the franchisor as a loan if a certain amount from the investment required around $4.6 lakhs is more for you. The training required is a tough one with minimum attendance requirements and percentage requirements of around 80% marks in the quiz and exams taken.

7 Eleven

This multi-product store has around 63000 outlets operating worldwide. The products offered by them are candies, dairy item, coffee, packed food etc. The major perk of this franchise is the simple model of sales and efficient functioning with the successful payment of royalty along with the pre-defined profit share. It also allows you to sell any other product of your choice with pre-written addition in the contract. The contract is of 10 years requiring the operation working costs of around $1.6 million. It is also required to complete 300 training hours before taking its franchise.


The 22 years old franchise business offering sales of footwear is extremely popular in the country with 600 franchise. Due to its quality products this brand has gained lots of popularity and amongst Indian consumers. The investment required for using the logo and brand of Khadim is around 20-30 lakhs with the training support provided to get good ROI. You will not face difficulties in selling and operating in this brand due to the continuous support provided by the franchiser.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This bakery cum food outlet selling baked cakes, donuts, pizzas and other food like croissants will definitely provide you with high profits because of its brand value amongst the coffee lovers. The investment required is around $1 million and it has 11940 franchise around the world. The brand provides 20 days initial training and a contract lasting 20 years. It also put restrictions on online sales and requires the franchise to sell only through the retail outlet.

These reputed franchise businesses have nearly taken over the world and have spread their wings to the land of opportunities– India. You can find the outlets of these franchises in a number of major cities across the country, thus having their respective positions in the economy of India. If you're someone who has always been into opening a franchise business, these options might come handy. However, do not forget to do a proper market research before you go for any of these businesses as the location is a crucial factor in determining the success of any business.

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How to activate WhatsApp call on PC

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There's no denying the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms for texting, calling, and sharing media files. It's functionality saw a considerable hike when it rolled out the feature of video calling. You would be familiar with WhatsApp Web that allows you to use your WhatsApp account from a PC so that you can text effortlessly along with sharing media without any hassle.

However, the reason you're reading this article is that WhatsApp Web doesn't allow its users to make a video call from this platform.Before you start looking for an alternative to make a video call on your PC, let me make it clear to you that WhatsApp video calls can be easily enabled.

There's always a workaround when it comes to the world of technology and the inability to make WhatsApp video calls can also be fixed without any major revamping to be done. This guide will let you know how you can use your PC to make a WhatsApp video call. So, let's get straight to the discussion part and let you know what all you need to do in order to enable WhatsApp calling feature on your PC.

Get your webcam on

First things first, you need to ensure that you have all the prerequisites taken care of before you step any further. Talking about prerequisites, you will need a webcam if you're using a desktop. However, in the case of laptops, you would already be having a webcam installed in your device. You should configure your webcam first before you head towards the rest of the article. Having a good quality webcam is always a plus if you want to experience your video calls without any blurred faces in them.

Install an android emulator in your PC

An Android emulator is quite commonly used software for the purpose of using and testing a number of Android applications on PCs. You can easily find various android emulators in the market including the likes of Bluestack, Android Studio, Andy, Remix OS Player, and Archon. You can pick any of these emulators so as use your PC to run the applications installed in your smartphone. Most of these android emulators are free to download and can be easily installed in your PC within a couple of minutes. However, make sure to check the reviews so as to know the user-friendliness of the Android emulator you're choosing for your PC.

We're choosing Bluestack as it can be easily downloaded in your personal computer and set up to use all the Android applications. This Android emulator is free to download and has a fairly simple user interface so that you don't have a tough time using it. Once you download Bluestack, open it so as to find the list of all the installed applications.

Install WhatsApp application on your Android emulator

You need to install WhatsApp on your Android emulator by using the application store or an APK file. For this, you can go to the official website of WhatsApp in order to download its latest version that you would be installing on Bluestack. Do not forget to check the version before you download the file because an old one might not allow you to make a WhatsApp video call.

Once the WhatsApp application is installed, you need to open it and set it up as discussed in the next point.

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Configure your WhatsApp account

You need to set up your WhatsApp account using your mobile number in order to be able to make WhatsApp call from your PC. For this, you need to enter the registered mobile number of your WhatsApp account and wait for the OTP to show up. Verify the OTP and your account configuration is done.
Now is the time to carry out the process of making a WhatsApp video call from your PC. Good news is that you're just one tiny step away from getting connected to your loved ones over a high-quality video call using WhatsApp.

Tap on the video call icon present in WhatsApp application

For the final step towards making the first WhatsApp video call from your PC, all you need to do is to tap on the video calling icon that you would find within the WhatsApp application. Choose whoever you want to connect with and make a video call whenever you want, wherever you want.

The steps are similar whether you're using Bluestack or any other Android emulator in your PC. Quite simple, isn't it? Now that you've known how to make a WhatsApp call from your PC, follow these steps so as to get the job done.

The need for WhatsApp is simply unarguable and this is the reason why you can find this application installed in almost every mobile device that you come across. It allows you to get connected with your friends and family without any hassle. The ability to make a WhatsApp call from your PC is quite handy as you would presumably not want to look around for other options. You might be sitting in your office and feel the need for making a video call.

Now you don't have to find some other software for this purpose as WhatsApp has got it covered for you.
When WhatsApp has made video calling feature available for free, so why not make use of it?

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Top 10 famous mathematicians

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From the beginning of time, the contribution of Mathematics and mathematicians in the development of humankind can’t be denied. And among many other, a few of them had the most influence in molding the history of mankind. It is only because of the advancement in Mathematics, that we have been able to achieve an unprecedented growth in technology.

The following article will give you a look through a list of the ten greatest mathematicians of all times without whom we'd be far below who we are today.


Aryabhatta I was the first mathematicians of early India. He was also one of the most renowned mathematicians and astronomers of all times. This Indian mathematician is credited with the invention of Zero (0).

He has also written several books of mathematics and astronomy which hold true even today. The genres covered by this Indian mathematician include– arithmetic, plane trigonometry, fractions and much more. Aryabhatta is an example of true genius in the field of Mathematics and Astronomy.

Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler was a great mathematician and astronomer from Switzerland. This respectable mathematician of the 18th century has contributed a lot to the field of Mathematics by developing several branches of Mathematics such as calculus and graphs. He has also contributed his part in developing various theories of topology and number system. The notion of functions in mathematics has also been introduced by him.

This great mathematician lost his eyesight while working hard for the field of mathematics and still continued working with his sharp brains and guided people with Mathematics and scientific theories.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

He was a German philosopher who has contributed a lot in the field of algebra, geometry, and mensuration. Apart from developing his own theorems, he also developed explanations and derivations for the theories like Fermat's theorem etc. He shared his part in the binomial theorems and quadratic equations as well.

Due to his intellectual contributions, he is famous for being one of the greatest mathematicians in history.


Known as “The father of Geometry”, this Greek mathematician introduced geometry and its main theories to the world. His book published in the 19th century is still used for learning Mathematics especially geometry. He also introduced various theories of geometries, conic sections, spherical geometry, and number theory along with axioms.

His theories are famous as “Euclidian Geometry” and his contributions to Mathematics are immensely respectable and widely used.

René Descartes

Not only famous as a mathematician, this great philosopher, and scientist has contributed his best in different professions like serving the army etc. Though he has contributed a lot in various fields, his contribution to Mathematics is remarkable with him being the “Father of Analytical geometry”. He has introduced the coordinate system and developed theories of calculus and analysis to fill the gap between Geometry and Algebra.

He has given a lot of theories in the field of calculus and geometry.

Alan Turing

He was a British mathematician and a computer scientist from his profession. He worked and served a lot of departments during his career. He worked for the British army during wars and developed his theories on Mathematical Biology by combining the theories of mathematics with understanding the biological aspects. However, he faced a lot of injustice due to his homosexuality and had a sad demise due to cyanide poisoning.

Srinivasan Ramanujan

An Indian origin mathematician, this man lived during the British rule and contributed his analysis in number theory, series, and fractions. He never received proper Mathematics training but still was able to solve most of the unsolvable Mathematics problems of that time. He had his own research center where he would be working for solving the most novel identity and equations problems and derived partition formula. He wrote many journals and published them with his intellectual work of Mathematics.

Where his intelligence was not appreciated and acknowledged in India during that time, it was easily identified by the British officials and he was taken to Cambridge University for his analysis and spent his most of the life there. He died in 1920 at the age of 32 due to a chronic disease from which he couldn’t recover.

Isaac Newton

This English origin multi-talented legend was a physician, astronomer, mathematician, scientist, and a theologian at the same time. He dedicated his life to inventing and discovering theories and laws for the various fields. Apart from his very famous scientific “Laws of motion”, he discovered a lot in the fields of Mathematics. The major part of his work includes calculus, where he used this in geometry while working and developing limits. He is usually attributed for binomial theorems and discovering his own identities and methods along with polynomial theories. He has also contributed to coordinate geometry and the theory of finite differences along with harmonic series and logarithms.

Not only in mathematics, he has contributed a lot to science and astronomy also by introducing many laws and theories like spectrum etc.

Andrew Wiles

He was a research professor at the renowned University of Oxford. He did his specialization in number theory and became famous with his successful effort of proving the “Fermat's Theorem” for which he was awarded so many prizes by Royal Society from where he belonged. This British origin mathematician received more than 15 prizes for his immense contribution to Mathematics.

Pythagoras of Samos

Famous as a Greek philosopher, this legendary man along with his political and religious teachings introduced the Pythagoras theorem to the world. Apart from it, he also developed the 5 regular solids and the theories related to it. Apart from Mathematics, his contribution to science also includes discovering the sphericity of the earth. He also developed the proportion theories. He had a vast career where he has worked as a philosopher and a discoverer of various scientific and mathematician theories along with his teachings.

This being said, we hope that this list of famous mathematicians of all time will be helpful for you so as to know some of the best names and their works in this field.
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Solve “Unfortunately Settings has stopped working” on Android

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Unfortunately, the setting has stopped is a kind of error that is being faced by a lot of Android users lately. Android users don't find the solution to this error very easily. If you are a using a rooted device or a even non rooted device, you can face this issue at some point of your usage.

This error might be shown several times on your phone screen and might be very irritating at times. Even smartphone company executives are unable to give the users a solution to this very common error in android phones. This error can be displayed on your smartphone screen quite a number of times while you are performing even the most basic tasks. So, it clearly is not directly proportional to the heavy usage or RAM available on your device.

Now let's get back on the point after so much discussion about the severity of this issue. In order to help you get over with this error, we have curated a list of steps you need to follow to solve unfortunately settings has stopped working error on android.

Keep reading!

Reboot your phone

If you see “unfortunately, settings has stopped” message being displayed on your phone screen, you might want to reboot your smartphone and check if the problem is resolved.
  • Unlock the screen and go to the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Press and hold the power button to enable shutting down your smartphone or just select the option of re-boot from the box which appears after long pressing the power button.
  • Wait for a few second seconds, to be a precise, about 10 seconds and turn the smartphone on by pressing and holding the power button.
  • After the reboot, if the problem still exists, keep reading this article and follow the listed steps.

Method 1: clear cache

In order to erase the cache on your device, kindly follow the below-listed steps.
  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and reach the storage and tap on this option.
  • After tapping on the storage, you will see a “clear cache” option therein.
  • Tap on clear cache and you are good to go.

Method 2: Sync account through Gallery App

This method is the most successful in solving the settings has stopped error in your smartphone.
  • Open the gallery application on your smartphone and go on the menu by tapping on the three dots on the upper right corner of your screen.
  • The next thing you need to do is go to settings and select your account.
  • The things that follow this step should be syncing the app that was creating trouble for you.
  • You could also remove the account completely if you are too irritated.
  • This should get things solved for you if not, move to the next method.

Method 3: Clear cache and data of setting app

  • Head to settings of your smartphone and tap on application settings.
  • Select all apps, finds its related settings and delete the cache data.
  • After you done with cleaning the app cache, you would need to disable the app causing trouble.
  • In order to do that, find the relevant setting to do that.
  • After getting done with that, restart or reboot your device and you would not be experiencing the issue anymore.
  • If not yet resolved, continue reading.

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Method 4: Uninstall Google play services

To perform this, you need to follow the steps listed below.
  • Go to setting and find app settings.
  • Find google play services and tap on it.
  • After you do that, tap on uninstall updates.
  • Restart your device once you are done.

Method 5: Try uninstalling and reinstalling google play store update

There are several updates by Google which might have compatibility issues hence, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the app in order to rectify the issue.
  • Go to settings of your phone and fine application settings.
  • Search google play store in the settings and tap on it.
  • A page will open which will have an option of uninstalling updates, tap on that.
  • Once done, restart or reboot the device in order to rectify the error.

If you are still facing the error, try updating your Google Play Store.

Method 6: Use safe mode

Using the safe mode all the third-party applications are disabled and you will exactly to get to know if the trouble is caused by a third party app or some other application installed in your smartphone.
  • Press and keep on holding the power button of your smartphone.
  • There will be seen a number of different power options.
  • Continuously tap on the power off option.
  • The smartphone will ask you if you want to restart your device in safe mode.
  • Press yes and you are good to go.

After you are in the safe mode, check if the problem is solved or not. If not, follow the other methods.

Method 7: Wipe cache partition from recovery mode

  • Firstly, you would want to turn off your smartphone and when you are done with that, press the power button along with the volume up button. This will take you to the recovery mode.
  • After entering the recovery mode, use volume up and volume down buttons to navigate the option in the recovery mode. And also press the power button to select an option.
  • Select wipe cache partition option on the recovery mode.
  • After wiping the cache, a message asking you to reboot the phone will appear on the screen.
  • Allow that and you must be good to go.

If you are not yet gotten rid of the error, keep reading and follow the next method.

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Method 8: for custom ROM users

If you are the person using custom ROM on your smartphone and facing this issue, compatibility issues of the ROM need to be checked. There might be severe issues because of the incompatibility or the improper installation of the ROM. In order to rectify these problems, you should probably check compatibility or re-install the ROM.

Method 9: Factory reset your device

This is the solution to each of your every hardcore smartphone trouble. But you will end up losing all your data on the smartphone.
  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • Find backup and reset.
  • Then tap on the factory data reset and reset the phone.
  • Once you're done clearing the data on your phone, reboot your phone.
  • You can also have an option to restore your data.
After you are done, you will definitely rectify the settings has stopped error on an android phone.

Conclusion: In the light of above discussion, we hope that you would've found the solution to your problem. Let us know in the comment section down below which option actually worked for your smartphone.

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Top 10 Business Ideas with low investment

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Almost every individual dreams of setting up their own business at some point in their lives. However, the only obstacle they face in life is not enough funds because of no sponsors being willing to invest. This is exactly why we have listed the top ten business ideas with the low investment so that you let your dream to start a business die.

Online bookstore services

This business requires a very low rate investment and you can even tie up with various bookstores so as to maintain a stock of around 300 to 400 books. You can showcase your books online and take orders. The tie-up with various stores will help to keep your stock loaded. At the same time, you can also maintain your contacts with the local editors and writers which will further help you to carry out your business easily.

This business requires a very low investment and simply requires your skills to maintain contacts and how to retain them.

Handmade gift shop and services

Handmade gifts never go out of fashion as these gifts always have a strong and subtle impact whenever presented to someone. Commencing this business is also quite smooth and gentle. Apart from this, the investment required is way too less and you can produce a number of products out of a limited stock of raw materials.

Therefore, this is one of the most affordable and convenient business ideas for the ones who are excellent in art and craft and can easily work from home too. They can also make their account on various social media platforms and can promote their products.

Wedding planner and corporate event management

You can be endowed with the skills of managing the events and functions, so why not showcase your talent and make it your profession? These days people find it really convenient to hire an event manager to handle the chaos of the functions as a marriage. A wedding planner or an event manager doesn't have to invest a huge sum of money, however, the only investment required is that for advertising. Again, you have to simply make contacts with all the resourceful organizations and people who would help you provide you with the required materials.

Interior designing

It is not always necessary to have a proper qualification or experience to enter this business, you can simply join hands with existing business persons and organizations to learn the tricks and tactics of this stream. The most important thing is to find a good supplier who is capable enough to supply you with the best quality products. However, you need to make sure that these products are trendy and new so as to attract potential customers.

Insurance, investment, and mutual funds investment.

This is a kind of an old option that you can choose. In this type of business organization, you can simply search for more and more customers so as to make good contacts. This will lead to a successful business without even investing a huge chunk of money. This is a great platform to start if you are planning to become a financial advisor of any big organization or company.

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Weight loss and beauty services

People and especially ladies are always in search of finding people who can help them to shed some pounds or they're in search of people who can help them in becoming the person they want to be by grooming them with suitable cosmetics. So if you are having a good knowledge about beauty techniques or weight loss, you can go for this profession. This is wholly based upon your knowledge about the job and only requires investment in terms of advertising. This way it can also be another best option for a low investing business.

Personality development services

People are usually in search of institutes and individuals who are fantastic in giving tuitions regarding the personality development and adequates. So, if you are capable enough of rendering these services, you can surely go for this business idea. You can hire a place where you can start this business and a considerably less amount needs to be invested in advertising. This can be taught online too therefore, you can really go for that option.

Fitness and yoga instructor services

Make your passion your career. Some people are die-hard fans of gymming and yoga. Their life cycle revolves around yoga so as to be fit and healthy. They can convert this into their business and can end up earning quite a handsome amount by the end of each month because of the increasing awareness of people in keeping proper care of their health.

You can also go for the option of providing online tuitions of your yoga positions or your tips regarding the workout and fitness. This will be even handier with a negligible investment being required.

Blogging agency

Blogging is the best option for the college-going students or for the people who are interested in work from home type of services. Blog writing requires your firm command over the language and your skills to write text in the descriptive and creative form. The basic investment that is required is that of a laptop and a proper internet connection, which is nowadays available to almost every person. You can make various contacts with the existing content writing agencies that will provide you with enough work. However, the contacts and the network that you form do matter here.

Food trucks

Are you a foodie or are you dreaming to cook for the masses? Going for food truck business is perhaps the best option that you can possibly opt for. The investment will include an old truck which you have to modify, which will not be too expensive. Then, the raw material and stuff is the necessity of your food business. This job is going to be really fun for you and will give you a constant inflow of income without any hassles.

So, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned business ideas or can give rise to your own ideas as business is all innovations and coming up with great new ideas. Your dream of starting a new business must not die but flourish. Start with what you have and reach where you want to go.
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Top 10 Famous Indian Authors You Must Read

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When it comes to literature, Indian authors have a huge contribution in the field. From the beginning of time, Indians have taken great interest in the making of art and literature. Be it poetry, short stories or novels of whatever genre– what have Indians not written about?

The following article will take you through a list of top Indian authors of all times who you cannot afford to miss out on if you're a bookworm. Here we go.

1.Rabindranath Tagore

One cannot not talk about Rabindranath Tagore and his world famous Geetanjali, that won him the Nobel. This book has been a hot topic of discussion since time immemorial. His poems mainly dealt with the beauty of nature, romance, and their hidden ironies.

His notable works include– the Indian national anthem Jana Gana Mana, Gora, Ghare-Baire which has also been adapted into a movie. The very famous and favorite of all times Kabuliwalah and many more. Tagore has been one of the most sensitive, modern and influential writers and poets of his time.

2.Khushwant Singh

A lot of the work of this famous Indian author was inspired by the partition of 1947. One of the most famous of those is Singh's Train to Pakistan.

His other famous works include I shall not hear the Nightingale which was written at the peak of India's freedom movement. A Bride for the Sahib and other stories is one of his important post-colonial writing.

3. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Sarat Chandra has been very well known and a favorite among teenagers because of his short stories. This Bengali novelist had a contemporary style of writing that brought out the struggle and tragedy of the people of Bengal during his times.

He is a renowned author of the times of the Indian National Movement.

His works have been unparallely sensitive and simple in language– this has won him innumerable readers. He continues to be one of the most read authors of all times. Some of his important works are– Srikanta, Devdas, Griha Daha, and many others.

4. Ruskin Bond

This India author of British origin has had a remarkable contribution to children's literature. He is a decorated author and has also contributed to the Indian film industry.

His works are mostly influenced by hills and his life there. The room on the roof, his first novel is also one of the most famous. Bond has also brought up the socio-political and cultural changes in India post-independence through his works.

You can't miss out on the works of this famous author. Young or old, you're bound to fall in love with the words of Bond.

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Top 5 Books You Can't Miss Out!

5. Jhumpa Lahiri

Nilanjana Sudeshna Mahiti, an American author of Indian descsndance writes by the pen name of Jhumpa Lahiri. She is known mostly for her English short stories and essays.

Her works have been mostly influenced by the Indo-American immigrants' lifestyle and experiences. Her famous works include The Namesake which was later adapted to a movie. This author has made a remarkable contribution to literature also by translating works of other authors into English. You can get the taste of the richness of modern literature in the essays of Lahiri.

6. Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth has made an unforgettable contribution to the history of Indian literature, especially poetry. The Golden Gate has been one of Seth's most remarkable works. He has been awarded the Sahitya Academy Award and many others for his unparalleled works.

This author will surely leave you spellbound with his incredible strength in the way he magically binds words. A suitable boy and An Equal Music are among his other notable works of literature. Don't miss him out on your literature gulping spree.

7. Arundhati Roy

The author of The God of Small Things, Roy is an Indian author and has had a great role in the development of modern Indian literature. She has written several screenplays which have been very successful on screen and have been awarded as well.

Her second novel The ministry of utmost happiness has also been a great hit. It was awarded the Man Booker prize, 2017. Roy's work is sure to give you a look into the deeper essence of literature. One does not have any other options than to love her work.

8.R. K. Narayan

Malgudi Days– who doesn't know about this collection of short stories? Most of Narayan's works are set in the fictional town of southern India, called Malgudi days.

His works focus on the ways of living of common people and the intricacies of the society. The simplicity in his words with a much of humor is what leaves the reader glued. R. K. Narayan will surely take you on a bittersweet ride where you'd be able to relate to the characters of the story to your close surroundings. Nobody probably could make characters as real and lively as this author.

9. Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie, an Indo-British author has his works mostly based on travel stories and historical criticism. These are set in India and deal with the east to west transition and immigration. His most famous works include Midnight's Children, which won him the Booker Prize.

His other famous works include– Grimus, The Satanic Verses and much more. This Indian author is sure to give to the taste of traveling to various places in the Indian subcontinent without having the need for you to actually do it.

10. Chetan Bhagat

Not to forget Chetan Bhagat– this Indian author has captured the market in the current decade with his simple and easy to convey language. His novels are mostly based on romance and depict the socio-cultural conditions among the urban middle class of the country. Bhagat has developed his reader base among the teenagers who are attracted to his works because of the language.

His language is simple and does not require any added efforts in the understanding. Some of the famous works of Chetan Bhagat include– Five Point Someone, Revolution 2020, One Indian Girl,The half girlfriend  and others.

With this list, we hope that you'd be able to get your hands on some of the best works of literature in the country. Happy reading!
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